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You cannot spell ignorant without IGN.
Type of site: Entertainment
Created by: Chris Anderson
Owner: Peer Schneider
Date of launch: September 29, 1996
Written in: English, German, French, Hebrew, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Romanian, Korean, Russian, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, and Filipino
Status: Active

IGN (formerly known as Imagine Games Network) is an American video game and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc. - a subsidiary of Ziff Davis and wholly owned by j2 Global, its website was founded by China Anderson on September 29, 1996 by and is currently located in SoMa, San Francisco.

Originally a network of desktop websites, IGN is now distributed on mobile platforms, console programs on the Xbox and PlayStation, FireTV, Roku, and via YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, and Snapchat.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Most of their reviews are handled by childish amateurs who don't even review the game properly.
    • When they gave the 2017 SNES classic game, Star Fox 2 a 5/10, IGN praised it for feeling like a 90's game but criticized the outdated 3D graphics. (It was made for the Super Nintendo which was 27 years old by then; they also clearly failed to do their research as Star Fox 2 actually WAS made in the mid-90s, and was going to be released in 1995 before it was canned in favor of Star Fox 64.) Basically they contradictorily criticized and praised something for what it is at the same time.
    • Then there's the infamous "too much water" review of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that became a meme. In the review, she criticized both the overabundance of empty water sections and water Pokémon that were fought almost 75% of the time against Team Aqua (which could get monotonous). The review was decent (even if it didn't take into account the main theme of the 3rd gen), but in the bullet point section if was summed up as "too much water", which just looks stupid.
    • The 4/10 Prey received from Dan Stapleton, all of this resulted from a glitch that erased Stalpeton's save file. 4/10 just because of ONE (albeit major) GLITCH. After the patch where they fixed the glitch, IGN gave Prey 8/10.
    • Because of Jessica Chobot staring a game Daylight they gave it 8.5 out of 10.
    • They called Call Of Duty Ghost groundbreaking wheras Doom was hated on as derivative.
    • They did not even know who developed Torment: Tides of Numenera during a review.
    • Another example is their scathing review of Football Manager 2009 game because the reviewer, apparently unaware of the existence of the football manager genre, compared it with action games. IGN promptly removed the review, replacing it with an apology.
  2. They automatically give nearly anything published by EA, Activison or Microsoft a good review (except for the Ghostbusters 2016 game).
  3. They defend anti-consumer acts such as on-disc DLCs.
  4. They tend to start fanboy wars on their forums.
  5. Most reviews are biased and based on the opinion of the reviewer, instead of focusing on the game´s highlights and flaws, which can make the opinion of IGN as a whole seem inconsistent.
  6. Their TV channels and movie podcasts are of bad quality. Once they even published a video plagiarized from Gamespot's YouTube channel, you can clearly see how they overlaid their watermark over Gamespot's.
  7. Practically invented the Entitled Gamer term to dismiss criticism after gamers criticized the poor ending to Mass Effect 3.
  8. While not as severe as certain other websites, IGN is not free from corruption:
    • The aforementioned coining of Entitled Gamer by former writer Colin Moriarty can be considered as a case of corruption, as IGN was running an advertisement campaign for ME3 back then. Although Moriarty did apologize for his action later on.
    • Lauren Wainwright wrote several times about Square Enix positively without disclosing the fact she had done paid consulting work for the company. Later when Eurogamer writer Rab Florence criticized her in his article, Wainwright threatened Eurogamer with a lawsuit just to get them to edit her out of Florence's article.
    • Jose Ortega's review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for IGN Spain does not disclose an involvement in the game’s Spanish "review camp". These very criticized events involved a heavily-controlled play environment with a company PR handler, constraints that pushed some journalists to cheat in order to progress faster and, at least in some of the camps, provided lavish accommodations and gifts. In this case, the participation appears extremely likely, since his outlet’s presence at the the review event has been confirmed by the Editor-in-Chief of IGN Spain.
  9. IGN sometimes rates games down for their difficulty, for example, they gave Metro 2033 a mediocre score just because they considered the game very difficult, and many games from the Kirby series get 6-7s from them because they think it’s too easy.
  10. One of their moderators admits to censoring discussion on Gamergate.
  11. IGN likes to attack certain fanbases with no apparent reason (likely just for dissing the fans or for lulz):
    • They bash on the Sonic the Hedgehog series and its fans intensely without even playing Sonic games properly, especially with their video where one of the members made fun of Sonic fans by saying "Sonic fans want to have sex with Big the Cat" and the infamous line "Sonic was never good". IGN, along with Game Grumps (Most notably Arin Hanson) are the reasons why the hatedom is getting worse by the time.
    • They also like to provoke the Kingdom Hearts fanbase by insulting its characters, calling them "garbage characters nobody cares about" and say that the game Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue has left them disappointed even though it didn't come out yet, they also hired someone who doesn't know anything about the franchise to do an analysis video on the Kingdom Hearts 3 Jump Festa trailer. Max Scoville did it again as a joke, only to get backlash from the Kingdom Hearts fanbase.
  12. Former writer Marty Silva is an agenda-pushing Social Justice Warrior and a supporter of Anita Sarkeesian. He once compared individuals who downvoted the universally panned Ghostbusters (2016) trailer to Nazis. And like Author Gies from Polygon, Marty will penalize a game of sexualizing characters, for example, he once panned Killer Is Dead for its "offensively juvenile attitude toward sexuality".
  13. Ironically, former editor Steve Butts was fired for sexual misconduct. They also had to apologize to female staff members over sexual misconduct allegations.
  14. Vincent Ingenito, despite his anti-GamerGate beliefs, was also fired for sexual misconduct.
  15. They make false statements such as "Sonic was never good" when Sonic had great games such as Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and that Waluigi was in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as an unlockable character, when he actually isn't. Go to 0:45 of this video to find out.
  16. Also, despite claiming that sonic was never good, there are a lot of sonic games they reviewed positively, such as Sonic Rush, Sonic Battle and Sonic Pocket Adventure.
  17. Their parent company tried to buy over Gawker.
  18. They were part of the group of people who defended Alison Rapp.
  19. Most of the time when they say a game is 'okay', the game is really boring and way worse than they say it is.
  20. They were blasted by their own readers for pulling over a WWE2k cover for not having a female athlete on it.
  21. They, along with PC Gamer and The New York Times, spread false information of Saudi Arabia banning video games.
  22. They support Feminist Frequency, claiming they help both fictional and real women.
  23. They also mock developers as well, such as Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada who called out Social Justice Warriors after a fan asked him a question about localization of costumes for Tekken 7. He was attacked by one of the video producers of IGN Gav Murpgy calling him "garbage developer".
  24. When Bethesda placed their policy on preventing reviewers getting copies before fans of Bethesda could get them, IGN complained about how unfair it was to their other journalists.
  25. They called guns in gaming to be holding back the video game industry.
  26. They were caught plagiarizing a review for Dead Cells. And when caught they were forced to take down the video. And the writer who made the review was fired after the investigation was complete. In fact they even discovered that he was also copying from other journalists working in IGN and other YouTubers as well.
  27. They were part of the group along with ResetEra that boycotted Play Asia over Dead Or Alive 6. To the point Play Asia was so annoyed that they ported the game to the west anyways.
  28. One review of Dragon Quest XI got the backlash of JRPG fans due to forced in political correctness and finding non existent problems of sexism in it.
  29. There mishandling of the gameplay of Bayonetta 2 was so bad that Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games has called them horrible.
  30. They were part of the group that attacked Legend Of Zelda Triforce heroes for having no female characters playable.
  31. For their Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII review, they published four reviews of the same game. Sure, they covered the separate gamemodes, but the splitting of reviews seem like it was made for more views.
  32. The Fire Emblem: Three Houses part of their NVC podcast was awful (they took down the highlight of said podcast):
    • None of them seemed to have a good idea of what Fire Emblem was. One thing is minor nitpicks and the other not knowing the name of the games.
    • They called Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fire Emblem: Three Heroes (confusing it with the mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes).
    • They claim that it doesn't have a "zoom into the action and change of presentation" effect in battles... While the footage shows a zoom into the action and change of presentation.
    • "Fire Emblem Heroes on the 3DS", "The last one was Fates", "The first one on the 3DS was Heroes". So many misinformation in less than a minute. What's best is that one of them said they did wiki stuff, which given how inaccurate is the FE wikia, that explains a lot.
    • They called Fire Emblem a Real-Time Strategy game (for reference, a RTS game would be something like Starcraft, Fire Emblem is more of a turn-based strategy game).
    • They say the supports amped up the storytelling... when talking about Fates, which was a lot of bad supports and a terrible story overall.
  33. They even defended 2K for sending goons to intimidate youtubers for being critical of them.
  34. They also endorsed violence against people who disagree with them politically. And one journalist Lucy O Brien wishes death on Trump.
  35. They can't handle criticsm either as one of the editors compared them to Qanon.
  36. IGN Russia doesn't even pay their own employees either.
  37. Even with the amount pro socjus poltics within entertainment they are still not satisfied. Another journalist claimed that their allies weren't doing enough either.
  38. They copyright striked one youtubers video for pointing out the flaws in their logic.
  39. They were pissed at Totalbiscuit endorsing a game that he liked and out of spite they gave the same game a 6 out of 10.
  40. They are very petty as they actually attacked 2k for not liking a pic related to them on twitter.
  41. They were also very pissed off at Bethesda's review copy policy as well.
  42. They also complained about how sexist the Deadpool movie is especially during the scene where Deadpool even wondered if attacking or not attacking a woman is sexist and still proceeded to shoot her dead.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Their game guides might be helpful, but there's a lot of other guides out there that will most likely prove more helpful.
  2. On some occasions they will give actual bad games accurate scores. One of the very, very few examples is that IGN has actively warned gamers not to buy Final Fantasy All the Bravest (due to heavy usage of micro-transactions) and Spanish for Everyone (because it contains offensive material such as pedophilia, prostitution, drug smuggling, theft, animal abuse, etc.).


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