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Real Age: 21. Mental Age: -5

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on equality and liberty. Liberals advocate freedom of speech, racial and gender equality, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc. However, liberalism is given a bad name due to the amount of extreme liberals on social media these days.

Note: This page is not biased against or targeting liberals in any way. The creator of this page is a liberal. This is referring to the rabid and violent ones on social media. See their Right-Wing counterpart over here.

Why They Are Very Very Rotten

  1. They most likely do not care about women or LGBT people and simply seek to patronize them or treat them as sex hungry maniacs, or enforce depopulation by triggering transgender-related depression or suicides.
  2. They are mostly one-sided and often insult and attack conservatives and libertarians, just because they don't believe in their agendas, despite the fact that liberalism advocates freedom of speech.
  3. These individuals waste their time constantly bashing Trump until it quickly becomes old and annoying with people treating him like Hitler reincarnated. Most of their Trump bashing is just formulaic and provides invalid and inaccurate reasons as to why they hate him. These people even state things like Trump being "a fascist dictator who will put homosexuals in concentration camps," which is not true, and they praise Fidel Castro, who was responsible of such a thing.
    • Speaking of which, they wish death upon Trump and his supporters, or they stalk and cyberbully them.
  4. These people often resort to violent or illegal acts such as doxxing, property damage, arson even, as a way to spout their agendas, whenever something doesn't go their way. Even worse is that they seem to think this violent behavior is completely justifiable, for the greater good.
  5. Most of the time they hide in their so called "safe spaces", to deflect any sort of criticism or negative comments which shows how weak and paper thin their skin is (figuratively).
  6. They have many so called "trigger warnings", which is just many things that "trigger" or "traumatize" them.
  7. Due to their politically correct attitudes, this gives companies the impression that this narcissistic personality, and politically correct attitude is representative of millennials.
  8. They get easily offended due to the fact that they are special snowflakes who have a mindset that the world revolves around them, and that everything everywhere can be conceived as an insult or attack.
  9. Due to the fact that they see everything as offensive in their eyes, they often try to criminalize completely normal behaviors, or things that "offend them".
  10. Many liberal college kids have yelled at their professors or thrown tantrums whenever something doesn't go their way.
  11. Although not very common, some are extremely pro-vegan and whenever someone eats meat, they treat that person like a criminal.
  12. Many of them are SJWs and radical feminists who go around cramming their ideologies and agendas into works of fiction, turning entertaining works of art into stale PC propaganda. They do this by changing many great fictional characters, to fit with how they see them. And they also get offended by a fictional character for groups of people that weren't offended in the first place.
  13. On the topic of Christians, they are extremely anti-Christian as they insult, harass, and demonize Christians calling them "people with mental issues", and they call the religion evil, despite the fact that Christianity is based around teaching faith, good morals, avoiding evil, and being a good person in general. They also claim all Christians committed the atrocities that happened centuries ago, despite the fact that those actions were committed by extremist Catholics.
  14. They follow the "with us or against us" logic meaning whenever someone doesn't agree with them, the person is labeled as racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc.
  15. Some of them are extremely Anti-GamerGate as they demonize gamers and call gamers "sexist basement dwelling losers with no life".
  16. They also support Feminist Frequency, and take many of Anita Sarkeesian's claims seriously.
  17. Some of them can be extremely anti-gun as. They also blame guns for violent crimes, despite the fact that the crime is caused by the criminal, not the weapon. And they also think only the police or soldiers should have them.
  18. Due to the fact that they like to brand many things as racist, sexist etc., they make actual issues such as racism, sexism, and others seem less important.
  19. Since they see many things as offensive in their eyes, they support political correctness. And they also support hate speech.
  20. They also support identity politics.
  21. They take certain things out of context, and label them as racist, sexist, etc.
  22. They act very immature and throw temper tantrums when something doesn't go their way, in comparison to a crying child at daycare. An example is when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, most of them threw temper tantrums, cried, threatened and wished death upon Trump and his supporters, and went out violently protesting.
    • Speaking of protests, they engage in anti-Trump protests, and resort to violent and illegal acts such as setting a limousine on fire, breaking windows at a Starbucks (yes really), blocking roadways, killing cops etc. They also did the same when Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the U.S.
  23. The mainstream media along with many news outlets side with them like they do with SJWs, and take their agendas seriously.
  24. Because of how violent, immature, and insane they act it gives most liberals a bad name, as these individuals resort to illegal acts and even go against some of the things liberalism advocates. And this is due to the fact that these individuals are far left and support far left traits and practices.
  25. And because of this, they can look like Tankies or Nazis, since they force their agendas down people's throats, and whenever someone doesn't agree, they resort to violent criminal acts.
  26. They have made comedy way too political correct and most comedy is now about regressive left politics, or bashing Donald Trump, conservatives, libertarians and liberals who oppose their agendas. And thanks to them many once good entertainment celebrities have been corrupted by these people into spouting their agendas and ideologies.
  27. Misandry: They hate men and label them as pigs who treat women badly, which is a completely false generalization.
  28. They make false claims like black people being incapable of being racist, and how reverse racism is not a thing.
  29. They have an insane hatred for Caucasians and demonize them, violently attack them, and even wish death upon them because of slavery, which ended two centuries ago. What they fail to admit is that there were black slave owners as well, and both Caucasians and Africans faced more harsh and violent slavery in Middle Eastern countries. In fact, slavery originated in Africa, and Africans themselves were slaves to their own people. Arabs, Indians and Malays also enslaved Africans and treated them brutally, even more so than the Whites. They raped, castrated, bullied and sometimes even mutilated their African slaves; the reason why the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia wear lip plates is to scare of Arab and Malay slave traders. Arabs have been enslaving Africans for 1300 years, Indians and Malays also enslaved them longer than Caucasians; Ironically, Arabs, Indians and Malays are protected and coddled by Liberals as the majority of Arabs and Malays are Muslims, while Indians are a minority.
  30. Many of them throw in baseless insults and accusations when in an argument in order to silence someone else's views.
  31. They often argue about petty and stupid things argue about such as "Is Halloween racist?", that give progressiveness a bad name.
  32. They support Colin Kaepernick for kneeling for the National Anthem, going as far as to disrespect the National Anthem.
  33. Some of them can be are anti-police, since they falsely generalize cops as trigger happy racists, even though most cops aren't like that.
  34. Many of them do not care for African-American citizens, since if a African-American takes a conservative or right wing stance, they call them Uncle Toms.
  35. Very much like SJWs, they defend women, minorities, fat people, homosexuals and criminals, and treat every male, police officer, soldier, Caucasian, Christian, and heterosexual as criminals or neo-Nazis.
  36. Double Standards: Despite that they are against police brutality affecting people of other races, they don't care when Caucasian people are affected by it. Some of them that are against violence against women, have no problem with violence towards men. They also complain about female characters in fictional media being sexualized, ignoring that male characters get a lot of sexualization. And they criticize Christianity for its atrocities, but they don't criticize other religions for their atrocities.
  37. Hypocrisy: Despite being against bigotry, they are bigoted towards Christians, Caucasians, men, police officers, heterosexuals, soldiers, conservatives, libertarians, Trump supporters and even sane liberals who oppose their agendas.
  38. Many of them believe everything CNN or other major news outlets tell them, despite the corrupt journalism.
  39. They are extremely defensive of Hillary Clinton, despite that she is extremely dishonest and had numerous controversies in her political career.
  40. They are very warlike, and mean spirited.
  41. They attack celebrities that are against them such as Clint Eastwood, Ricky Gervais, Bryan Cranston, Brad Pitt, even if they are liberals themselves.
  42. They defend PC celebrities like Samantha Bee, Joy Behar, Kathy Griffin, etc.
  43. After the 2015 Charleston Church Shooting, they think that all Southerners are like Dylann Roof, the man who caused the shooting. And they think that anyone who likes the Confederate Flag is racist, despite that there are African-Americans who love the Confederate Flag.
  44. Many of them have tried to make normal and harmless holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and Halloween look bad or just flat out ruin them.
  45. They labelled Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as offensive and White Christmas as racist.
  46. In 2019, they called Michael Jackson a pedophile, based on allegations from Leaving Neverland, a documentary on HBO that was criticized for its bias, but as always, they believed it without any thought. They also wanted Bill Cosby to get out of jail, before he was convicted for sexual assault.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most liberals aren't like this, as many of them are nice and respectful people, who do care for the lives of people of different races, genders, sexualities, and preach for equality for everybody.
  2. A lot of liberals bring up good points about trigger happy cops, and how the military is often used by politicians for their own gain.
  3. There are some liberals who voted for Donald Trump and many of them are sick of the constant Trump bashing.
  4. There are many liberal celebrities that respect anyone for their opinions and views.
  5. There are liberals that are against Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Political Correctness and identity politics.
  6. Many liberals have actual reasons to dislike Trump.
  7. There are liberals that support and advocate the 2nd Amendment.
  8. There are many liberals that respect Donald Trump and Trump supporters.
  9. Many liberals and liberal celebrities such as Seth MacFarlane have criticized other liberals for their violent behavior nowadays.