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Doomsday predictions are higly known to be 100% bogus. Doomsday predictions are mostly done via demonstrating theories or ideals that come from religious text, scientific matters, or assumptions, and then calculating an appropriate date. They are infamously known to cause dozens of reactions and scares many people for no reason.


  1. Historical Prediction: These type of predictions are related to past histories that passed many generations ago. Common historical sources include religions and civilizations, the most common including Jesus and Armageddon.
  2. Scientific Prediction: These type of predictions are related to cyberspace or scientific ideas.
  3. Mental Prediction: These type of predictions do not come from sources, instead they come out of mentality and assumption.


  1. Planetary alignments - scientific
  2. December 21, 2012 phenomenon - historical
  3. Millerites predicted the return of Christ in 1844. After many false revisions, this became known as the "Great Disappointment" as it was for nothing at all. - historical
  4. Nibiru collision on Earth - scientific
  5. Marshall Applewhite, leader of a UFO religious cult called Heaven's Gate, persuaded the members to kill themselves so their souls would be separated from their bodies and hitch a ride on a UFO that was trailing Comet Hale-Bopp. This lead to a mass suicide that claimed the lives of up to 39 members, including himself.
  6. Year 2k bug - mental. As a mental prediction, this prediction was notorious for having ZERO sources of actual information to back themselves. It was a bug where trying to go to 2000 would crash everything.
  7. NASA claming an asteroid will hit Earth on December 2019 - scientific. They claim they want to save Earth on December 2019.
  8. Daily Express saying that world war three will happen and other wired predictions - a common trend of the newspaper websites.

Why They're Rotten In General

  1. They cause most people to become paranoid for no reason and even act like crybabies all the time when they get close.
  2. Why bother making relevance to the past when it's already gone? There's no way these sources can hit bullseye after hundreds or even thousands of years.
  3. What's worse that these can be started by historians, scientists, or even casual YouTubers or random people that come up with whatever theories and research mostly to gain popularity and followings on the Internet.
  4. None of their predictions ever come true. Whenever this happens, doomsday theorists will push back the supposed day of the apocalypse, which will also turn out to be bogus and the cycle repeats.
  5. They are all assumptions, not facts at all.
  6. The NASA one is also not true as a fewYouTubers debunk this.


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Doomsday mongers deserve to be ridiculed.


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tHe WoRlD wIlL eNd In 2030!1!1


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People are really crazy... but please don't say that. People will become paranormal and will kiss the earth goodbye.


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