Death of Brian Joseph Rickard

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1982 - 2013

Brian Joseph Rickard (Better known online as YOTESLAYA) was a Gaming YouTuber with 880,000+ subscribers. He sadly passed away from a train collision. Before his death, he made videos, but his fans loved his Black Ops II and Borderlands 2 videos.

The Accident

On Wednesday night on October 23, 2013, at around 2 a.m., Brian and two other friends were killed when a train collided with their car in an attempt to outrun the train in Vigo County, Indiana. Brian was dangerously driving in order to beat the train in the railway crossing. His actions had resulted in the deaths of Brian and the two passengers in the vehicle.


Before his name was announced, his fans already began sending their condolences in Social Media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and FaceBook. They made tribute videos as well.


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