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Google+ logo.svg
Average Website, Bad Updates
Type of site: Social networking
Language: Various
Created by: Vic Gundotra
Bradley Horowitz
Owner: Google
Date of launch: June 28, 2011
Status: Defunct
Predecessor: Google Buzz
Successor: Google Shoelace

Google Plus (stylized as Google+) was an Internet-based social network that was owned and operated by Google.

The service, Google's fourth foray into social networking, experienced strong growth in its initial years, although usage statistics have varied depending on how the service is defined. Three Google executives have overseen the service, which has undergone substantial changes leading to a redesign in November 2015.

It was later closed down on April 2, 2019.

Bad Qualities

  1. It tried to compete with Facebook and Tumblr too much. The result was, predictably, messing up the website and adding various awful features.
  2. Much like YouTube, it had a lot of bad updates. The updates go from "okay" to "outright terrible" (but not severe like Vyond or ImageShack).
  3. It was full of toxic fanbases and hatebases that couldn’t respect users' opinions or have some serious problems, such as FNAF, Minecraft, Undertale, Bendy, GoAnimate/Vyond, My Little Pony, Steven Universe, and Furries as well as the cartoon, meme, and gaming communities.
  4. Some Google+ users took things too seriously. Some of them created polls asking "Is this (game/cartoon/music/character) *insert aggressive title*????" or bait/troll posts, with the sole-purpose to annoy other users.
    • Speaking of which, they also posted some offensive and outrage baiting memes about video games, songs, anime, etc.
  5. It can be rare that some Google+ users couldn't take negative criticism. If you try to go to user profiles and criticize random Google+ users with bad content, they would start a flame war with you and/or block you.
  6. Some users could harass you and send death threats for not agreeing with their opinions, popular or unpopular.
  7. The site was also infested with spambots. They were more rampant than on DeviantArt or Amino. Some spambots may have also appeared as Facebook selfies, Indians, scam bots, porn bots, and/or other types of bots. They could appear in any community. The Gaming community was a prime example of spambot infestation.
  8. Trolls were rampant on Google+. They could go onto your profile page and post the stupidest things or even try to impersonate you. There were even some trolls that can attempt to dox you by acquiring either your IP or your real-life address.
  9. Like on Tumblr, the report system was rather dysfunctional. Sometimes reporting either unruly users or trolls ten times wouldn't yield any results.
  10. Many Google+ users have left this website because of bad updates or some major problems. Dishoungh White is a prime example of quitting because "Google+ is the most boring piece of shit ever".
  11. Some communities got raided because either a moderator penalized the wrong person or trolls hacked the community or moderator's account.
  12. There's a chance that your post may disappear after logging out of your Google+ account and back in because Google may identify it as spam and delete it.
  13. If you try to adopt a random community because of inactive or no mods and full of trolls, toxic fanboys, fangirls, or spambots on random communities, nothing happened and the staff did not even respond.
  14. Creating polls was limited; you could only make 5-choice polls instead of 8.
  15. Sometimes, people on Google+ made stupid, nonsensical, illogical, weird, and cringy posts, like the infamous of "I am half me foxy," which became a meme.
  16. Some community names made no sense whatsoever like "Hell" and "Can We Get All Google+ Users in one group???".
  17. They even used mental disorders, and racial and homophobic slurs like "f*gs", "gay", "retard", "autism" and the "n word" as a joke/meme word, insult, or swear word.
  18. When you change your username, it would not allow you to change it again for 3 months.
  19. On January 18, 2017, they removed the classic layout which was beloved by people and replaced it with a generic Android layout. This caused some angry people to quit G+ entirely and move on to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. Some G+ users think that "Google is becoming greedier".
  20. The site has lost its charm since 2017 and is nothing like it was from 2011 to 2016.
  21. It nearly killed YouTube. Back in November 2013, a Google+ integration was required. Thankfully, this policy was revoked in early 2014.
  22. Worst of all is that Google covered up an incident where at least “hundreds of thousands” of users on the network had their private information exposed out of fear that confirming the security flaw would bring “regulatory scrutiny” as well as “reputation damage.” Thanks to a recent leak, Google+ is now on the verge of shutting down.
    • Google didn't learn from their mistakes, resulting in yet another leak to occur that affected more users and resulted in having the August 2019 shutdown get pushed forward to April.

Good Qualities

  1. Now without the site, there wouldn't be many helpful users and good people and artists.
  2. Creating a group (which is called community) on this site was much better than creating a Facebook group.
  3. Some good artists, funposters and sane cartoon/gaming/anime fans could actually be found, not to mention, some good and funny users like Kondos Eng, The Sexelent Spy, Sanic 5515 and many others.
  4. Some good and fun communities you could actually enjoy, like the Mega Man community, Cowboy Bebop community, Google+'s Hall of Infamy (it was closed and moved to Discord with a different name), and many others.
  5. Around December 2012, they introduced the "community", which replaced "group". Which is an interesting and solid concept idea, unlike other social media sites like Facebook that have the "group" feature. Google+ allows you to make a community either public or private with categories.
  6. Around late summer 2016, they finally added a gifs/image button on comment section, which allows Google+ users to post either funny image/gif or other stupid stuffs on comment section. Sadly, it was really late to add that feature in 2016. The feature could have been added in either late 2014 or early 2015.
  7. Depending on your view, this was one of the handful of social websites that almost lacks Social Justice Warriors and pedophiles. The reason why they rarely appeared was that trolls, raiders, and baitposters overshadow them.
  8. Owners of YouTube channels could promote it here and there were groups that are dedicated to that.
  9. In 2015, Google+ was no longer required to use YouTube.
  10. Unlike Twitter, you can edit your posts and there were no letter limit, making it more user-friendly.




19 months ago
Score 1
I was about to promote my YouTube channel on this site, but they closed the social media site.:(


8 months ago
Score 0
I had it from 2012 to last year, and it wasn't really that special. Much like any other social media website.


18 months ago
Score 3
Google+ eliminated my Search and Watch History and Comments in YouTube when I moved my channel there via brand accounts. Piece of s**t that site is.


11 months ago
Score 1
I left Google+ on March 29th of last year.


6 months ago
Score 1
This website was filled with dank memers, too. And not very good ones, either. I once got mocked just because I didn't like a show.


3 months ago
Score 0
I still remember all the terrible communities there. Even though I was part of one of them.


3 months ago
Score 1
Glad this stupid thing shut down for good. I almost never use that website.


3 months ago
Score 0
Google+? Really? Sounds like a name to give if Google had a premium version.


one month ago
Score 0
I didn't care for it, but it sucks it was shut down imo

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