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Why did McSkillet act like a crybaby when he lost thousands of dollars worth of in-game cosmetics

Trevor J. Heitmann (Better known online as McSkillet, or OG McSkillet) was an American CS:GO YouTuber who did videos on trading in CS:GO.

CS:GO Trade Ban

Before we that to that story, we must tell you this story. In May 2018, McSkillet was trade-banned from CS:GO, which involved many OP Skins and a total of 62,000 that cost over $200,000. McSkillet somewhat had claimed he stopped uploading due to the aforementioned ban. He edited his very last video and had "rip" in the title of the video.

McSkillet's Death

On August 23, 2018. McSkillet died to suicide by a fatal car crash on the very crowded I-805 highway in San Diego, California. McSkillet drove his 2015 McLaren 650S on the wrong side of the highway. His McLaren was going 100 MPH before colliding with a 2010 Hyundai SUV. The crash had resulted in McSkillets death, along with the two people inside of the SUV, a 43-year-old mother, and her 12-year-old daughter. 8 other people were injured and 8 vehicles were involved in the crash.


After his death, McSkillet received truckloads of backlash after news of his death on many social media platforms and comments on news sites with journals about the incident.





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Such a jackass he was towards the end of his life.

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