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Fandom logo.png
For the so called "love" of the fans.
a.k.a.: Wikia (formerly)
Wikicities (formerly)
Type of site: Wiki hosting service
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Jimmy Wales
Angela Beesley Starling
Owner: TPG Capital
Date of launch: October 18, 2004 (Fandom wiki-hosting site)

January 25, 2016 (Fandom news)
Early 2019 (Wikia) [1]

Status: Active

Fandom (stylised in all caps until 2021 and formely known as Wikia from 2006 to 2015 and Wikicities in 2004 and 2005) is a wiki hosting service that was launched on October 18, 2004 by Jimmy Wales (also known as the co-founder of Wikipedia) and Angela Beesley Starling. The site is free of charge, but is for-profit and mainly derives that from advertising and selling content. Fandom communities consist of online encyclopedias, each one specializing in a particular subject or theme, most of the popular fiction franchises of books, films, games, and other media. The main purpose of articles in a Fandom community is to cover information and discussion on a particular topic in a much greater and more overall detail level than can be found on Wikipedia articles.

Bad Qualities

NOTE: The community itself isn't bad overall. This article will mainly focus on the staff side of Fandom due to their business practices.


  1. Even after the UCP update, both Fandom and Wikia run on a heavily modified version of MediaWiki (1.33), which was rendered obsolete on June 6, 2020. This editing system, despite being easier to use, is much more restricted in terms of function.
    • The source editor is also very buggy and slow whenever in a certain Wiki the person is editing from has a lot of traffic on it. If so, bound for it to lock up and display a 502 error when trying to access it, or if trying to apply changes, displays an error in a foreign language and refuses to save it.
  2. They used to have a skin named Monaco that was quite beloved by the userbase, which was replaced with the theme Oasis that decreased space for actual content in favor of space for ads.
    • Even worse, they retired the MonoBook skin for the same reason, and FANDOM claimed it was retired to comply with the GDPR, yet Oasis has more space for ads than the retired skins.[2]
  3. Inconsistent policy about creating wikis. Everyone is free to create their wiki without restrictions. However, any wiki can still be closed if one of FANDOM higherups thinks it must be closed because it violates their Terms of Use, meaning users "being free to create their own wikis" is completely false.
  4. During March of 2020, both sites forced anyone who made a new wiki to use an "upgraded" version of their wiki software called the Unified Community Platform or "UCP" for short. This new version is completely unfinished and broken, and now, there's no way to create a non broken wiki unless you adopt an inactive one.
    • In regards to the new version of the Wiki Software, it’s a good idea on paper as it fixes many of the problems Fandom has had in the past like the outdated version of MediaWiki, but the whole thing just makes it look more like a social media page rather than a Wiki and with the bugs that haven’t been fixed after it began to be rolled out, it’s unknown why they decided to do this at all.
    • Recently, Fandom and Wikia have been switching already existing wikis to this new software. This has infuriated many users of the website.
    • Also, as of 2021, it appears that most wikis from both sites have officially upgraded to this, and it is unlikely there are any wikis left not using UCP.
  5. The FandomDesktop (UCP 2) layout is absolutely atrocious and is considered even worse than the original UCP/Oasis, with ads being more frequent. You could change it back if you have an account, but this is no longer available after August 9th, 2021.
    • A week or months after introductions of FandomDesktop, the advertisement was updated and now covered half of the wiki pages on certain users mostly lower monitor resolutions such as 1366x768 or 1280x720).
    • Both sites also removed redlinks for no clear reason. [3] Even if this was because of the expected reason "they don't go anywhere with any proper content", this shows that Fandom does not even know what the purpose of redlinks are, as if you read this page on Wikipedia (aka the inspiration of all wiki-hosting sites), you will see that the purpose of redlinks are that they are supposed to be there in case anyone wants to create an article for the said topic, and they should only be removed if they definitely won't have an article on the wiki.
  6. Both sites replaced forums with discussions, a buggy replacement HATED by many users.
  7. On November 15, 2021, they announced that Wikia wikis would be migrating to Fandom, because "people can be fans of anything", despite that there are times when they can't or shouldn't. [4]
  8. Unlike Miraheze, which makes you request wikis in order for them to be created, Fandom lets you create wikis yourself. Since there are no restrictions, this resulted in a user literally creating a wiki about racism.


  1. Before being rebranded as Fandom (as they were known as Wikia back in the day), the site was far more focused on fan-made communities, with it’s homepage being far easier to navigate. By logging into the Fandom homepage nowadays, however, you will be assaulted with an array of random posts covering various pop-culture news. Even if you use the search function in the "Discover Wikis" section, you'll still be greeted with various blogs, and the search results for wikis are crammed away pathetically in the corner, almost as if the site had forgotten what it's supposed to be.
    • With the "Fandom" rebranding, the platform is now completely and utterly biased towards entertainment wikis, with annoying features such as the "Fan Feed" located at the bottom of every article containing links to clickbait titles under the Fandom website. The rebrand makes it look like a third-rate fansite, instead of a wiki farm, due to the name not having any connection to wikis at all.
  2. Speaking of blogs, the majority of them are literally Screen Rant-esque clickbait garbage. With some more focused on left-wing ideologies than creating content that fans want to read, from blogs complaining how "Soul Calibur VI's" female characters are "a letdown," to blogs defending Battlefield V's historically wrong choice to add women in the frontlines, and to blogs claiming that Yaoi and Yuri are harmful to the LGBT community. These blogs eventually became less common after numerous creative staff members were laid off.[5]
  3. The auto-playing "Featured Videos" are just as bad at times, containing multiple inaccuracies and normally only feature a summarized version of the page. A example is on Castlevania Wiki's Alucard page. The video uses footage of Alucard from "Hellsing" (Anyone who watched the OVA will know that the "Hellsing" Alucard is Vlad Dracula himself). The ones on the RWBY Wiki were so bad that they had to add disclaimers on the pages.[6] The fact that these autoplay videos were added without the agreement of the wiki users didn't help either.[7] Not to mention they also hog the CPU and RAM for older computers. Thankfully the videos start without volume.
  4. Typical for most political extremist sites, Fandom will try and insert politics at any given opportunity. For example, on Piper's page on Nukapedia (Fallout Wiki), Fandom inserted an introduction video of her that includes a reference to "fake news" and an allusion to President Trump. It annoyed the admins of Nukapedia as they format pages to educate readers about Fallout and editorializing is simply out of place.
  5. The number of advertisements and multiple features that often cannot be turned off that hogs CPU and RAM, as well as clogging half of the page if using a 1366x768 monitor/cheap laptop monitor, it is very unfriendly to older computers or cheap computers with weaker CPU. Before the rebrand, it was more accessible for unregistered users, but now it's almost impossible to browse without getting infested with ads unless an adblocker is used.
  6. Fandom recently has become more and more pro-politically correct and censored. A good example is when they marked the term "SJW" as spam and prevented any edits containing the words from being submitted and pages containing the words from being edited until any mentions of "SJW"'s are removed. Needless to say, users were quick to come up with alternatives.[8][9]
  7. Multiple wikis have been closed for unfair reasons:
    1. SOAP takes anything like some random, unknown person's complaints very seriously, in Q3 2018 they even suggested to close down wikis for "Pushing GamerGate thoughts." However, the user who wanted to close wikis for being pro-GG was banned from another wiki for posting actual bestiality pornography.[10]
    2. In 2021, they shut down the Random-ness Wiki just because it "didn't focus on a topic" and was "too random and nonsensical". It also didn't help matters as there are still nonsensical wikis that haven't been shut down.
    3. They closed the Polandball Wiki and all of its sister wikis due to allegedly "racist" content. A few days later, they clarified that all fictional country, mapping, and alternate history wikis were being closed as well, presumably including Dream Fiction, Mapperdonia/TheFutureOfEuropes, and the Alternate History wiki. This is effectively driving off an entire fandom, which goes against their then-recently-adopted slogan, "For the love of fans". This is also pandering to the cancel culture and regressive left crowd.
    • Lately, they closed the YouTube Poop wiki for unknown reasons.
  8. They actually discourage forking off the site. Even though wikis like the reception wiki family, RuneScape Wiki and Trollpasta Wiki have been successful, they had a large history of demoting admins and globally banning users who attempt to encourage moving their wikis off Fandom, which even happened before the rebrand after the Oasis skin was forced.
    • In one recent incident in 2020, an admin from the Spanish SmashPedia got disabled by staff and had his blog of forking his wiki deleted without any chance of recovery (alongside blocking who made the blog and who deleted it). Shortly after, a screenshot was taken onto another wiki and not only did they use COPPABot (a bot naturally only used to delete content of underaged users, in which it is now abuse of a wiki tool), the entire wiki where the image was posted got closed as well. Shortly after, a staff member used a tool called "Piggyback" to censor the blog and then globally disable his account. Shortly after this incident, the staff attempted to censor this case any further by deleting any threads related to this incident and also globally banning anyone who was involved.
  9. Hacking and vandalism often happen due to low security features.
  10. Wikis kept getting infested by many trolls who keep vandalizing pages and spamming comments attacking others.
  11. Hypocrisy for two reasons:
    1. Fandom claims to offer a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone. Yet, the staff can abruptly close even very old and very frequented wikis without warning, changing their Wiki Software to a new and unfinished version, and not caring about any lost content related problem the users they should care about may experience. They are often using a sort of courteously intolerant behavior when their decisions are questioned, often using the same copypasted reply in their messages. Community Central, the core of the service, is full of users biased in favor of Fandom, whose comments are left untouched.
      • Fandom also claims that adding videos to Wiki pages will help decrease the number of overall ads, which should be "a better experience." However, you may get stuck watching a whole minute worth of ads before the featured video plays without an adblocker.
    2. They have continued to allow ripoffs of Qualitipedia wikis, as there are new ripoffs like Greatest Books Wiki (A rip off of Magnificent Literature Wiki), Wonderful Books Wiki (another ripoff of Magnificent Literature Wiki), Awesome Anime Wiki ( a rip off of Best Shows & Episodes Wiki), and Fresh Websites Wiki (a rip off of the original wiki of the same name, our sister wiki).
      • On September 15, 2021, Connal2021 copied the entire main page of Best Shows & Episodes Wiki, and pasted it on the main page of another wiki ripoff, Best TV Shows Wiki (a rip off of Best Shows & Episodes Wiki). [11]
      • However, this can be excused by the fact that unlike the other wiki ripoffs, these wiki ripoffs are based on wikis that were created after the migration, so Fandom doesn't necessarily know that these wikis are ripoffs.
  12. They recently claimed that they are constantly refining their policy, which is a way to give them the right to close wikis even if they don't have anything labelled as not allowed by their written ToU.
  13. Fandom has a record of closing wikis even if at least a member of the staff already went to the wiki, therefore checking it and already acknowledging the purpose of the wiki. It usually happens after a wiki was given into adoption or if a staff member blocked some troll or vandal on a wiki.
  14. When asking a staff member why a certain user has been globally blocked, they refuse to give any information as to why.
  15. If a user gets unfairly blocked on a wiki by a corrupt admin, they usually side with the corrupt admin without a second thought.
  16. A lot of bad and average wikis can be found on the site. Most of them are either horrible or not very good due to lack of moderation, lack of quality control, refusing to listen to criticism and instead blocking people who criticize them, frequent vandalism, spam/useless categories, poor writing and when a user is blocked, they can not edit their own talk page. Some examples of bad/mediocre wikis include:
    1. Wikis based on Nickelodeon shows, with the Sam and Cat Wiki, Breadwinners Wiki, Bunsen Is a Beast Wiki, Henry Danger Wiki and even Nickipedia itself being the worst offenders (Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, The Loud House Encyclopedia and the Avatar Wiki are the only exceptions from these).
    2. CBeebies Wiki
    3. The Villains and Heroes wikis are considered average as they are known for having false information on multiple pages.
    4. VS Battles Wiki
    5. Fictional Characters Wiki
    6. PewDiePie Wiki
    7. LGBT Characters Wikia
    8. Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
    9. Lost Media Archive
    10. The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time Wiki
    11. Pakdam Pakdai Wiki
    12. Indian Cartoons Wiki
    13. Illumination Wiki
    14. Love Interest Wiki
    15. Hindi Dubbing Wiki
    16. Stiltonpedia
    17. Paul Marciano Wiki is a rare example because it has absolutely nothing to do with Paul Marciano. Instead, the pages contain images of foreign animated shows which are well known only in certain countries.
    18. Problem Solverz Wiki
    19. Pooh's Adventures Wiki
    20. Sailor Moon Wiki
    21. Judy Moody Wiki
    22. Kpop Wiki
    23. Superpower Wiki earns itself this because how it is declining slowly over the years due to arbitrary, capricious changes that are based on opinion rather than factual issues, and which affect the wiki in a regressive, yet terrible way.
    24. Tom and Jerry Fanon Wiki (Only the fan fiction wiki, the actual Tom and Jerry Wiki is decent).
    25. Cartoon Network Wiki
    26. Censorship Wiki
    27. Gran Turismo Wiki
    28. While Muppet Wiki is good in terms of content, the administrators are somewhat unfriendly to new users, and will tend to block them after just a few contributions, and can be hard to reason with.
    29. SML Wiki
    30. The Formula 1 Wiki
    31. Various wikis that used to be good have nowadays poor and sloppy editing on their pages (terrible grammar, not using characters like commas or periods, relying on transcripts, etc.), that contrasts with older and better-edited pages, caused by lazy editing and so-called "volunteering". And the admins do little to nothing to fix them.
      1. One such infamous example of this is ScumBob Wiki, which has declined since June 8, 2020, due to non-infamous episodes being allowed. Its sister wiki, Anti-ScumBob Wiki, has suffered the same fate though it wasn’t as popular anyways. Some believe that Fandom staff have been pulling the strings and are the people who said this should happen, and why is explained below.
      2. Wikitubia has also gone downhill.
    32. As stated on BQ#13N#2, Fandom has continued to allow ripoffs of Qualitipedia wikis.
  17. They never care about a security breach or whenever features become broken until it becomes a serious issue. Two of Fandom's staff accounts got hacked and action wasn't taken until the damage was already been done.
  18. Bureaucracy never helps matters, since as a whole, it causes more problems than it has solved. In terms as a wider issue, what is to always be expected from bureaucrats, is that they are painfully indifferent to people's feelings, apathetic to people, have no moral compasses, relying on their politically correct agendas to shut down people that have a right to stand up against corrupt staff, admins, and moderators, destroy efficiencies and dreams that will make beneficial changes, and are otherwise shallow. The same logic applies with the Fandom staff, as well as its various wiki domains.
    • In addition to that, admins and moderators, as well as most if not all users in particular, revert well-done edits for no reason, revert them just because they personally don't agree with them, as well as under absurd, perverse reasons.
  19. While it may sound good in certain ways if done in minorly/moderately restricted methods, having the communities run the wikis variably is not just painfully capricious and arbitrary, but also unreliable and unstable, as there will be changes that will affect the wikis in a negative way.
  20. As it additionally ties in with the communities running by themselves, the changes are also, driven by opinionated, biased mentalities rather than looking from a factual perspective, and happen to ruin things that are fine the way they are, hence the changes are made just because someone personally doesn't like it.
  21. Ever since from the start, there are always problems of opposing abusive moderators and administrators. There was zero ways to hold them to account and to punish them. FANDOM literally doesn't do anything helpful against them, and all they do, is offer advice to message them, which far more often than not, is always a hit and run. To make matters worse, they give them freedom w/o any obvious restrictions. What this insinuates, is that both moderators and administrators are treated as privileged positions, when they just aren't. Most people joining the aforementioned had chosen to be in those positions, knowing full well of all the challenges involved, but there is no excuse for them to abuse their power for their own selfish ends, for example, banning people for no/petty reasons. The same logic applies with founders that happen to abuse their authority as well.
  22. Most wiki domains are filled from top to bottom with vandals, gremlins, regressive leftists, certain select people that happen to be politically correct, and disruptive individuals. In fact, Asher Heimermann, also known as the "King of Editoral Corruption" (which is a title that fits him like a glove), probably one of the most problematic users in the history of Wikipedia, is thought to have an account on Fandom as well.
  23. The staff have been known to globally disable users just for being underage, even though they could just globally block them temporarily:
    1. AwesomeM64 admitted to being underage but said he would be 13 in 3 years. [12] He was later globally disabled, and it is most likely that it was because he was underage, however, Fandom could've just given him a 3-year long global block. [13]
    2. Lucyperry (formely known as Lil Cartier The Album [14]) admitted to being 12 years old on Just Dance Wiki. [15] Their Lil Cartier The Album account got globally disabled, and it does not appear they were active on any other wikis, so it is likely that they got globally disabled for this reason, despite admitting they were 12. [16]
  24. Fandom, as well as the administrative and moderative positions, have no moral compasses, as well as no sense of rights and wrongs, and instead letting bad individuals get let off the hooks as if nothing has happened, even admin abusers.


  1. It's supposed to be a site that is run by Fandom but doesn't contain fandom encyclopedias, instead, it contains non-fandom encyclopedias. [17] This just proves that Fandom is competing against other wiki-hosting sites for no reason. If Fandom didn't want to lose ownership of these wikis and didn't want to force the owners to migrate, they could have just affiliated with another wiki-hosting site.
  2. You can't directly create a wiki on the site. You have to create it on Fandom first.

Good Qualities


  1. There are some good things about UCP:
    1. If someone creates a page, it now appears in the logs, therefore, you can now prove whether or not someone created a page.
    2. While removing chat was something that annoyed users, Fandom staff did have a point about it not being very popular, and also, it's kind of pointless now considering that Discord servers exist. [18]
    3. While they were not originally there, blogs and comments were eventually added to the platform. [19]
    4. You now automatically get a notification if someone replies to your comment or a comment you replied to, when in the past, you had to ping users for them to get a reply. In fact, this is one of the few things that Fandom has over Miraheze.
    5. It is much easier to see users' posts, as in the past, you had to click on the thing that said "[number of discussion posts] discussion posts", however you can now view their discussion posts by clicking "Activity" and while there are three things that are shown here (posts, comments and messages), it will automatically be on posts.
  2. The sites recently added sandbox links to user pages proving that the site is starting to slowly improve again aside from the UCP update.


  1. The site used to be good before 2020.
  2. Most of these issues actually focus on the bad staff and moderation, and the userbase. The site itself overall is decent, but not the staff.
  3. As mentioned above, it's a bit easier to use and understand than MediaWiki.
  4. There are still quite a few well-designed wikis on the site. Examples being the WWTBAM wiki and the Silvagunner wiki.
  5. The clickbait blogs when viewing wikis can be easily removed through an adblocker or editing your global CSS on Community Central.
  6. The videos are now disabled, albeit only for logged-in users.
  7. We still get a lot of great wikis, some of which actually have information written in an in-universe perspective (most notably the Harry Potter Wiki), such as:
    1. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is known for being a very informative encyclopedia.
    2. The Simpsons Wiki
    3. Dragon's Dogma Wiki
    4. Disney Wiki
    5. Dragon Ball Wiki
    6. The Magic School Bus Wiki
    7. One-Punch Man Wiki
    8. Dragon Ball Wiki
    9. One-Punch Man Wiki
    10. Looney Tunes Wiki
    11. Sonic News Network
    12. Animal Crossing Wiki
    13. Minecraft Wiki
    14. Logopedia
    15. Wikitubia was a decent encyclopedia for YouTube content. Unfortunately however, as of 2021, it went downhill spectacularly', comparable only to YouTube itself.
    16. Far Cry Wiki
    17. Roblox Wikia
    18. Brickipedia
    19. Narutopedia
    20. Just Dance Wiki
    21. UnAnything Wiki
    22. Thomas The Tank Engine Wiki
    23. Doraemon Wiki
    24. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki
    25. Bob the Builder Wiki
    26. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Wiki
    27. Batman Wiki
    28. Harry Potter Wiki
    29. Scary Logos Wiki has improved since it was adopted by Tall Autism in 2020. [20]
    30. Ben 10 Planet
    31. Twice Wiki
    32. Total Drama Wiki
    33. The Legend of Zelda Wiki
    34. Scoobypedia
    35. Tom and Jerry Wiki
    36. Steven Universe Wiki
    37. Flipline Studios Wiki
    38. American Dad Wikia



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  3. Just click the edit button on your sandbox on any wiki (if you don't have one, create one, and if you're an anonymous user, edit the public sandbox titled "[insert wiki name here]:Sandbox" and if there isn't one feel free to create it yourself) and link a non-existent article, then publish it and you will see that there is no redlink on the article despite that your edit was saved.
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