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The "King of SJWs"

Everyday Feminism is a US based intersectional feminist online magazine that features articles on homophobia, racism, religious intolerance, sexism, body dysmorphia, and class (domestic issues only). It has a stated mission to help dismantle violence, discrimination, and marginalization. Posts include comics and videos (with text transcripts) in addition to traditional text essays and listicles.

It was founded by Sandra Kim and launched in June 2012.

Why It's So Rotten

  1. Some of its articles are so ridiculous, people actually thought it was satire. They even published an article telling people to check their "male privilege" in gender neutral bathrooms.[1]
    • Some even joked about how it's a devious recruitment tool for the alt-right.[2]
  2. Extremely pro-SocJus to the point that they will excuse anything for them.[3]
  3. They prove that it's possible to promote fat-acceptance, (possibly) fat-shaming and racism at the same time.[4]
  4. Even some feminists hate it, in fact, there is a Facebook group called "Banned by Everyday Feminism".
  5. They are highly pro-political correctness.
  6. Highly biased against Donald Trump and any of his supporters, they actually claimed that women should start dumping their partners if said partner is pro-Trump.[5]
  7. Encourages the common tactic among Social Justice Warriors of self-victimization.
  8. Like other regressive-left sites they won't stop complaining about representation and diversity.[6]
  9. Promotes sexism and racism.[7][8]

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