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Type of site: Gaming
Language: English
Created by: Jeff "CJayC" Veasey
Owner: CBS Interactive
Date of launch: November 5, 1995
Status: Active

GameFAQs is a site launched in 1995 by Jeff Veasey. It is infamous for now being SJW central and its terrible community.

Bad qualities

  1. The site used to only allow you to have a short discussion title for forums. Thankfully they now allow it to be longer
  2. Most of the reviewers beg a lot to either make users buy or not buy the game and do the "there are better games" excuse.
  3. The community is full of elitists and toxic people.
  4. It is now owned by CBS which is infamous for political SJW bias and not to mention the site has a lot of SJWs and people that act like journalists.
  5. When you create an account you have to wait for a few days to post on message boards due to the karma system.
  6. It is filled with nostalgiatards.
  7. Faqs in foreign languages are looked down upon by many English-speaking users and even mods and so are foreign users. The best foreign faqs are always choosen by mods who do not know a single word of that particular language,

Good Qualities

  1. A lot of FAQs and answers to help you if you have trouble on some part on a game.
  2. Low amount of glitches and bugs.



one month ago
Score 0
I wanted to love this site. I really do but there are just too much things that make me not want to.


one month ago
Score 0
Just do what I do. Go for the walkthroughs.

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