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Note: This page credits to the creator, MeMeGuYWasLost

Ow the edge. Seriously, how about no?
Nickname: It’s all in the name
Type: Self explanatory
Status: Very active

An edge-o-meter based on an Edgelord's taste.

An edgelord is someone on an internet forum who deliberately talks about controversial, offensive, taboo, or nihilistic subjects in order to shock other users in an effort to appear cool, or in a more simplified way, edgy.

Why They're Rotten

  1. To get started, they believe that media like violent anime (Like Kill la Kill or Elfen Lied), rated R movies (or to some extent, a few PG-13 rated movies), edgy characters (like Shadow the Hedgehog or Ryuko Matoi), M-rated games (Or sometimes some T-rated games), adult cartoons (Like Mr. Pickles or Happy Tree Friends), shock sites (like Encyclopedia Dramatica or BestGore), violent TV shows, and rock/heavy metal music defines you as edgy, while it’s fine if you enjoy them that’s not always true at times, and if you disagree they’ll manhunt you. Not to mention a few oddly believe that wearing edgy clothing also defines you as “edgy”.
    • In addition, they’ll attempt to compel you to have the same mindset as them.
    • They also have a tendency to strike any media with little to no violence, light-hearted media, preschool shows (Like Caillou) and female oriented shows (EX. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).
  2. Pointing out the obvious, they obsessively glorify their interests without regarding their weaknesses, for example, rock bands like Linkin Park and/or Slipknot.
  3. They obsessively endeavor to appeal edgy, especially when the YouTube Comments come to mind.
  4. Adding on to WTR #3, some YouTube channels comment sections also suffer from the Edgelords.
    • Crowbcat, a channel that mainly make videos on gaming criticism is an example of a YouTuber who’s not safe from edgelords. Due to most of his videos are about negative topics, that caused almost all of his videos comment sections to get plagued by Edgelords. They only accept and thumb up comments talking about negative, insulting, offending things, and attack any comments containing something positive or disagreements on the videos. Even more, once Crowbcat made a video on a positive topic, only resulted in these people lashing out in the comment section, causing him to not do anything but delete the video.
  5. A majority of these Edgelords are toxic hipsters. It’s seriously no wonder why they attempt to appeal edgy when it comes to loathing/overpraising anything popular/unpopular.
  6. Lack of handling criticism, that’s all we have to say.
  7. Diving deeper into the ending of WTR #3, some toxic edgelords are on YouTube, with examples being Vivolus and a few others.
    • Not only that but they can also be toxic fans/haters of certain YouTubers also.
    • The same can be said for other websites (i.e Urban Dictionary, 4chan, Reddit, etc.)
  8. Since we are talking about Edgelords, it’s safe to assume that they clearly loathe anything that doesn’t fall into the category “edgy”.
  9. Some attempt to be edgy by saying anything offensive (i.e racist, sexist (especially misogyny and/or misandry), homophobic, heterophobic, enbyphobic, anti-child, xenophobic, ableist (especially anti-autistic), biphobic, transphobic, anti-religious (especially anti-christian, hinduphobic, buddophobic, antisemitic and/or islamophobic), anti-atheist, anti-agnostic, etc.).
    • Not only that but some would also attempt to appeal edgy by utilizing any kind of ethnic or phobic slurs.
  10. Conspiracy theories, all has been said.
  11. A few of them would threaten people they loathe.
  12. Hate art, hate memes, hate lists, hate petitions, hate articles, hate videos, and much more are pretty common when it comes to these people.
  13. Some would even exalt evil people like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, the Columbine shooters, etc.
  14. Some don’t even know what the words “edgy” or “edge” means.
  15. Both Nostalgia-tards and Modern-tards are not uncommon when it comes to them, so watch out if you notice that.
    • The nostalgic portion overpraise media from older decades because they were “edgier” than modern media. Spider-Man (Sam Raimi trilogy) fans are an example of this)
    • The modern portion tries to be edgy by pummeling down media from the older decades.
  16. Diving deeper into WTR #14, some would even say confusing things that involve evil people, for an illustration, ”I’m worse than Hitler”.
    • If that wasn’t enough, they would even use it on certain media/people they loathe.
  17. Thanks to their behavior, they were powerful enough to brutalize a lot of communities.
  18. Some would have a mindset into thinking that they’re cool and edgy when in reality, they’re just laughable and confusing, talk about delusion.
  19. Some would act like they’re superior to everyone else.
  20. A portion of them would even attempt to appeal edgy by disrespecting someone’s death even though their deaths are nothing to joke about.
  21. Starting a new subject, some loathe pop music (or sometimes rap) in an immature manner just because “it’s nothing like rock/heavy metal music”, how do they know if it’s bad if they haven’t even tried it?
  22. They obsessively beg for every light-hearted series to be dark.
    • Speaking of light-hearted related media, they think it automatically sucks just because it’s light-hearted.
  23. Although it’s not always common, some have a tendency to label certain things they loathe “cancer” or “autistic”.
  24. To answer the ending of WTR #1, some may demonize whatever they loathe.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them don’t exalt people who have committed evil deeds (EX. Adolf Hitler)
  2. If your lucky enough, you may find some edgy fan works that range from decent to excellent.

Notable Edgelords discussed here or on other wikis

  1. Antoons
  2. Matías Oyarzo
  3. Turkey Tom
  4. YandereDev




4 months ago
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I like one spesific dark cartoon. That's it. I like MLP: FiM.


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Don´t diss on my red bird :(


one month ago
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I'm not the creator of the original pic. I just made an edit.


3 months ago
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Is it fine if i like edgy stuff or should i be grounded grounded grounded for 100 years


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it's okay, and I see what you did there. :)


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There’s nothing wrong with that.


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As long if it's natural.


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Even after reading the whole page it's still hard for me to spot an edgelord...


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Ow the DAMN edge

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