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Wrong. If you get accused of rape and you're innocent, you fight.

False Rape Accusations are when somebody, usually a woman, accuses another of a rape that never occurred. It is an immoral, and disgusting thing to do. While these have existed before the internet, the rise of social media has enabled people to do so much easier.

Why They're Rotten

  1. A FRA isn't something you can simply ignore. It's a very serious accusation that can ruin an innocent person's life.
  2. They've existed long before the internet. One man spent 30 years in prison because of a FRA.
  3. However with the rise of social media, it's so much easier for someone to make an accusation especially with "listen and believe."
  4. Sadly even if you can prove your innocence, the damage is usually done. Todd Haberkorn was once falsely accused of sexual misconduct and was fired even when he proved Jessie Pridemore was a liar.
  5. Rarely do women who make FRA get a comeuppance. Emma Sulkowicz, or Mattress Girl is now hailed as a feminist icon after falsely accusing Paul Nungesser of rape even after he proved his innocence.
  6. Even when a woman does get a comeuppance, rarely does it fit the crime, usually a year in prison. Many comments around the internet suggest the punishment be equivalent to an actual rape charge.
  7. Many feminazis like to downplay or deny the existence of FRA which led to the controversy over The Rising of the Shield Hero. The tweet pictured above suggests some women even encourage it, though some believe the tweet comes from an internet troll.
  8. While FRA are thankfully becoming common knowledge, it also means real rape victims are less likely to be believed unless there's proof. In other words, it's an insult to any actual real victim of rape.
  9. It's causing men to become even more distrustful towards women and avoid relationships out of fear of being falsely accused of rape.
  10. It's why the MeToo Movement is a joke.
  11. You want to know the worst part about this move, that they can get away with it. It actually led to Alec Holowka's life being ruined to the point he took his own life. Even worse, Zoe Quinn, the woman who did it is being rewarded for it, with an increase in Patreon supporters and DC even hired her to write another comic book.
  12. They have a history of being literally deadly. Most notably, in the American South prior the 1960s, FRAs were regularly used as an excuse to lynch innocent men (mostly black men but also a large amount of white men).




4 months ago
Score 9
A YouTuber I used to watch got accused of rape once and it was just some 9 year old trying to make him look bad.


4 months ago
Score 9
Sick. I hope the kid gets juvie for that.


3 months ago
Score 4
Disgusting. I've never been r*ped, thankfully, but doing this is fucking disgusting.


2 months ago
Score 3
It can also destroy relationships. SonicBoom363 got affected by this, and a friend of him was about to expose him for that, but then quickly found out it was all false. Sonic then played the victim card after he discovered his friend was about to expose him (even if it was a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION), which caused his friend to lose respect for him. Fuck people who do FRAs.


one month ago
Score 0
Chey was one of those false rape acussationers and THE Squizzy (Hyojin) Assisted on her message against Salzo. I Know Hyojin apologized but THE LAW IS THE LAW!


one month ago
Score 0
Yeah i like Hyojin´s content but that was horrible.

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