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"Wow, this site makes IMDb look amazing by comparison."
Type of site: Film, TV movie, and TV series database
Language: English, Spanish
Created by: Pablo Kurt Verdú Schumann

Daniel Nicolás

Date of launch: 2002
Status: Active

FilmAffinity is a movie recommendations website created in 2002 in Madrid, Spain by the film critic Pablo Kurt Verdú Schumann and the programmer Daniel Nicolás. As of 2016, the site listed 125,000 movies and series and had 556,000 reviews written by its users.

Why Its Rotten

  1. To start off the list, the site rates shows with extremely low ratings (Probably even lower than IMDb would ever rate a show). what's worse is they even rate critically-praised shows with low reviews, for example:
    • The site rated Ed, Edd n Eddy a 5.3/10 despite being one of the best shows on Cartoon Network.
    • Johnny Test got a 3.8/10 despite the show receiving only mixed reception.
    • They gave Teen Titans Go! a 5.2/10 (much like IMDb)
    • Hey Arnold! Got a 5.6/10.
    • On top, the site still rates Ben 10 (2016) to be even lower than the new Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans Go! As many said, and a popular opinion being is that Ben 10 (2016) despite being bad is better than both formerly said reboots.
    • To add insult into that already opened up, slit wound is that they even rated the original Ben 10 a 4.9/10 (even lower than Teen Titans Go, how unfair is that!) despite the show being considered full on classic to CN, are these people really saying that this show is worse than Teen Titans Go!?
    • They gave Powerpuff Girls Z a 2.5/10, even lower than the 2016 reboot, and yes, while the anime is considered terrible, many people do considered it better than the reboot in 2016.
  2. Their icon looks nauseatingly ugly.
  3. The site, despite being still active barely ever has any updates leaving the site mostly in an abandoned state.
  4. The website has a lot of critical people which is why most of the shows on the site suffer from a low rating.
  5. As said above, Teen Titans Go seems to be the only bad show on the site to serve an average rating making it seem as if there are tons of Teen Titans Go fanboys on the site.
  6. The site leaves the ratings up to reviews from users not critics lending people the ability to one, or ten star bomb any show they would like to.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thankfully, the site seems to be mostly forgotten.


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