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DISCLAIMER: Membership of GameJournoPros in and by itself is NOT a proof of impropriety. And do not go and attack anyone on this list. As it will make things even worse.

GameJournoPros is a now-defunct private Google Group consisting of 150 writers, bloggers, and editors from various game news sites and media outlets. The mailing list, group members, and various leaked email conversations have sparked online discussion in the video game community regarding writer collusion and journalistic integrity in the ongoing Gamergate controversy.[1][2]

The group's existence, and the veracity of the email leaks, have been verified by the group's creator, Ars Technica's senior gaming editor Kyle Orland.

GameJournoPros, according to Orland in one of the leaks, was inspired by the infamous JournoList, a private Google Group created by the editor chief of Vox Media Ezra Klein, consisting of more than 400 "left-leaning" journalists and academics, the media exposure of the J-List resulted in Washington Post reporter David Weigel's resignation.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It's based on the infamous JournoList.
  2. It basically encourages what GamerGate is most against: bad journalism. Members are often involved in conclusion, corruption, cronyism, hive mind thinking and censorship.
  3. Many of the journalists included in the list are known to be corrupt, such as Ben Kuchera, Leigh Alexander, Danielle Riendeau, Jason Schreier, and Nathan Grayson.

List of Members