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DoodleToo logo.jpg
Type of site: Collaborative drawing and chat site
Language: English
Date of launch: March 8, 2011
Status: Active

DoodleToo is an online drawing tool and chat room in one. This is a site where you can draw your messages, ideas, moods, self-express, or pictures to the wall for everybody. This site is also used to helping people out with their drawings, but however, people mostly do this to ruin and vandalize drawings.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Most people on this website are really mean and just use it for raiding the chats, and mostly targeting the nicer and more positive person (the victim).
  2. People can even try to cyberstalk you on this site, which is illegal, and could get you arrested. For example, they try to look for your real name and try to find out where you live.
  3. People who use this site like to ruin drawings by either scribbling all over it or drawing inappropriate things over it.
    • People have scribbled out multiple drawings of literally just dogs, for example.
    • Sometimes people even scribble out drawings of anime characters or just draw disgusting things all over it.
  4. Even worse, people on this site make threats, like "I will eat your dog".
  5. A lot of drawings on there are just inappropriate and are NSFW drawings.
  6. People disrespect opinions, which is even more cyberbullying.
  7. People also try to link you to virus websites, which can harm your computer if you attempt to go to the link.
  8. People on this website can spread false rumors and destroy the victim's reputation.
  9. A bunch of people who use this site are also pedophiles, racists, and homophobes.
  10. Some people who use this website are SJWs.
  11. Sometimes people even attempt to blame the victim for something they didn’t do.
  12. This website is also unmoderated, which means more trolls can easily get to it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some people on this website are nicer and don't cause trouble.
  2. Some drawings on this website are nice and less inappropriate.


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