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EBay logo.png
a.k.a.: AuctionWeb (former name, 1995-1997)
Type of site: E-commerce
Created by: Pierre Omidyar
Date of launch: September 3, 1995
Status: Active

eBay is an e-commerce website founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, a philanthropist, and headquartered at San Jose, California. It is free of charge for buyers, however, sellers are charged listing and final value fees.

Why Their Business Is Rotten

In General

  1. It has been discovered that eBay port scans users without their permission.
    • It detects ports used by certain remote desktop programs and remote-access trojans that may be used by hackers to access victims' accounts.
    • However, it has led to privacy concerns.
  2. They use automated algorithms to detect and suspend suspicious new accounts. However, the algorithm often falsely bans users who are new legitimate users.
  3. They collect sales tax, even on used items and sellers who earn less than the threshold for collecting sales tax.
    • There is no exemption, even though many people are reselling items they already paid sales tax for and used items (which they usually aren't profiting from).


  1. There are many scams and counterfeit items.
    • A majority of fan merchandise such as T-shirts is counterfeit or unlicensed.
    • There is a lot of counterfeit apparel such as handbags and clothes. Thankfully, eBay staff usually sides with the buyer if the buyer opens a case claiming the item doesn't seem authentic.
    • Most of the time when you're trying to buy a game (i.e. Pokemon), you can easily be fooled into thinking it's the real thing.
  2. There are sellers who rip off buyers by drop-shipping from another e-commerce website or seller and listing for a higher price. You can purchase the same exact item from the original website for the original lower price if you find the same exact item for sale. However, it is difficult to spot if an item is drop shipped or not.
    • It is against eBay's terms of service, however, it is not enforced well.
  3. They have an ABYSMAL global shipping program, where products can be mishandled. It sucks for sellers too, as they may lose the item and the money if it gets lost for too long.
  4. Speaking of the global shipping program, they recklessly cut through the packaging of the items and it can even affect the items themselves. They are also known to outright steal certain items from the boxes sometimes. This process is so bad that a YouTuber named DankPods refers to this as the "slash 'n' dash".
  5. Some sellers force you to use PayPal as the only payment method on their products. As of June, 2016, PayPal has discontinued their activities in Turkey, There is no way to create a PayPal account inside Turkey! This forces you to look for another same product from different seller that accepts any payment method other than PayPal.


  1. Buyers can bypass sellers' no refund policy by opening an item not as described claim, and eBay will side with the buyer 99% of the time. The seller will have to return no matter what (even if the listing was accurately described), and pay for the shipping.
    • Even if the buyer states a very false claim, or what the buyer claimed was clearly mentioned in the description, eBay will still side with the buyer. eBay usually does not care if buyers abuse the return system.
  2. Pretty much the only seller protection eBay provides is if the buyer claims they haven't received the item and tracking proves the shipment was delivered, eBay would side with the seller.
    • However, you will lose the item and the money if the shipment is delayed for a few days after a buyer opens an item not received a claim, even if it is not the seller's fault. This became a major problem during the COVID-19 pandemic when delays are expected.
  3. During the COVID-19 pandemic when shipping delays were expected, buyers could open an item not received claim if their item wasn't delivered on the expected arrival day, and eBay often would still side with the buyer. Therefore, many sellers had to refund buyers, even if it arrived a few days later.
  4. With any return reason, the buyer can ship back an empty box, a different item, etc. and the seller would be forced to refund.
    • Thankfully, eBay usually will side with the seller if the seller files a police report for fraud.
  5. Frequently, bidders in an auction end up not paying or canceling their purchase. It wastes the sellers' time having to give previous bidders a second chance offer, or relisting it.
    • Sellers can open an unpaid item case if the buyer doesn't pay in 48 hours, which gives the buyer 4 days before they receive an unpaid item strike. If the buyer never pays, the seller can receive back the final value fee. However, it wastes a total of 6 days if you intend to sell the item sooner.
      • This is the only way you can receive back the final value fee if the buyer never requests to cancel. However, you may still want to open an unpaid item strike if the buyer requests to cancel, as the buyer will receive an unpaid item strike.
  6. If you are a new seller, you are very likely to get many scammers.
    • They usually will ask you to text them and not use eBay private messaging, so that eBay staff cannot review communication for fraud investigation.
    • They will send you a fake email imitating a PayPal received payment email.
      • Sometimes they will ask you to include gift cards as well. If you fall for this, you will lose the item and the value of the gift cards.
  7. Sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers.
  8. Shipping carriers are limited to who eBay favors, in the US all you have are FedEx (best option), UPS (average), and USPS (worst).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like Amazon, you can find almost anything on the site.
  2. For buyers, it is usually easy to receive a refund if the seller scammed you.
  3. You can often find good deals for items.
  4. Sellers can automatically block buyers who have more 2 or more unpaid item strikes. They can also block users from buying, which can be used to prevent buyers you have previously had a bad experience with from buying from you again.
  5. Sellers can request removal of negative feedback for reasons that aren't the seller's fault. They also have a policy that forbids buyers from extorting negative feedback to push a seller to offer or do something, and will usually remove such negative feedback if the seller requests it.
  6. Ironically, buyers who use a freight forwarder are the safest to sellers, as using a freight forwarder voids buyer protection.

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2 months ago
Score 1
I once ordered a Japanese Doraemon VHS ("Doraemon: Funny Candy of Okashinana!?!/Nobita's Night Before a Wedding") a few months ago, but it never arrived because it might've shipped to a different place. This made me feel sad, as there is no other copies of the tape being sold on EBay :(


one month ago
Score 0
How the heck did that happen?


21 days ago
Score 1
I feel really sorry for you. It sucks for everyone to get screwed over to a website that I hardly ever trusted. I didn't want to make an account of one to begin with. I'd rather buy things off Amazon than buy things off eBay, as long I don't get my money stolen, or get screwed over in general. But still, I don't trust eBay, unless if what I buy doesn't provoke me getting screwed over by the scammers.


one month ago
Score 0
Thank Yahoo Answers for this quote: "Is it against eBay rules to have a friend bid on your auction with no intention to actually buy it?"


27 days ago
Score 2
I regret over faking my ages when signing up into ebay

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