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Essay list sites, sometimes known as essay mills are infamous for being used for essays that could be used to slip a one's way to college or a certain application or a job. Not to be confused with essay guide sites which give advice and tips on how to make an essay, essay mills instead give essays that you could buy/rip instead to be used as your own.

Why They're Rotten

  1. Why get an essay with no effort whatsoever?
  2. There are pretty obvious facts that they can tell that the essay is ripped online.
  3. Why pay for an essay when you could just write one yourself?
  4. Not all of these sites guarantee essays with good quality, sometimes you may be better off writing one yourself.
  5. They may cause students to develop reliance on the professional writers they hire.
  6. It also encourages laziness since there is no additional effort needed.
  7. It's actually plagiarism to admit the essay you ripped online is written by you.


  • Some research shows that essay sites are more popular in states like Texas, California and New York.
  • The most popular types of essay subjects are usually Business, English Language and Management.


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