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Example of doxxing by the political left.
Doxxing is the act of posting a person's personal information online for all to see and is highly illegal.

Why It Sucks and Why You Should NEVER Do It

  1. Posting someone's personal information is an invasion of privacy.
  2. It can lead to identity theft, swatting, people getting the victim fired and overall ruin someone's life.
  3. It's a popular tactic SJWs do on social media to get back at people for "wrongthink." The tweet shown has a member of Antifa wanting to dox Trump supporters.
    • Another example happened back in May 2020 when a Nicki Minaj fan doxxed popular music chart user @chartdata for not updating about the Say So vs Savage battle for #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
    • On November 20, 2020, a woman named Fifi aka stardewleaf, who is a fan of Animal Crossing was doxxed by SJWs and radical BLM activists on Twitter for wearing a specific hairstyle in a video game. More can be read about it by clicking here.
    • A while back, Scott Cawthon, who is the maker of the Five Nights at Freddy's games, became a victim of getting doxxed. He was cancelled and doxxed at the same time when SJWs found out he's a conservative, and he donated money to anti-LGBT politicians. Not only was Scott himself doxxed, but also, his entire family was doxxed as well.
      • Futhermore, certain internet trolls on YouTube were laughing, cheering, and celebrating, and even made uncivil memes that Scott got cancelled/doxxed, including Logan Roof. Yes, you read that right, Logan Roof, the same troll account that made fun of the deaths of Markiplier's niece, DanTDM's pug Peggy, and Jacksepticeye's dad. This troll even went as far as saying Scott Cawthon deserved getting cancelled, which is just beyond disgusting and repulsive.
        • Another internet troll also suggested that Scott's wife should be kicked in the stomach. Not only is that considered incredibly disrespectful, but on top of that, it's very dangerous as his wife is currently pregnant, which can cause a placental abruption to her and harm her unborn baby.
          • In fact, as a result of the doxxing as well as harassment and death threats from internet trolls and SJWs, Scott's wife started suffering a lot of health problems.
  4. Even though it's illegal, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter encourages it if it against the "right" people. The Antifa member faced no repercussions for her actions and actually gloated about getting off scott free.
    • Not only is it illegal, but it's also dangerous as the victim can be at risk of getting hurt or even killed.
  5. Even children aren't safe. Skai Jackson doxxed a thirteen year old boy and got him expelled from school. His parents even lost their jobs because of her.
  6. As shown above, the person doxxed may not be the the only person that suffers as people close to the victim can suffer as well.
  7. Some event want to dox others for very petty reasons. Adam Sessler encouraged doxxing as a way to deal with rude people online. Newsflash Adam, muting and blocking exists.
  8. Like the hypocrites they are, SJWs will whine, pout, and cry if it happens to them, even when they commit crimes that get their information put on a criminal record for anyone to see.
  9. It's a popular tactic for ResetERA against developers that don't cater to them.
  10. Not only can doxxing cause people to get fired and lose their job as well as ruin their lives as shown in WIS#2, it can even cause people or their relatives to commit suicide.
  11. Some internet trolls even think doxxing is a joke or a satire, when it's really not.
  12. Alternative video platforms that have a much smaller fan-base on the internet aren't safe from doxxers either.
    • Last year, when was still online just around a month before it got shut down and went to huge maintenance from a DMCA takedown, a bunch of Cartoon Police Groups aka VLTP and UTTP wanted to dox several Vlare users on their Discord. Thankfully, the staff of Vlare took care of the problem fast as they banned these users on the site for doxxing. On top of that, Cartoon Police Groups were also banned on Discord.
  13. Cary and Michael Huang from Jacknjellify got exposed too! They may be bad YouTubers nowadays, but they're fairly nice people!


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