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Elite Daily
Elite Daily logo.png
A self-declared "voice of a generation"
is never a good thing
Type of site: News
Language: English
Created by: David Arabov
Jonathon Francis
and Gerard Adams
Owner: Bustle Digital Group
Date of launch: February 2012
Status: Active

Elite Daily is an American online news platform, founded by David Arabov, Jonathon Francis, and Gerard Adams. Self-described as "Millennials' preferred platform for today’s hot issues and trending topics", its slogan is "The Voice of Generation Y".

Why They Suck

  1. In July 2015, Gawker writer Kate Knibbs discovered that her name was appearing in the byline of Elite Daily articles she hadn't written. When questioned about Elite Daily's failure to authenticate the identity of the writer claiming to be Knibbs, Elite Daily communication director Sean Walsh responded, "This is the nature of a platform that accepts contributors." The matter was settled and Knibbs said once Elite Daily confirmed the veracity of her claims they acted in a "courteous" manner.
  2. In July 2013, it was discovered that many of Elite Daily's writers were using fake names and profile photos that were actually of unrelated models. In a September 2013 interview with TechCrunch, founder David Arabov revealed that he publishes all of his articles under the pseudonym "Preston Waters". At least five other in-house writers were also publishing with pseudonyms. Elite Daily's staff was described in the TechCrunch article as having the belief that "there is no responsibility in telling the truth when it comes to [a writer's] byline or bio, as long as the articles themselves are accurate."
  3. Very sexist articles they create. They believe that men should pay for the dates, even though it can be split 50/50 between couples.
  4. Clickbait is rampant.
  5. In March 2015, photojournalist Peter Menzel sued Elite Daily for using thirty of his photos without his consent. Menzel claimed that Elite Daily not only removed a copyright notice from one of the images but also stated that the photos were "courtesy of Peter Menzel" without actually obtaining his permission.
  6. Repetitive and unoriginal content on their YouTube channel.
  7. Pretty one-sided in views as well too with claiming that being in an Italian family is the best upbringing whereas contradictory anybody from any gender or culture can bring up a great family.
  8. Very anti-GamerGate.



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