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Devin Faraci
Devin guy.jpeg
"Voice of a generation"? I hope not!
Real name: Devin Faraci
Also known as: Devin "Gone Too Far" Faraci
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter
Birth Movies Death
Cinema Sanghra

"I shudder to think how many additional embarrassments I could find, should I decide to waste my life poring through this sad excuse for a website any longer. In one day, Faraci managed to misinform his readers, mangle the English language, fudge the facts, express casual misogyny, wiggle his sycophantic tongue in response to information he didn’t bother to investigate, get movie titles wrong, encourage his readers to blindly consume concept art that a studio fed him, wallow in nostalgia, and epitomize conformist opportunism at nearly every moment."

Edward Champion

Devin Faraci (born November 8, 1973) is a blogger and founder of the website Birth, Movies and Death. And he has recently founded a new website Cinema Sanghra. He's also an outspoken self-proclaimed male feminist and promoter of Anita Sarkeesian's Feminist Frequency.

Why He's Rotten

  1. Anti-GamerGate. He has gone as far as compared them to members of ISIS (on a day when the terrorist group executed an American journalist) and even worse than ISIS and plantation owners.
  2. He's also very arrogant, one of his descriptions read: "While some may say he is the greatest critical mind of his time, Devin Faraci humbly insists that he is only the voice of a generation".
  3. He has engaged in extremely toxic behavior, such as bullying members on Wizardchan on National Suicide Prevention day. He has even encouraged his followers to troll the site. He went as far to even encourage the users to commit suicide.
  4. Highly hypocritical, he talks about being bullied yet has insulted others and engages in such behavior online. He also engaged in several sexual misconducts despite claiming to be a feminist.
    • Speaking of sexual misconduct: After being exposed he claimed he was "suicidal". He even deflected this by claiming he had a "substance abuse" problem.
  5. Despite pro-feminist beliefs he and film director Joss Whedon were at a party and it was filled with scantily clad women.
  6. When he does not get his own way such as having front row seats to look at Fantastic 4 the silver surfer he had a temper tantrum.
  7. He has bullied his own neighbors, mainly because he disagreed with their own political beliefs. In fact, one neighbour, the actor Jonathan David Brown, became pro-GamerGate because of his really bad behavior.
  8. Very aggressive, especially online, as he bullied Lost writer Damon Liendof off Twitter after writing several hate articles on him and insult him directly on Twitter, and he forced another screenwriter John Gary off Twitter and encouraged him to commit suicide as well. He even mocked James Rolfe's decision for refusing to review the 2016 Ghostbusters movie calling him a limp dick loser.
  9. It did not just stop there; he even insulted AlphaOmegaSin for his pro-GamerGate views and anti-SJW attitude, calling him a "misogynist."
  10. He repeatedly harassed a woman who refused his advances on her.
    • He's said to be not only abusive to women, but to animals as well.
  11. He insulted those who criticized the rushed ending in Mass Effect 3.
  12. Biased and opinionated writing style of essays and reviews.
  13. He insults women especially of color who disagree with him.
  14. He made Bob Chipman complicited into covering up his history of sexual misconduct.
  15. He cannot take any bit of criticism, and as a result his own arrogance was part of his downfall.
  16. Ironically, he attacks other SJW as well such as Lexi Alexander after not liking Punisher Warzone. Since 2008, he has even harassed her, blocked her, and in addition encourages piracy of her works when he found out she was a director on CW DC shows such as Arrow.

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