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"Their name describes their bossy and self centered personality"

Iboss, written as "iboss CYBERSECURITY" is a school internet security company that is infamous for blocking too many sites and feature many loopholes in their system. It is often used in schools that facilitate using Chromebooks.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They block too many sites, even the most innocent sites. Despite having categorization for a mid-range level filter, it most of the time relies on an unreliable keyword system which is known to break sites.
  2. Their security system is flawed.
    • They block the word "Anime" but they still allow words like "Video Games", "Movies", "Manga", "Comic Books", and "Books" etc and they are the same as any other entertainment. They also blocked other terms like "death," "Nazi," "Christmas," etc.
    • The system is prone to the Scunthorpe Problem. For example, it blocks "Wolfgang" because it has "gang" in it
  3. Just like LightSpeed, there are times where it throttles the speed of your internet connection; whether it be trying to determine location, etc.
  4. Strangely they allow some people to go on news sites that refer to mature subjects.
  5. One of their most atrocious ways of blocking is blocking new tabs.
  6. They also restrict certain parts of sites. Such as if you want to delete your GameFAQs account, they'll prevent you from doing that.
  7. Their system is also glitchy, the sites they blacklist will sometimes shift between accessible and inaccessible repeatedly



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Thank goodness my district doesn't use this piece of junk. They use Chromium M instead, as they can actually control it.


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