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I simply wouldnt have believed that she was this dishonest.

The game "Hitman Absolute" has 20 missions. Of which one includes a strip club. Only 2 parts out of 7 in the mission involve dancers. So about 1 % of this game has strippers in. However if you watch the playthroughs, you will find NO ONE actually attacks or kills the strippers. This is because you are penalized for killing innocent people. I did eventually, after about 60 play throughs find someone who killed the guard and strippers, but they just shot them and moved on.

NO ONE viewed the game as Anita Sarkeesian represented it. That is no one got their kicks out of killing the strippers and dragging their bodies around. This does raise the question of where Anita got the footage for this. It seems reasonable that she was directly responsible (in one form or another) for killing the strippers and dragging their bodies around so she could be outraged at what she had just manufactured. (I could find NO footage of where anyone did this... and I went through about 60 playthrus)

This really is like saying there is a problem with crime in Utopia. Then when people point out that there is no crime in Utopia, you go around on a vandalism spree simply so you can go back to your feminist funders and say 'JUST LOOK AT ALL THIS OUTRAGEOUS VANDALISM IN UTOPIA!'

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