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Self destruction is caused by yourself.
Type of site: Video game blog
Language: English
Owner: Enthusiast Gaming
Date of launch: March 16, 2006
Status: Active

Destructoid is an independent website, that was founded as a video game-focused blog in March 2006 by Yanier Gonzalez. It is part of the Enthusiast Gaming network.

Why They're Rotten

  1. Pro-censorship to the point of desperation.
  2. They can't even take criticism at all. Such as being called out by Milo Yiannopoulos.
  3. Like Kotaku, they publish clickbait articles.
  4. Anti-GamerGate.
  5. Despite having a spin off site Japanator they are extremely anti Japanese.
  6. Voter manipulation.
  7. They can be very disgusting at times saying that necrophiliac rape can be very arousing.
  8. In fact they even also insult women ironically despite being pro feminist calling the actresses in super seducers sluts with stds.
  9. Jed Whitaker one of the ex journalists of the site despite being extremely pro online censorship has a history of being extremely vulgar online.
  10. Jed Whitaker even went to create a petition to have all games from Japan cancelled and every single one of them destroyed.
  11. Despite the site being having a progressive stance Jed Whittaker also even copyrighted a video where someone caught him saying the n word.
  12. They have no problem breaking embargos.
  13. Pro-SocJus, here's a decent example.
  14. Multiple conflicts of interest.
  15. Ironically, even the ex-owner has supported Gamergate despite multiple journalists working for them are against it.
  16. They had to update their article after misreporting a DMCA case.
  17. Anthony Burch.
  18. They also bash Japanese games calling them perverted garbage hypocritically.
  19. Doxed several members of The Fine Young Capitalists.
  20. While far from the most corrupt gaming website in the country, Destructoid is definitely not clean, especially when their (ex-)CEO Jonathan Holmes setting up a bad example. Holmes has covered many games and events that involves someone who has financially supported the Kickstarter campaign for his webseries Sup, Holmes? (without disclosure of course) They are: