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Conservatism is a political and social philosophy promoting traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. Just like liberalism, conservatism is also given a bad name because of the extreme conservatives on social media.

Note: This page is not biased against conservatives. This is only referring to the rabid ones on social media. For their Left-Wing Counterpart, click here.

Why They Are Very Rotten

  1. They show ideological bias, mostly against liberals, Democrats, and leftists. This is evidenced by the fact that they shame anyone for having left-leaning views or supporting the Democratic Party. Some like Mark Dice and Hunter Avallone, go as far as to call liberalism a mental disorder.
    • This is further evidenced by the fact that they are intolerant to liberalism, or leftism. They might even state liberalism is ruining America, or it makes lives worse, basically treating liberalism as a plague on society, and treating liberals as evil villains trying to destroy America.
    • What makes this even worse is that even though they constantly use the "facts don't care about your feelings" rhetoric, there is zero proof or evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder. Go figure.
  2. They are not patriotic to their country at all and simply don't care about anything that identifies as a "conservative" or "nationalist."
  3. Though to an extreme extent, much like fanboys, they will treat their opinions as facts and shove it in everyone's throat.
  4. Some, like Paul Joseph Watson, make ridiculous and one-sided claims such as "Conservatism being the new counterculture" and "conservative women being hotter than liberal women," which makes them look like laughingstocks.
  5. Some of them like Alex Jones make ridiculous conspiracy theories such as "frogs turning homosexual" or the "moon landing being faked".
  6. They are also extremely defensive of Donald Trump, and refuse to believe he has any sort of flaws whatsoever. They even state that he's a God-Emperor, which is a very idiotic thing to say.
  7. They attack anyone for disliking or even being slightly critical of Donald Trump, whether it be a celebrity or random internet user.
  8. They call their critics "cucks" and "soyboys" without knowing what they mean.
  9. Hypocrisy: Whenever someone makes a joke about liberals, they tell liberals who aren't a fan of the joke to take a joke or say it's free speech, yet when someone makes a joke about conservatives or Donald Trump, they whine and call it politically correct. They hate liberals for talking about politics too much, yet they do it so much, to the point where someone literally wore a MAGA hat to Disneyland for no reason. Whenever a conservative or right-winger is shamed for their political views, they will say it violates freedom of speech, yet when this happens to a liberal, or left-winger, they shame them for their political views. They also claim that liberals are the only ones that act politically correct, yet they act politically correct towards violent video games, violent cartoons and movies, rock and roll, LGBT in kids media, and anything in fictional media containing magic, fantasy elements or fairies.
  10. They call people who disagree with them SJWs, even if the person isn't an SJW.
  11. Most of them treat Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and people who voted for Democratic candidates as monsters, communists, Marxists or neo-Nazis.
  12. Some of them, such as Milo Yiannopoulous, openly support pedophilia.
  13. They follow the "with us or against us" ideology, as disagreeing with them will result in being labeled as politically correct, SJW, liberal, NPC, Marxist, communist, socialist, snowflake, etc.
  14. While they usually don't engage in violent protests to spout their agendas, they instead resort to petty insults, name-calling, and acting like edgelords to others.
    • This now happens to anything related to Brie Larson and Captain Marvel or any female-rooted media or movie scene on YouTube, like the A-Force scene in Avengers: Endgame, as they will literally flood their comment sections and spam, troll, shitpost and spread bigotry to the point that the videos become almost unwatchable for the offended because of the nasty comment section.
  15. If they use a questionable or very biased source to back up their claim(s) and are told about the unreliability of the source, they will often deny its dubiousness or bias and will sometimes insult whoever tried to inform them about how bad their source was.
  16. Many of them use many offensive slurs, or use cancer and autism as insults.
  17. Double Standards: Whenever a conservative or Trump supporter is harassed or shamed for their political views, they will complain about how it violates freedom of speech, yet when it's a liberal, Hillary or Bernie supporter, they don't care, or might even say the person deserved it.
  18. Because of Social Justice Warriors and the GamerGate controversy, they think that social justice, equality, and activism are terrible things and that anyone who fights for social justice, activism, or equality is automatically a horrible person.
    • This got worse after Brie Larson, and they think the MCU will go downhill, and still think so because of one vague pandering to the left when their movies prove to their faces otherwise.
    • And thanks to Twitter Feminists, they think feminism is a hate movement towards men (which is not true), and believe anyone who is a feminist is a so-called "feminazi", even though there are pro-equality feminists such as Christina Hoff Somners.
  19. They have proven themselves to be misogynistic, and another double standard: They are completely fine when a group of fictional characters, like a superhero team such as The Avengers, are all male and have major roles, yet when faced with an all-female cast, like the female A-Force featured in Avengers: Endgame, they whine, complain, troll and shitpost. They also do the same thing with Superman and Carol Danvers, whose depictions in Justice League (2017) and Captain Marvel are equally awful, yet the extreme conservatives have no problem with the former.
  20. While very rare, they attack libertarians and libertarian presidential candidates.
  21. Some of them are homophobic, as they protest LGBT-themed events, dehumanize or insult members of the LGBT community, or even celebrate the deaths of members of the LGBT community. They can also be transphobic, as some of them will call transgender people slurs such as "tranny" or "troon" and flip out whenever stores or institutions let transgender people use the bathroom associated with the gender they identify as.
  22. Some of them are also racist, as they use racial slurs, insult or dehumanize a person of color. This is also evidenced by the fact that they did this a lot during Obama's presidency.
    1. This can also be evidenced by the lack of knowledge they have on Malcolm X, since they label him as an anti-White monster, despite that he changed his views after a pilgrimage to Mecca.
    2. This is also evidenced by how racist many of them can be to Muslims, since they stereotype them as terrorists due to the 9/11 attacks, the War on Terror, which lasted from 2003-2011, the Taliban, and ISIS, all of which many Muslims, such as Maajid Nawaz, and Malala Yousafazi are critical of.
  23. A lot of Christian conservative parents have formed organizations, (such as the Parents' Television Council and One Million Mom), that try to censor anything LGBT, or related to fantasy in children's media.
    1. This is evidenced by the fact that many of them have called Pokémon, Satanic and demonic.
    2. A lot of them believe rock and roll music is Satanic, and that violent video games or movies will turn children into criminals, despite that rock and roll is not Satanic, and the latter doesn't do that.
  24. Many of them can be very highly-religious, or pro-Christianity. This is evidenced by the fact that they will often shame or insult someone for believing a religion outside of theirs, such as Muslims, Jews, Indians, etc. And many of them will make many false claims based on pseudoscience, or Christian dogmas
    1. They can also be very intolerant of atheists and atheism as well.
  25. They have little knowledge of activists in the Civil Rights Movement. Many of them will often say Martin Luther King Jr. only wanted social equality, despite that in his later years as an activist, he became more of a radical and talked about income inequality. Some might not even know he was a Democratic Socialist.
  26. Many of them can be intolerant to any pro-Choice people as they shame them, insult them, and label them "baby killers", or "toddler murder supporters" for supporting abortion.
  27. Some conservative channels on YouTube can be pretty bad, as well.
    • A number of conservative gaming channels on YouTube, such as Griffin Gaming and TheQuartering, will make mountains out of molehills just to make SJWs look bad in any way possible. For example, there were a few people online who expressed some distaste towards the "Earth is the melting pot of the universe" and "mortally challenged" jokes in the QuakeCon gameplay trailer for DOOM Eternal (although they did still express excitement for the game), and said channels made videos that made it look like every SJW on the planet got offended by the jokes and wanted to boycott the game. Another example of this is Geeks + Gamer's video on the Metroid Prime 4 delay, where he basically complains about SJWs not complaining about the delay.
    • Some conservative channels will also leave out information just to try and make their arguments look stronger.
    • Some conservative YouTube channels can also use repetitive thumbnails. For example, if a video is about SJWs, you can count on seeing "Ficki Fiona", a screaming woman wearing a black hat and lime green-and-black jacket, or some other (typically overweight) woman with dyed hair in the thumbnail to represent SJWs. Heck, even one video had the hair of Stephanie from LazyTown photoshopped onto the Terminator!
    • Some channels love doing "FEMINAZIS GET REKT!" compilations, especially those involving "BEN SHAPIRO DESTROYING LIBTARDS WITH FACTS AND LOGIC!". Those are essentially political cringe compilations which put you on the mindset that anything the titular (usually the aforementioned Ben Shapiro) speaker says will be objectively correct.
  28. Whenever something like a shooting happens, they will sometimes try to dig up the perpetrator's political affiliation to try and find anything that they think will incriminate the left. If nothing that they wanted to find is found, then some of them will go out of their way to make up information.
  29. They can obsess over SJWs and feminists to an incredibly absurd and overblown degree. They will sometimes act like SJWs or feminists are the next coming of Satan or are even worse than Hitler, when, in reality, they are usually more of an annoyance than actually evil. To add on to this, some of them will also take any opportunity to bash SJWs when given the chance, even if SJWs have little to nothing to do with what they are talking about.
  30. Like SJWs and political haters and supporters, they've taken over the political side of YouTube and other internet forums like Reddit, where they make politics-related YouTube videos more unbearable to see due to their malicious comment section.
  31. They are extreme hypocrites. They claim that liberals always get offended over everything, and yet the Extreme Conservatives act like whiny manchildren over certain things too, including:
    • When someone says "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". (Not everyone celebrates Christmas; big shocker there, huh?)
    • Some of the older Extreme Conservatives (aka baby boomers) got offended over black people in the 1950s-1970s. As a matter of fact, Sesame Street was banned from airing on Mississippi PBS stations in the 1970s due to its racial diversity.
    • Whenever a show (especially one aimed at kids) includes LGBTQ+ themes.
    • When someone criticizes the president, the troops or the American flag.
    • Whenever a white character becomes a person of color in an adaptation of a particular work.
    • Whenever a strong female character is featured in a work.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all conservatives are like this, as there are many nice and respectful conservatives. And they do respect others for their religions, being LGBT, or a different race.
  2. Many conservatives get along with liberals or Democrats.



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