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How the website has fallen...
Type of site: Image hosting service
Language: English, Russian
Created by: Alexander Levin
Owner: ImageShack Corp.
Date of launch: November 12, 2003
Status: Inactive

ImageShack is an image-based website, founded by Alexander Levin in 2003. It's still around today, despite being a "dead" website with barely any active userbases as of 2018. It currently has an Alexa rank of 38,073, and is currently on the decline. Most of its active trends have already died out, such as favored photographers, social media, etc.

ImageShack has been known for its bad updates, which later became an unknown trend to many notable websites.

Why Their Business Is Rotten

  1. In 2014, things went downhill. They started charging for their service even though there are other services like ImageShack that you can use for free (like TinyPic and CubeUpload).
  2. Many images started to disappear over time from peoples' accounts, which rumors being brought to save server space because clearly they are unable to pay more from their extremely poor customer service/flops.
  3. Even worse, to put salt in the wound, ImageShack secretly replaced the broken images with banner ads in 2015, which is already proof that they're a failing business.
  4. They try to pretend not to know the problems they're causing by telling lies and false solutions to their customers, like telling them their images will be restored in a meantime when in reality they are destroyed by saving server space.
  5. Why pay for a service that was once free? Imgur and Google Drive let you host images at no cost.


As of 2014 and up, ImageShack has been known to be losing revenue over time, due to people leaving ImageShack in favor of better image-hosting websites (Drive, Imgur, etc.) It's being confirmed that ImageShack's reputation is beyond repair and is on an one-way path to self-destruction. Many people have already boycotted ImageShack for alternatives.




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Why charge for a website that was once free


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