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Fake Cheating Sites are various websites that claims to offer cheats or hacks (such as infinite currencies) of a particular or various video games (usually an online game like Clash of Clans). They only demand a bare minimal amount of information from you for making the hack. But when it appears that all is set, the site will demand you to perform a "short" survey to prove that you are not a bot to prevent "server overloading".

Why They're Rotten

  1. First of all, cheating in video games, no matter how tempting, should not be encouraged. Especially in online games.
  2. They require you to perform a short survey, but the link they provide usually leads to a fraudulent reward site or a gambling site.
  3. Some of these sites host adware, malware or viruses that will hack into your account and steal your personal info.
  4. These hacks are never meant to work. Even if you do manage to complete their offer, at best you'll receive a fake hack that's completely ineffective or nothing, at worst you'll get viruses.
  5. Some of these sites post fake positive reviews from supposedly satisfied customers.
  6. Many of the cheats/hacks they claim to offer are impossible to perform, especially in an online game, since all the values (such as currency, items, experience and health) are stored on the game's server.
  7. Their claims are usually too good to be true. Think about it: If you've managed to create a powerful, untraceable hack to a game, why will you host it for free online? Why wouldn't you sell it to people to make a quick buck? Proper hackers usually charge for their service and provide evidence of their works' effectiveness.
  8. The hosts of these sites usually get away scot free, due to the fact that most who'd fallen victim to their pranks won't press charges. Even if they do, the police predominantly ignore these issues and focus on more important cases.
  9. People have now started to make fake free Robux games on Roblox that just steal your account. Worst of all, due to bots, some of those games get on the front page.
  10. False advertising: some of them that say they don't need verification, but they actually do and won't even let you get past the verification.
  11. Sometimes the generator has comments, but 97% of the time the comments are by bots tricking people to think it's real.
  12. As mentioned above, this is a problem on Roblox, but on top of that bots are not everywhere in Roblox spamming with a link to a scam site, as these bots are getting a lot smarter now.