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"If your copyright-protected work was posted on YouTube without authorization, you may submit a copyright infringement notification. Be sure to consider whether fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright applies before you submit. These requests should only be sent in by the copyright owner or an agent authorized to act on the owner’s behalf." -YouTube's copyright policy

False copyright strikes
This is the example of someone giving others false copyright strikes.
Nickname: Copyright Strike Abusers
Type: Toxic Move
Status: Active

To help prevent copyright infringement on YouTube (and anywhere else), a DMCA system was issued. Many people do not want to use this system as it is meant to used, as it has been proven that there are more false copyright claims than legitimate ones.


  1. Nintendo is notorious for being unable to tolerate any sort of fan content featuring their intellectual properties. From taking down Pokémon fan games to filing DMCAs to anyone who featured footage of their games, most notably a trailer for a then upcoming Metroid fan game (it was non profit and therefore fell under fair use). Hence, the creator's program was issued, and had the opposite of the expected results, as many YouTubers have announced they will stop featuring gameplay of anything made by Nintendo all together. Eventually, Nintendo discontinued the Creator's Program and allow users to monetise videos on their games again.
  2. Viacom is infamous for taking down videos that use their content, even if it falls under fair-use. Sometimes, they will also claim content that does not belong to them; they've taken down many videos for Mass Effect, even those from the developer's own YouTube channel.
  3. Warner Music Group is similar to Viacom in regards to randomly taking down anything, whether they own it or not. They've been known to file claims against shows owned by Disney (e.g. Marsupilami), getting many Disney uploaders terminated as a result. They've also been known to file claims against clips of Sesame Street, to the point that the official Sesame Street YouTube channel was terminated in mid-2018.
  4. Jukin Media is extremely against people using their content, and will extort YouTubers that use their videos; even if it falls under fair-use.
  5. Shovelware Steam developer Digital Homicide filed not only a DMCA, but a class action lawsuit against critic and personality Jim Sterling after leaving a negative first impression of their game called The Slaughtering Grounds, the developers and the rest of the games they made were removed from Steam as a result. The video has since been reuploaded and full detail can be read here.
  6. Twitter slapped a popular streamer, xQc, with DMCA notice and ban for showing an old clip of his own stream.
  7. Another shovelware Steam developer called Wild Games Studio filed a DMCA against critic TotalBiscuit after he posted a negative review of their game Day One: Garry's Incident. Immense backlash was then met towards the developers, and the game was eventually removed from Steam after it was discovered the developers were posting fake reviews on Metacritic. TotalBiscuit's review was later reuploaded.
  8. When movie reviewer Saberspark reviewed Strawinsky and the Mysterious House, the creators copyright striked him. The video has been reupload on Kendrick Axoloe's channel and can be watched here
  9. Movie director Derek Savage filed claims against YourMovieSucksdotorg and I Hate Everything after leaving negative reviews of his movie Cool Cat Saves the Kids. The videos have been reuploaded ever since.
  10. SiIvagunner got terminated not once, but 4 times due to copyrighted music, despite fair use.
  11. The music producer TheFatRat got HIS OWN SONG stolen. How can your system work so bad that a creator can be sued for theft of his own creations?
  12. When adult My Little Pony fan JanAnimations created a parody animation called Button's Adventures, Hasbro was quick on the draw to takedown the video after its popularity hit the peak. The video has been reuploaded on ZIK999's channel and can be watched here
  13. Many YouTube management companies commonly claim and/or block shows they hold no ownership to outside running the official channels. WildBrain (DHX Media) makes copyright claims on videos part of their "WildBrain Spark" network (mainly shows they fully own), and they even do it for shows they DON'T EVEN own such as Dream Street, Horrid Henry, LazyTown, Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, etc.
    • Little Dot Studios (A YouTube company owned by All3Media) and Valleyarm Digital Pty Ltd. do the same thing, but are even more Agressive. The latter has even taken down episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and falsely strike users, even though WildBrain owns the show and have no problem with users using footage of the show (unless they can accept the copyright claim).)
    • Speaking of Little Dot Studios, they commonly copyright claim videos of various shows owned or produced by Cloudco Entertainment shows like Buddy Thunderstruck. They even block most videos of the show's officially ran YouTube channel that they operate on copyright grounds despite Buddy Thunderstruck not being owned by them. They used to copyright claim/block Care Bears videos, but they no longer do after Moonbug Entertainment took over operating the channel).
  14. Chris Bores, the creator of Irate Gamer has been known to give false strikes to anti-Irate Gamer videos, including CommonNonsenseMedia's Opening Up video. He's probably the first YouTuber to be subjected to false copyright strikes.
  15. Antoons filed a claim on Toony's rant on his series of deathbed animations and false copyright strikes videos about him.
  16. SSSniperWolf falsely copyright strikes anyone who made an exposing video out of her for denying her wrongdoings.
  17. JustDestiny had once filed a claim on LtCobra's Video on him. Thankfully, the strike is dropped.
  18. Suzy Lu filed a copyright claim against MarkAfterDark for simply using a clip from her channel to make a joke. She claimed she owned the copyright to her face in a since deleted tweet. She eventually retracted the claim after backlash.
  19. Jade takes down videos that expose him as a pedophile.
  20. DSPGaming has been infamous for false flagging This Is How You DON'T Play videos.
  21. YandereDev mostly false copyright struck small YouTubers who criticised him. For example, he false copyright striked Yandere DataDigger's videos about him.
  22. IGN had filed a copyright claim on Blackb0nd's video on them.
  23. Oxhorn takes down videos that criticize his Fallout content. He has even successfully had channels terminated.
  24. Marcus Riley terminates many Vyond channels in the community up until mid 2019.
  25. Vlogger David Di Franco false striked 5 YouTube channels that were responding to his PC vs Console Gaming Video. He then went on to disable ratings and comments on his videos relating to the drama after users called him out for being a “Coward”.
  26. Some videos about Battlebots where falsely copyrighted by Sky and the Official channel of Battlebots even though most of those Battlebots videos fall under fair use.
    • A youtuber name ObsidianMadman had to remove some of his Battlebots videos and reupload some of his deleted video after being falsely copyright by Battlebots Inc, just because he made a Battlebots meme, but he changed his reupload Battlebots videos a bit just to not get sue by Battlebots again.
    • Even Sky falsely copyrighted 3 videos created by the official channel of Battlebots. Thankfully Battlebots got the falsely copyright videos back.
  27. The YTPMV Community is a user who's infamous for false striking and terminating many channels; he harassed users and spread lies. Thankfully, he got terminated twice.
  28. It's not just YouTube where it's happening. False Copyright Strikes also happens on musescore, for example, https://musescore.com/user/4159171/scores/2664251.
  29. Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and NBCUniversal always randomly copyright claims stuff even if it doesn't belongs to them.
  30. MrCrazy is not only a hacker, but has also false flagged BK4 rant video of him.
  31. A user named Tanveer Animate gave HaniflmranAnimator 2 false copyright strikes by taking down his Arthur And Dora Get Grounded Videos back in October of last year even when he did not post any copyrighted content on his channel and almost got him terminated! But thankfully, Tanveer took away the strikes.
  32. CaveiraGames gave GFC a false copyright strike when the latter showed the inconstancy in the former's Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories speedrun.
  33. Hira, a known T3C editor, gave T3C (The Editing Community) a copyright strike. Causing T3C crews to private all T3C United videos, infuriating Enigma due to drama happens. Here's why.
  34. A ShoPro imposter takes down any Pokemon-related content on YouTube, specifically ones related to the anime.
  35. Memetastic stole a meme from Freememekids and filed a fake copyright strike against Freememekids unless they promote his Discord server.
  36. Entura International is falsely copyright striking reaction videos, specifically the ones on TV shows that they do not even own. Even full episodes of Jeopardy! are being taken down by said company, but Sony owns the rights to Jeopardy!, and Entura doesn't even own the rights to it
  37. Roblox copyright-striked Dazzley's channel simply because the latter was exposing condo games (despite other YouTubers doing the same, yet getting away with it). This was meant with heavy backlash, and ultimately lead Dazzley into reporting the problem on news platforms.
  38. The Verge falsely copyright-striked Bitwit's "Lyle Reacts to The Verge PC Build" video. The video was reuploaded since then.
  39. Sony Pictures issued a takedown notice to YouTube falsely claiming they owned the copyrights to Sintel, an open-source movie, which is released under a Creative Commons license allowing unrestricted use of any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, including uploading to YouTube without any individual permission or EULA (end-user license agreement) or digital restrictions..
  40. When furry animator French Fry Animations saw a rant on him, he decided to take down the video via copyright strikes, to make things worse, he took down the video due to it showing his Real name which was already pubic information to begin with despite names not being copyrighted.
  41. In Club Penguin Online, Riley and his team banned anyone who calls him out as a pedophile and falsely copyright striked videos exposing him as one.
  42. Alex Mauer, she filed a massive amount of DMCAs and demanding the people she DMCA'd to attack the developers on her behalf, then refused to remove the claims when people didn't cave in to her demands. Mauer's behaviour escalated into her taking down other games from Steam, issuing multiple death threats against people calling her out, over 100 DMCA takedowns, and Imagos filing a successful lawsuit against her.
  43. Good Morning to You Productions, a documentary film company, sued Warner/Chappell Music for falsely claiming copyright to the song "Happy Birthday to You".
    1. They also filed lawsuits with false claims of copyright with respect to the songs "We Shall Overcome" and "This Land Is Your Land".
  44. Rumblefish falsely claimed a copyright on a YouTube video of the public-domain song America the Beautiful, as performed by the United States Navy Band, whose performances are all public-domain. After its claim was disputed by the uploader, Adafruit Industries, Rumblefish retracted the claim. In 2019, the same video was again hit with a false copyright claim, this time by The Orchard.
  45. Collider sent false copyright strikes to red letter media for mocking them.
  46. Ashley Madison issued numerous DMCA notices to try to stop journalists and others from using public domain information. Sony did the same in 2014.
  47. Michael Crook filed false DMCA claims against websites, claiming copyright on screenshots of his appearance on the Fox News show Hannity & Colmes.
  48. Tokyo Broadcasting System, a popular TV channel in Japan, copyright strikes ANYTHING TO DO or even MENTIONS their popular reality competition show Sasuke.
  49. NBC also does this with their American version of Sasuke (better known as American Ninja Warrior), because of this, many people have grown to hate NBC and TBS.
  50. Photographer Carol M. Highsmith sued two stock photography organizations, Getty Images and Alamy, for $1.35 billion over their attempts to assert copyright over, and charge fees for the use of, 18,755 of her images, which she releases royalty-free, contradicting her own claims. Getty had sent her a bill for one of the images, which she used on her own website.
  51. The Guardian filed a false DMCA claim in an attempt to take down one of Sargon of Akkad's video that criticized them.
  52. Even YouTube themselves are involved in it, particulary because of their copyright system, which is made of bots. And since bots are just made of lines of code, they can put strikes on videos that are authorized to use the materials or the very least that fall under fair use/fair dealing.
  53. AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ a.k.a Random Shit Darwin, GalaxyAnaDoesGoAnimate&Vyond, RedBound2002 洞窟 and DaniAnimations2003 copyright strikes people who exposes them and claim they only did it to "protect" themselves. This is seen in the infobox picture above.
  54. Amie Carter falsely sends copyright strikes to archives of her videos and even a video explaining her wrongdoings, her videos were privated to hide her abusive past. She never even told anyone to not reupload her videos, and instead silently sent copyright strikes, when contacted she takes a very long time to reply to your email and if you ask her to get rid of the strike she will say she will do it, yet she doesn't.

Why This Act Is Rotten

  1. First and foremost, filing a false copyright claim is a crime.
  2. YouTube is vocally against Article 13, but people who do this make people think otherwise, making these an indirect form of propaganda.
  3. As you can probably determine from some of these examples, most of the people who make these claims can not handle any form of criticism.
  4. It promotes censorship, especially when the use of copyrighted material is under fair use or fair dealing. In practise, false copyright strikes are a violaton of freedom of speech and/or the First Amendment.
  5. What's worse is that channels that do infringe like Feminist Frequency and TheThings (neither give credit or ask permission) go untouched in favor of people who aren't doing anything wrong (Feminist Frequency was taken down once, but that's not saying much since it was put back up in less than half an hour).
  6. It was one of the major reasons that YouTube is going downhill.
  7. Since these claims are confirmed by bots instead of actual YouTube employees, channels are often eradicated out of spite, most notably SiIvagunner, who, as already mentioned, has been falsely terminated 4 times.
  8. YouTube does not participate in issues like these and expects both parties to solve it between them. They only participate when the situation is publicly announced (as in, the affected one tweets or makes a video about it). It doesn't help that their copyright system is made out of bots, which as stated above, has a terrible reputation.
  9. Because of the latter, the system is way too against the defendant, mainly because the claimant is the one who has to pull back the claim or, in other words, the person who benefits the most from the ordeal.
  10. It's very problematic to YouTube, but can happen in any other place on the Web as well.
  11. It got so bad that even false copyright strikes against the use of public domain material exists as well (in form of copyfraud), defeating the point of you know, public domain.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some users took away false strikes from users, like how Tanveer Animate took away HaniflmranAnimator’s false strikes.




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They give copyright claims a bad reputation, and also a really bad name as well.


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Yes, that right, filing a false copyright claim is never to be good idea.


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At least a Sizable amounts of C&Ds are this


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We shouldn't limit the examples to just YouTube, it's not the oly existing site on Web.


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As for Nintendo, saying that they do not tolerate any sort of fan content is exaggerating. Nintendo is okay with smaller fan content like fanart.


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That makes sense.

Tony Li

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That's what Japan is doing


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A lot of false copyright claims are because the one filing is unable to handle criticism. Pure and simple.


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Sad But True.


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WMG false-claimed a Gorillaz instrumental video

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