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Imagine suicide-baiting and then making a fake ass "apology".
Gender: Non-Binary
Nationality: American (Most Likely)
Domain: Instagram

Dreamalgia is a 23 year old artist on many social medias, as they post creepy-cute type art. However, they have done very atrocious, unforgivable things.

Why They're Rotten

NOTE: While editing this page, remember to use they/them pronouns

  1. For starters, most of their art romanticizes or even sexualizes abuse, self-harm, sickness, malnourished people, and even more sick things. A fine example is This (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
    • While vent art with happy colors is completely fine, they almost never put a trigger warning on these.
  2. They have also stealing many OCs.
    • They have also been suspected of tracing.
  3. They blame their actions on their Asperger's, which is offensive to people who actually have Asperger's or autism.
  4. They have faked many of their mental illnesses.
  5. As said above, they suicide-baited and threatened many people, and refuse to apologize properly.
  6. Speaking of apologies, their most recent apologies, along with their 4 other privated apologies, are laughably bad.
  7. Their post-2018 art is quite mediocre, as it isn't as detailed and more stiff than their older art.
  8. They had reportedly abused their cat, although this may not be true since there is no evidence.
  9. Their girlfriend Bailey is just as bad, as she is abusive to Salem, yet both she and Salem say it's "just coping".
    • Bailey also says she's female-to-male-to-female, although it's been proven she's actually male-to-female.
  10. Their art can manipulate younger people (their fanbase consists of people 12-18) into thinking self-harm and cutting is fun and a-okay.
  11. They sent their girlfriend to attack one of their victims.
  12. As of now, they are trying to pass it off and act like nothing happened even though they have not apologized properly yet.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. Their family friendly art can be seen as beautiful depending on your view.



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