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Booru (Japanese for "Board") Sites are imageboard sites that allow to post content (usually gifs and images) oriented to a specific topic, which depends on the Booru site itself. Examples of those sites include Rule 34 (Paheal and xxx), Gelbooru, Danbooru, e621, Derpibooru, and Foot Fetish Booru.

Why Many of These Sites are Rotten

  1. Most of them are made just for posting various porn, hentai and fetish content (there are even Boorus dedicated to corporophilia and guro fetishes), and besides porntards and fetishists, a huge part of them is oriented towards furries and weeaboos. Take a wild guess at what kind of disturbing crap you will be seeing there most of the time.
  2. Even if the imageboard is not made for such content specifically, it still gets filled with such if the Booru is about something popular.
  3. Usually filled with really toxic and nasty people (even people like pedophiles), especially the aforementioned NSFW ones in the description and pointers above.
  4. They barely have any quality control, and even if they do, it's not really effective.
  5. The mods are usually inactive, making the site a cesspool.
  6. Dramas can happen sometimes.
  7. Obviously, the artwork on them is usually posted without the artists' permission, which is not that problematic since the artists are usually mentioned in the tags, but the real problem is that some of the Boorus lock a lot of content behind Patreon pledges or premium accounts.
  8. On some of them, the images you add may get removed for no good reasons, even though if the content is related to the site's topic.
  9. Whenever celebrities die, they tend to disrespect their graves by drawing porn out of them.
    • Hell, some even defend this saying it's considering an "honor". Let that sink in!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can still find good content on them.
  2. There are still decent people on them, even if they are pretty uncommon.
  3. Not all of the Booru sites are actually bad. Like Safebooru and e926 (which is a safer version of e621).
  4. Despite being your typical rule 34/pornographic sites, some of artists' on there have some amazing talent for doing pornographic artwork.
  5. Finding specific arts is made easier thanks to the abundance of tags, with many of them tell the detail of the images.
  6. Some Boorus like Derpibooru, Paheal, and e621/e926 allow for artists, commissioners, and character owners to submit takedown requests to get their artwork removed from public display on the site (they are usually still kept on their servers to keep their MD5 hashes, so as to prevent re-uploads of the same images). They also maintain DNP ("do not post")/avoid posting lists where artists who do not want their work on them will have their artwork deleted if they either do not want their works on there at all or will only allow them if they don't violate certain conditions such as "only the artist may post" or "this artist's NSFW art is DNP". (Whether their mods/admins consistently follow through on the takedown and DNP requests is debatable, though, and there is unfortunately Boorus like The Big Image Board that automatically takes images posted to several other Boorus, especially before those Boorus could actually delete any of them.)