Fanboys, Fangirls, and Toxic Fanbases

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Fanboys, fangirls, and toxic fanbases are often seen in viral hits. Their demographic usually range from kids to rather immature adults.

Examples of Websites with Toxic Fanbases

  • Common Sense Media (some reviews given by them are highly biased)
  • DeviantArt tends to have fanboys that consist of kids which troll people and steal art from each other and get away with it.
  • GoAnimate tends to have people make grounded videos and threats out of each other.Tumblr
  • Anitwitter (expect to see a lot of weaboos)
  • TheTopTens tends to have people that consist of trolls make top 10s that are democratically created by themselves with no respect whatsoever.Google+
  • Mario Fan Games Galaxy has people who automatically white-knight the site and its subsidiaries. They become whiny and butt hurt when criticized. Expect to see a lot of man-children and trolls. A lot of people there can’t handle criticism or respect opinions about the site. Some make biased claims and call people who criticize them trolls. This makes them highly hypocritical as they often troll users that have criticized them making them the trolls. Essentially, it's the Halo Community but as a whole. The MFGG Forums is 343 Industries and Minus World is Bungie.
  • V Live tends to watch K-Pop stars's livestreams to see them when the K-Pop star has a concert tour on a country. For example when watching BTS livestreams, a lot of saesang fans are watching.

Why They're Rotten in General

  1. They consist of little kids and man-children who can't respect each others' opinions.
  2. They often are immature when it comes to posting.
  3. They have no idea how to create proper ideas, while disrespecting others' ideas at the same time.
  4. They tend to take their hobbies way too seriously and cannot accept different opinions about it.
  5. They tend to start fights over petty little things.
  6. They often can't handle criticism.