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Enjin is a website where you can create Enjin sites based on Minecraft and other games and have a profile that's like Facebook. It somewhat became more popular when Mineplex was the most popular Minecraft server ever. But thanks to Mineplex in 2014 when the owner named Spu left due to college, the site became notorious for a terrible community.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Mineplex is notorious for an awful community. Like said above, when Spu left the community so he can continue college, Mineplex now has an awful community. The staff became corrupt, too much "quality posts," users discriminating each other for having purchased ranks, and new terrible "rules." Users like Nascarboy9 hated Mineplex for these reasons.
  2. Another bad site of the community are weeaboos, like iHasAmyRose (it's still unknown if she is a Sonic fan or not, because she has fewer friends and will not accept anymore friends as of very late 2014). Yaoi/Yuri fans, Bowsette fans, furries, alt-right, block abusers, etc. also ruined the site for everyone.
  3. Mineplex also has a terrible hatedom, they also even block peaceful Mineplex fans just for sending friend requests!
  4. People on there think Mineplex owns Enjin. That is not true, Enjin owns Mineplex.
  5. There was a user that would spam porn on people's profiles and even worse, the staff can't even ban his IP address because it's believe he's using VPN! Then profiles have an update where people can have everyone or friends only comment or post on their profile, most users switched to this.
  6. Enjin also has a Terms of Service rules but everyone on the site breaks them anyway. Enjin would do something about it, only if you contact the staff if said user(s) break the rules.
  7. An EXTREMELY popular place for people who do not want to hear or see a Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy/fangirl as friends or anything. Lots of people may hate Mineplex and it's community, but oh man, ask them about Sonic and they'll block you and pretend like they don't exist and so does Sonic too. Even Sonic haters are not safe from asking them why they do this.
  8. Speaking of Sonic, a lot of Enjin users say they like any game company (even bad ones like Konami and EA) but Sega. They worship anything TotalBiscuit (because he boycotted Sega one time) and what IGN says about Sonic.
  9. Mineplex users freaked out when Mineplex made yet another rank in which the Titan rank wasn't enough, they made the Eternal rank, which costs 30 dollars more than the Titan rank, which is $89.99. Isn't Titan good enough?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the updates for the site are good.
  2. You can make your own website for free but you have pay money to access more features for the site, like removing "enjin.com" in the site's address and fully customizing the site's design and layout.
  3. Some users on Mineplex are actually quite nice.
  4. Other Enjin sites have more peaceful communities than Mineplex. Though perhaps not Minecade either.
  5. Not all users on there are terrible.
  6. It's sort of like Facebook, but way better at times.


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