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Type of site: Database
Language: English
Created by: Col Needham
Owner: Amazon
Date of launch: 17 October 1990
Status: Active

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is an online database of information related to films, television programs, home videos and video games, and internet streams, including cast, production crew, and personal biographies, plot summaries, trivia, and fan reviews and ratings. An additional fan feature, message boards, was abandoned in February 2017. Originally a fan-operated website, the database is owned and operated by, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Ridiculous rating system. First off, the only ratings depend on the users, not the critics. Also, the ratings are very inaccurate compared to other websites like Metacritic and
    • The infamous sixth season premiere of Ben 10 Omniverse has an 8.8 out of 10! Popular opinion was that the episode was considered to be the worst episode of the Ben 10 franchise ever.
    • On the topic of Ben 10, its reboot has the lowest rated score for any reboot (even lower than both the Powerpuff Girls reboot and Teen Titans Go!) thanks to nostalgia-tards 1-star bombing it. Popular opinion was that Ben 10 (2016), despite being bad, was better than both of said reboots.
    • Sonic Mania Adventures has a 4.8 out of 10, despite popular opinion that it was critically acclaimed.
    • A Serbian Film has a 5.1/10 despite the content being taboo in almost everywhere.
    • Final Destination 5, which is considered to be the best film in the Final Destination franchise, has a 5.9 out of 10.
    • Sometimes they rate critically acclaimed media worse than panned media, For example: Mixels got a 3.7, While Teen Titans Go got a 4.6 YES! THIS IS REAL
    • The Babadook, one of the best reviewed films of 2014, received a 6.8/10, mostly due to teen horror movie fans hating how it doesn't have any cheap jump scares in it.
  2. Some reviews don't make sense at all. On the Pinky Malinky page, one person said this show supports Satan when the said show has nothing with anything religious.
  3. Annoying ads constantly pop up. In fact, there are even ads that cover the entire background.
    1. The special IMDb logos made for the ads also poorly cover the IMDb logo.
  4. Every episode of every TV show ever uses an image instead of the show's cover or that episode's title card if available.
  5. Some reviews can be way too biased such as the negative reviews on Conker's Bad Fur Day which they're mostly only complaining about the mature content rather than the gameplay, music, sound, mechanics, etc.
  6. Many films that have high ratings have negative reviews as the most helpful ones. Examples are Arrival, A Star Is Born, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, A Quiet Place, etc. In addition, many of these negative reviews are poorly written.
  7. Fake movies like "GoAnimate: The Movie" appear on the site as well as fake information for some movies, showing the site's lack of quality control.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can be entitled to your own opinions.
  2. The trivia, goofs, technical details and alternate versions can be fun to read.



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i hate this site so much i only read it for the goofs and trivia

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