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Due to a recent video that ABC News did titled "When Jumping into Gamergate Turns into Fearing For Your Life" pretty much bullshitting the public, I decided I had to say something. Anita Sarkessian has been on a warpath making bold claims about games, development teams and about gamers themselves for quite some time now. All the while claiming it's for the betterment of women and the industry. I don't agree at all let alone with the way ABC News twisted everything just how Anita Sarkeesian typically does.

So you could call this a Gamegate video you could say it's an Anita Sarkeesian rant or exposed or whatever but this is simply me getting tons of shit off my chest and calling it how I see it. The first true AlphaOmegaSin rant of 2015 is here

Here is the video on Youtube as well Titled - What It Feels Like to Be a Gamergate Target

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