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R.I.P CheeseRoxTheWorld (1999-2018)

CheeseRoxTheWorld is a user who joined Encyclopedia SpongeBobia on October 12, 2016. She was promoted to discussion moderator by Chuck123456 on September 1, 2017 after requesting three days earlier. She is often referred as "Cheesie", as to not be confused with the retired Cheese Lord, but is still also referred as "Cheese". Unfortunately, on the evening of October 15, 2018, CheeseRoxTheWorld passed away at only 18 years old, 4 days away from her 19th birthday. All details that have been released and highlighted to the community by the ESB administration can be seen here.


Simple Note

Courtney (CheeseRoxTheWorld) died in a drowning accident on the evening October 15, 2018 at the age of 18, 4 days before her 19th birthday.

More Information

Courtney was the third-oldest of four children. She had started college in September 2018 and wanted to pursue a career in radio. She was vibrant and caring person and wouldn't want a day to go by without making someone happy. She never liked to wish bad on the people who have wronged her but if she wasn't wishing them well, she was wishing they'd learn their lesson. Courtney was a firm believer of redemption and wanted to help people redeem themselves.

On October 15, 2018, after the one college class she took was cancelled for the day, Courtney and her roommate Paige were swimming in a lake that evening. Heavy winds separated the two girls and Paige lost sight of Courtney, who disappeared under the water's surface. Paige managed to make it to shore, but Courtney had drowned. Her body was found hours later.

Courtney may only have been 18 but we can't say she hasn't lived; she made great stories and memories and they will be celebrated.

On August 31st 2020, her roommate's ex revealed more information after the break-up.

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