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You know what they say, when you screw up on the internet, it's there forever.
Profile: ImJayStation
Style: Clickbaiting
Date Joined: November 24, 2016
Twitter: ItsJaystation
Other Media: Instagram
No. of videos: 567
Schedule: Unscheduled
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: +6,150,000

Jason "Jay" Ethier (born: February 14, 1990 [age 31]), better known online as ImJayStation (or simply JayStation), is a Canadian YouTuber who is infamous for his 3AM challenges and behavior in and out of YouTube.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He milks the 3 AM Trend on his channel very, very commonly.
  2. His videos are staged and fake.
  3. He uses celebrities' deaths for more popularity and attention. How has he not been terminated yet, even after disrespecting Etika's death?
  4. He got into a feud with Keemstar, after he made a video on him called "KEEMSTAR AND DRAMAALERT EXPOSED!! (NOT CLICKBAIT)", which all of his claims are false.
  5. He uploaded a video called "DO NOT PLAY FORTNITE AT 3 AM", which included stolen gameplay, making him look like a male version of SSSniperWolf.
  6. He "supposedly" got robbed on June 10, 2019, but someone responded to that situation that it was all staged to gain attention. What's the point of wishing for more attention if you already have some for being bad?
  7. When XXXTentacion died, he uploaded a video titled: "XXXTENTACION OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3 AM (GONE WRONG)" He attempted to call XXXTentacion and ask him questions through the Ouija Board. He quickly gained controversy for using his death for views. He also did the same for Mac Miller when he overdosed.
  8. Just like XXXTentacion, he uploaded an Ouija Board challenge video based on Etika, shortly before his suicide (like, we mean half a day after). Still, after the video gained major controversy, he deleted the video.
  9. He blamed a user called Penguinz0 for the death of Desmond (Etika), which is completely false.
  10. He can’t take any negative criticism. For example, during Etika’s controversy surrounding him, many YouTubers like The Combat Wombat, Pyrocynical, Penguinz0, SomeOrdinaryGamers, and others (including Memetastic of all people) called him out for being a scumbag, clickbait, attention seeker, and sadistic. However, he doesn’t deny the criticism. He thinks that he’s a pleasant and honest guy, but in reality, he’s not.
  11. He's racist because in his Santa Claus video he portrayed Santa as a racial stereotype.
  12. Hypocrisy: He exposed another click-baiting YouTuber by the name of Jester when he does the same thing as he does.
  13. In January 2020, he lied about his Girlfriend Alexia's death for views and money, and he used bots to make people think the video was real. Thankfully, Alexia broke up with him.
    • He also claimed that Alexia alleged that he assaulted her with a weapon and that the Toronto police had a warrant for his arrest. The Toronto police later denied that the order exists.
    • He then made a video recording Alexia, from a FaceTime/Skype call, where Alexia was furious at JayStation for doing all those bad things, and people hate JayStation. This reason shows that JayStation is obsessed with her.
  14. Although he said he quit in 2020, he is still uploading on his Dream Team channel, which contains the same clickbaity challenges as his main channel.
  15. He uses bots, even though he has been inactive for almost half a year, he is still gaining subscribers. Usually, YouTubers who stay inactive like this lose subs overtime
  16. He is so bad that even Roblox YouTuber Flamingo called him out on faking her girlfriend's death for money and views!

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His editing is pretty decent, although the videos are faked.


  • His channel got demonetized in late February 2020, which made him announce he was becoming inactive. However, he recently got remonitized.
  • He was active on his Dream Team channel.
    • On 1 July 2020, he deleted every single video on that channel but left two, one called "it's over" and the other was "HOT COUPLES YOGA CHALLENGE", but 5 days later he deleted the "it's over" video which only remains one video now.
    • The Dream Team channel was also renamed to "666".
    • And On His Channel "666" He Does Horror Games Which Is Not Suprising.



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