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And the award for the world’s smuggest mug goes to...
Also known as: Harris Bomberguy, Hbomb,Hareton Splimby, SlazengerRapeMachine
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Domain: Something Awful, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, ask.fm, CuriousCat,

H.Bomberguy (real name: Harris "Harry" Brewis) is a British YouTuber/prominent Breadtuber & Twitch streamer who does video essays on a variety of topics including film, television, and video games & often combines them with left-wing political and economic arguments as well as making response videos to Anti-Feminists/Anti-SJWs (which he calls “Measured Responses”). He joined Youtube on May 28th 2006 & during that time, he was a member of the Dinner Dates Let’s Play group on Something Awful alongside fellow Let’s Player Habermann (though he wasn’t a very active member in that group). He was even an associate of right-wing youtuber Mr Metokur & a member of his troll group (he was reportedly more active in that group than with the dinner dates).

He first grew to prominence on YouTube in 2015 during the height of the GamerGate Controversy when he made a series of videos mocking the troubled production of the "The Sarkeesian Effect" documentary. Inspired by Dan Olson & his Folding Ideas series (and possibly LibertarianSocialistRants, considered by many to be the unofficial founder of BreadTube) he continued to make response videos to the right-wing/anti-sjw youtubers, becoming a prominent member of the SJW & BreadTube communities on youtube & carving out a space for other breadtubers to emerge on the platform such as Shaun & Contrapoints.

In January 2019, he became famous for doing a 57-hour charity livestream playing the notoriously difficult Donkey Kong 64 for the UK transgender chairity organization Mermaids after their funding was cut by the National Lottery following a successful social media campaign by Irish TV writer & comedian Graham Linehan, in which he managed to raise £265,000 ($347,000) with over 659,000 people watching the stream. Numerous liberal celebrities & other breadtubers guest starred on the livestream such as Natalie Wynn aka ContraPoints, Chelsea Manning, Riley Dennis, Casey Explosion, Shaun, Abigail Thorn aka Philosophy Tube, Three Arrows, Jim Sterling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Adam Conover aka Adam Ruins Everything, Virgil Texas and Matt Christman, Grant Kirkhope, Chuck Tingle Mara Wilson & John Romero while discussing various topics (mostly ones relating to transgenderism). The stream got him recognition by the scottish parliament & there was a motion to honor him for his efforts, which failed to pass.

Why He’s Rotten

  1. He’s a total Social Justice Warrior & White Knight for Anita Sarkeesian (his claim to fame was mocking the, admittedly badly made, Sarkeesian Effect documentary) & Brianna Wu (he’s also almost definitely one of the many idiots who gave donations to her) and PROUD OF IT!
    • Being a white knight for Sarkeesian & Wu, he’s naturally anti-GamerGate & although he claims to be a gamer & reviews video games, he seems to have a very subtle distaste for it (His Steam account suggests he barely even plays the ones he claims to be a fan).
  2. He’s extremely smug, condescending, constantly uses irony as a deflection, seems to go further left as time passes to the point of extremism and while he doesn’t usually call his opponents loaded terms like racist, sexist, bigot and/or Facisist/Nazi like most other SJWs, he instead calls them “weirdos”, “pissbaby splatpants” and other such childish & condescending insults.
    • He’s also been known to throw around the term “reactionary” around a lot & considers anyone who uses terms like “SJW” & “Regressive Left” unironically to be one.
  3. His style isn’t that original as it’s very similar to Caddicarus,& Fitzthistlewits.
  4. He’s friends with Dan “CP” Olson, collaborates with him frequently and as mentioned above, cites him as his biggest inspiration in spite of his shady history.
    • Worse than that however, he’s also friends with notorious pedophile Sarah Nyberg aka Sarah Butts & has whiteknighted for her.
  5. He’s also a fan of DarksydePhil aka DSPGaming.
  6. Like a lot of SJWs, he’s pro-censorship. In 2016, He created a browser extension for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome called “Hbomb's YouTube Censorship Addon” which disabled “reactionary” suggestions & blocked youtube videos from right-wing, anti-feminist and/or anti-sjw creators (which he calls the “Skulls Parasite Unit” & it ironically includes his former comrade Mr Metokur) & pushed for his followers & subscribers to download the extension, acting with what influence he had to censor/suppress those he didn't like and/or disagreed & being able to keep his fans in his echochamber. However sometime later in 2019, it got removed from the Chrome Store for “violating the guidelines”.
      • What makes this whole thing hypocritical is that at Mythcon 2018, he expressed support for open debate after meeting with Gregory Fluhrer aka Armoured Skeptic & June Lapine aka Shoe0nhead & committed to the idea of debating people he disagreed with, but then afterwards, he added both of them to the block list. Gregory naturally called him out on this in a livestream (see video section below) which may have contributed to the extension’s eventual removal.
  7. While he does make reasonable criticisms of capitalism, he has an annoying habit of shoehorning anti-capitalist messages in his work and even blames capitalism for things like flat earth beliefwhich has been around LONG BEFORE the modern capitalist system.
    • Despite rallying against the capitalist system, he’s happy to profit off of it himself, making 2,176.50 british pounds (or 2,773 american dollars) per video.
      • Like the other main breadtubers, he’s recently become rather lazy, making less videos as he’s grown bigger on Patreon. Now he’s down to making at least one video a year while still receiving large sums of money (earning £15, 055/$20,000 in the month of June alone) from his fans just for posting on Social Media & doing the occasional livestream while not producing a single piece of actual content.
  8. In his video “What is Virtue Signalling?” he mocks & attempts to debunk the notion that male feminists & white knights only defend women in return for sexual favours. Throughout the entire video, he never mentions ONCE, the numerous male feminists & white knights such as Chris Hardwick, Devin Faraci, Tyler Malka, Richard Carrier, Hugo Swyzer, Onision, Joss Whedon & others, who have been involed in various sex-related scandals (which is the reason why this sterotype exists) which is not only seemingly dishonest (he could have easily looked the subject up), but also insensitive to their victims.
    • Even Harry himself is somewhat of an example. A year prior to the video in 2017, one of his friends/discord moderators, PaperLionSa, sexually harassed Klaus, a transman & a former friend and employee of Brewis. When Klaus tried to tell Harry about the incident, he defended Paperlion & cast doubt on the accusation. This caused many SJWs & feminists (& Klaus himself) to turn on Harry & his content was banned from the /r/LateStageCapitalism subbreddit while the rest of the mods tried to sweep the incident under the rug. Harry eventually posted an apology on his tumblr though many(including Klaus himself) considered it to be weak & it wasn’t until doing his (in)famous charity stream that he was fully accepted back into leftist circles.
      • It’s also rumoured during his early SA days, he used to creep on female LPers (such as JesuOtaku before his sex change), regularly made rape jokes and acted like it was a fun, sexy thing to say, let someone try to trigger a rape survivor on a livestream & only stepped in after the stream was over & victim-blamed said survivor (on his discord, he also reportedly made a statement implying victims of sexual abuse were delusional & made another sexual abuse survivor be a mod for his discord while talking about pedophilic/rape content as way of getting back at her for “kinkshaming” when said person made a statement about BDSM which Hbomb claimed had “triggered his GF”), at one point harassed a woman he & Metokur were stalking by mailing her porn (which is illegal in the UK) and even went by the name of “Slazenger RapeMachine Whiteshaf” for a while. It also doesn’t help that a lot of the media he claims to like includes a lot of rapey fanservice (see below)
        • On an unrelated note, one youtube commentor claims that he & Metokur played a cruel & embarrassing prank on an autistic person which possibly drove said person to suicide!
      • At least some of his fans tried to dismiss the incident as a “right-wing plot” to discredit Brewis and some on Gamerghazi even resorted to victim blaming.
  9. one Twitter thread, he claimed pedos shouldn’t in prison because they'll get killed (the thread also has some pro-CP legalization undertones)
  10. In the video “Woke Brands”, he defended Nike & Gillette’s infamous woke ads, Colin Kaepernick’s Just Do It & “The Best Men Can Be”, smugly mocked those who criticized & protested them & bought Nike gear & Gillette razors for purpose of destroying, whitewashed the misandry & anti-white racism of Gillette’s ad as “telling white men how to be better” & treated the backlashes against the ads as if it actually made them successful, when in reality, they’re classic examples of “Get Woke, Go Broke”. In the case of the Nike ads, they lost almost $4 billion in stocks after the ads were shown (something he doesn’t mention). In the case of the Gillette ads, it caused the decline of Gillette’s razor sales (while the sales of other razor companies such as Dollar Shave Club have increased) and overall, costed them $8 BILLION!!! (again, he doesn’t mention this) & tarnishing their reputation seemingly forever even when they abandoned the woke ad campaign and went back to embracing & celebrating masculinity.
  11. He made a response video to Sargon of Akkad debunking the 1 in 5 college rape statistic. While he does rightfully point out a lot of mistakes Sargon makes in the video, he doesn’t actually prove 1 in 5 statistic is right (& even admits himself that it might be a little overblown) and halfway through, he runs out of things to rebuke and ends up ripping on Sargon's avatar which just seems desperate.
    • He also comes up with a particularly nasty strawman in the same video, claiming that men like Sargon try & debunk the 1 in 5 statistic so they can narrow the definition of rape, and get away with sexual harassment!!! (& it’s rather hypocritical considering the incident with Klaus & the rumors about his time with Metokur)
  12. He’ also joined in on the “Pewdiepie Is A Nazi” BS and the hate mob against JonTron (he also contributed to spreading a nasty rumour that Jon was a coke addict). He & his friend Shaun were also one of the many to turn on Laci Green & accuse her of being a racist nazi after her revealing that she was dating Chris Ray Gun & wanted to reach out to her political opponents.
  13. He thinks "mansplaining" is an issue.
  14. He mocked John Cleese when he criticized political correctness, saying “Hm, I wonder if this man has made any good films or television since 1979”. First off, Cleese made A Fish Called Wanda, a highly successful heist comedy film in 1988. Second, even if he hadn’t, how does that make his statement invalid?
  15. He appeared in the rather cringe-worthy Reasonable Questions For Anti-SJWs video by Kristi Winters in which he started a few cringe-worthy jokes that he would carry on in his in his own videos which would then turn into crappy memes
    • The term “SJeW” which implies that anyone who uses the term “SJW” unironically is a far-righter/Neo-Nazi/Antisemite even though almost no-one except for genuinely far right individuals in the anti-sjw community blames Jews for SJWism. That & their are plenty of left-leaning Anti-SJWs such as Thunderf00t (he didn’t support Trump or Brexit & has even made videos mocking Trump which has ironically garnerd him hatred from the alt-right & praise from some SJWs) & pre-2018 Sargon (he also did a video criticizing the alt-right) which demonstrates that it’s just his way of putting everyone he disagrees with in the same camp.
    • "The Rationals", which he thinks is a term anti-sjws use to describe themselves, even though they rarely do.
    • ”What is it with you people and skulls?” Another joke that has carried on longer than it should have (he repeated several times in the original video) & was inaccurate to begin with since out of the the entire Anti-SJW community, only three prominent members (Davis Aurini, Ethan Ralph and Mundane Matt who aren’t even particularly well liked in the anti-sjw community anyway) use skulls as avatars (It again, implies that all Anti-SJWs are Alt-Right/Neo-Nazis since they do use a lot of skull imagery). Ironically, one of Hbomb’s fellow Breadtubers, Shaun, uses a skull avatar.
    • ”You made lots of videos about [insert leftist figure anti-sjws hate on, usually Anita Sarkeesian]! You're obsessed with them!” despite the fact that Hbomb & his fellow breadtubers have done hundreds of videos on Sargon & other Anti-SJWs & call them out regularly on social media and yet no one is saying they are obsessed with them. Saying they are obsessed doesn’t invalidate their points (also, in the case of Thunderf00t at least, the number of Sarkeesian videos doesn’t even make up a majority of their content).
  16. His “measured response” to pick up artists like Roosh V. While he does rightfully critize the sexist & sleazy behaviour of Roosh and his fellow PUAs plus his rape apolgism (he also refreshingly doesn’t conflate Manosphreian ideology with all anti-sjws either and generally doesn’t come off as obnoxious as he usually does), the video is way too long and boring (he even gets most of his fellow Breadtubers such as Contrapoints, Shaun & Dan Olson in on it) and it doesn’t take a genius to debunk the nonsense spewed by PUAs. By contrast, the drunken peasants did a much shorter (and funnier) video takedown of Roosh and his fellow PUAs.
  17. A lot of his video essays in general aren’t that good, being full of fallacies, dubious reasoning, rhetoric, lousy rationalizations, him being a contrarian just for the sake of it (e.g. saying the star wars prequels are actually good while ignoring their horrendous flaws), empty snark & general social justice propaganda, almost-all concealed under jokes & gags which can be very hit & miss (and pad out his longer videos more than necessary), his middle class english accent (which makes him sound articulate & sophisticated to non-british viewers) and good editing.
    • A lot of them are also way longer than necessary to cover the subject at hand such as his Soyboy video & his recent video on RWBY which is over 2 hours & 30 minutes (Something that he & his fans ironically mock MauLer for)
    • Much like Sarkeesian, he disapproves of sexualized female characters & almost completely glosses over sexualized male characters.
      • In the same video, he makes a massive contradiction, stating that male gamers identify with male characters like Kratos because they’re the same gender, yet don’t do the same for female characters (e.g. saying “I died” when playing as a male while saying “She died” when playing as female), but then states that female gamers don’t do the same with female characters like Bayonetta. He also ironically for a feminist, dismisses womenwho by saying Bayonetta is empowering & presumes to speak for women by saying sexualized female characters aren't empowering.Parts of the video also feel schizophrenic or poorly thought out.
      • Despite this, he claims to be a fan of Kill La Kill & SuckerPunch, which contain VERY heavy female fanservice (which borders on being rapey too). How does he try & justify this? By claiming that it’s actually satire & a commentary on the patriarchy and that there are actually underlying feminist leftist messages? Needless to say, the reasoning he uses for this is VERY flawed & dubious to say the least.
    • He’s also shilled for No Man’s Sky, completely glossing over the game’s flaws, the false advertising & the dev’s silence after the game’s release. He even put on his Game of the Year for 2016 list, with his justification basically being: "I didn't see any of the false advertising or lies from the developer, so as far as I'm concerned they didn't happen. Who cares if they have shitty business practices?"
    • In his Fallout 3 video (which is otherwise considered his best video even by his harshest critics, see below), he spent the first 20 minutes complaining about the game’s intro forcing you to kill people despite it being a tutorial to introduce the series (the first two of which were Top-Down traditional RPGs) slowly into the 3rd person RPG shooter the series would become from then on. The new real-time combat mechanics of Fallout 3 are far less forgiving than the controlled space of an RPG,so it makes sense why you are forced to learn how to take advantage of them.
    • His video on Action Scenes shows he doesn’t understand what an action scene is, calling scenes in which violent things happen to people “action scenes” while ignoring great examples like Kill Bill or the numerous films from the asian film industry (ironic for a social justice type who claims to care about POCs so much)
    • His worst video essay however is one he did on Dark Souls II. Not only is it a rather condescending, stupid and pointlessly personal rebuttal to Matthewmatosis review of Dark Souls II, (In the same video he snidely mocked Matthewmatosis as being mentally deficient) it also completely ignores the game’s flaws (with some snarky passive aggressiveness) & makes a lot of inaccurate claims such as Bloodborne being inspired by Dark Souls II due to the different healing system and a lack of viable shields in the game (among other things), mainly using this as a way to justify his opinion on shields in the Souls series when in reality, Bloodborne was in development after the first Dark Souls (it was however at least being planned during the development of Dark Souls) while Dark Souls II was started after the critical reception to the first game, with the teams for both being working separately. It was so bad that MauLer & a few others have made lengthy response videos to it and to rub salt in the wound, provide a better defense of Dark Souls 2 (see below).
    • In his latest video on RWBY, while he provides good criticism of the show’s handling of it’s racism themes, he tries to use it to justify the recent violent riots following the death of George Floyd.
  18. He supported the harrassment of NASA scientist Matt Taylor during Shirtgate & even compared the (in)famous shirt to promoting slavery.
  19. He sometimes even comes out with Moviebob-esque takes, such as claiming moderation is a delusion (see gallery;He’s also described moderate leftists as being “useless”) & comparing himself to Plato & Galileo.
  20. Like the rest of BreadTube, he has been fully embraced & given endless praise by mainstream/pro-SJW media such as Polygon, even moreso after his charity stream.
  21. Overall, he comes off as a disingenuous coward who acts smug & aloof and pretends he doesn’t care about Sargon or Anti-SJWs or people like Pewdiepie making off-colour jokes or defending Sarkeesian, but clearly does so (to the point of making a chrome extension to block Sargon & others he disagrees with) and is too afraid to admit it (this type of behavior being a hallmark of SA Goons) All of his videos tend to be antagonistic, condescending responses to other people & groups who he disagrees with as if he doesn’t really care about the topic at hand & just wants to “rekt” his opponents. And he always seems to do this with popular youtubers like Matthewmatosis & JonTron, as if he’s jealous that they’re more successful than him.
  22. At least one person from KotakuInAction tried to have a civil debate with him on Twitter on GamerGate & Social Justice and Harry acted like a condescending dick towards the person in question.
  23. During the London bridge attack, rather than extend his sympathies to the victims and their families, he instead snarky predicted people would screech about muslims without evidence, which is rather insensitive to said victims. When the attackers did ironically turn out to be muslims, Harry (like every other SJW Islam aplogist) went slient on the issue.
  24. Then there’s his (in)famous charity stream. While seemingly a kind act of altruism on the surface, the organisation Mermaids, is pretty shady to say the least & even other trans people have criticized them. With this in mind, it’s highly probable he only did the charity stream to look progressive (& get back into the left’s good graces after the incident with Klaus two years back) & make himself untouchable as well as to spite Graham Linehan.
  25. His worst act however happened later that year during the second Contrapoints Twitter drama spurred by Natalie featuring Buck Angel, a truscum transman, as a voice actor in her then latest video Opulence & her receiving massive amounts of online harassment. Instead of coming to the defense of his friend & fellow breadtuber, Harry instead called her a “shithead” & practically threw her to the wolves. While he did briefly come to her defense when she released the following video “Canceling”, he quickly backed down when his fans got upset at this (& considering he lost money just for associating with Contra, It really shows how cowardly & hypocritical he is for abandoning his friend just so he can keep making money).
    • There is also a rumor that he & Dan Olson badmouthed her on SA two years prior.
  26. He also once liked a tweet mocking critics of Venezuela's failed socialist system which is incredibly insensitive to those suffering under said system & equivalent of far righters who say Nazi Germany wasn’t so bad, or who downplay the horrors of slavery.
  27. Another incident which shows how deceptive & two-faced he is when Shen Comix made a tweet stating it’s okay to have friends with differing political beliefs as it breaks unhealthy echo chambers which generated quite a bit of controversy, especially among the other breadtubers. Harry at first tweeted a rather civil response, stating while he doesn’t agree with Shen, he would want to engage in a civil debate on the issue. However instead, he quoted the tweet & accused Shen of wanting to make friends with fascists & people who want his other friends to die, which completely blows what Shen was saying out of proportion.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like the rest of the breadtubers, he does make valid criticisms of unchecked capitalism, the Alt-Right, the Manosphere/MGTOW & Obsessive Anti-SJWs, a good example being his video debunking Paul Joseph Watson’s claims about soy feminizing men (even if it is longer than it needs to be).
  2. He’s supportive of good socialist concepts like socialized healthcare & free tuition.
  3. Like Contrapoints & some of the other breadtubers, he does have some great talent & can be genuinely funny & entertaining to watch & some of his videos/video essays can be good such as his video on Fallout 3 which even his harshest critics agree is his best video despite the flaws mentioned above.
  4. The latter video reveals he is critical of IGN
  5. Despite being anti-capitialist & calling himself a communist on occasions, he has critized extremely far leftists such as the British Communist Party, which he describes as "a fucking nightmare of actual literal stalinists".
  6. Despite supporting Brianna Wu, he does have enough common sense not to want her in the government.
  7. Despite being somewhat of a fan, even he finds MovieBob unbearable sometimes.
  8. Like the other breadtubers, he is against the Far-Right/Alt-Right & other genuinely crazy groups like climate deniers & flat earthers.


  • "Hbomb" was a nickname given to him by his cousin. The "-erguy" part appended, because he played Bomberman a lot, and "HBomb" was taken when he was making an username to play Age of Mythology.
  • Despite the rivalry that has developed between MauLer and Hbomb due to the aforementioned response videos and differing views on subjectivity and objectivity in quality entertainment, MauLer himself has gone on record saying Harry can make legitimately-good and intelligent arguments (and is even subscribed to him), but feels that Harry lets his biases cloud his judgement too often.
  • He wrote a novel once called The Killonator back in 2011.
  • He also wrote an article for Paste critiquing POSTAL and Hatred.
  • It's rumored that he did make a video criticizing Anita Sarkeesian, but deleted it when he started criticizing Anti-SJWs more.
  • He came out as bisexual in July 2018.
  • He's a member of the Labour Party.
  • He was born on September 20, 1992.




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