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I’m Unfunny

iFunny is a social media website that allows users to post memes and create them.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Many of the memes are not original as they're sourced directly from other sites like Redditor Twitter.
  2. The infamous watermark.
  3. The site is full of Weeaboos (calling themselves for “Otakus”, which brings a more negative image to the anime fan community in general), Normies, and Memelords.
  4. Quite a few toxic fandoms and hatedoms can be found on this site, for the former we have the Fortnite, Minecraft and Adolf Hitler meme fandoms; and for the latter, the Nintendo, Roblox and Pixar hatedoms.
  5. Users who have high subscribers are less likely to get banned even though they break the sites rules like posting fetish art and saying the N-word.
    • On the other hand, it's quite easy to shut down smaller accounts via false flagging.
  6. Lots of arcade games are bad and lag a lot.
    • In addition, whoever created them seems to have an obsession with Pepe the Frog as he is in almost every arcade game.
  7. Ineffective and biased moderation, it took two weeks for the moderators to take down child porn but they take down posts criticizing the Yiffers or Weeaboos very quickly.
    • Some say that they banned a user who uploaded a video that had a poorly drawn penis in it but a couple days later they uploaded a game to the IFunny arcade account that had similar stuff in it.
  8. The comment section is filled with comments saying stuff like "If if this comment gets 500 likes I will slap my teachers ass" etc.
  9. The title is misleading; it sounds like an app made by Apple or a rip-off of James Patterson's 'I Funny' book series.
  10. Other than memes, fanart is also plagiarized and reposted here from many art sites without crediting the artist.
  11. There are also memes out of 9/11, Autism, and Cancer.
  12. Like Tumblr, iFunny has a rampant problem with people promoting self-harm, suicide, eating disorders and insanity as well as pedophilia, misogyny and child exploitation being widespread, such as the infamous DDLG community that infiltrated the surface of the Internet during the first few months of 2015..

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some may still find it enjoyable.
  2. Some users are good but they are outnumbered by the less pleasant users.
  3. Some users actually create original memes and fanarts and don’t simply copy-paste or steal them from other sites.
  4. There are plenty of funny posts. (Hence its name)