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David Silverstone
Pungent and rubbery.
Also known as: DavidAgStone, LionOfJewdah
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter
Stack Exchange

David Silverstone, also known by his Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub handle "DavidAgStone," previously "LionOfJewdah," is a member of the infamous "Rose Twitter" group of Twitter users, known for posting a bevy of red herrings, half-truths, and outright lies about anyone whose views don't align with his liberal agenda. Over 2019 and 2020, he became infamous on Twitter, Reddit, and RationalWiki for harassing women, tweeting negative things about Joe Biden, doxxing people who criticized him, and accusing innocent people of things they didn’t do. He was banned from Twitter and Reddit in September 2020, and deleted his Instagram account in January 2021.

Why He's Rotten

  1. Aside from being a Social Justice Warriors, he makes incredibly creepy comments towards and sends creepy messages to female Twitter users he interacts with, including disgustingly deep descriptions of their vaginas, photos of his penis, and videos of him masturbating. He even did this to a Biden delegate in the summer of 2020.
    • He is extremely hypocritical as well, claiming to "support" sexual harassment and assault victims despite doing it himself and claiming on Twitter that Joe Biden is a "serial sexual harasser" despite fitting the definition himself (including making sexual comments towards Joe Biden's delegates).
  2. He has a strange obsession with proving that Bernie Sanders is better than Joe Biden, including Tweeting for eighteen hours in one day that Bernie Sanders should have been the 2020 Democratic candidate and that Joe Biden is a “racist rapist.” He is the definition of the worst kind of “Bernie Bro.”
  3. He is grossly obsessed with Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer who accused him of sexual harassment, stating that he believes her and that he also believes Biden is a rapist, alongside making creepy sexual advances towards her and revealing many things about her that he probably just got from Wikipedia.
  4. After a former date of his posted on Twitter that he sued a restaurant for throwing out his retainer, he accused this person of "doxxing" even if it was a public record and she was his date, and hypocritically doxxed her by exposing her full first name, home address, and where she went to school.
  5. He keeps drama up despite others moving on, and has been keeping the restaurant retainer drama up for a year now.
  6. He created a subreddit and Discord server for female sexual assault victims, but that turned out to be fake and only used to harass women who blocked him on other social media platforms.
  7. He plays the victim card whenever someone tries to expose him, and also goes as far to deny or delete any evidence found against him.
  8. He once posted a string of (now deleted) Tweets stating that people who support Black Lives Matter are as bad as Trump supporters for the same reason and should be considered terrorists, despite lacking any evidence and previously stating he supported Black Lives Matter.
  9. After he was banned from Reddit and Twitter, he made numerous alternate accounts to try to evade his bans and took to RationalWiki instead - and to no one's surprise, his behavior hadn't improved for a bit and continued to harass and bully other users, fighting over Joe Biden-themed pages and causing edit wars.
  10. His "apology" statement on Twitter, posted using a sockpuppet account, proves that he doesn't care at all about the consequences his actions had, and is definitely a front because he later tweeted from that same account that he doesn't regret anything he did, and is angry at being "doxxed" and being "outed as a creep."

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does seem to be a smart person, as he is now pursuing a PhD in physics at Yale University, and his old tweets about academia and college life were honestly smart and sometimes witty. His Quora, Stack Overflow, and StackExchange profiles, where he answers questions regarding his undergraduate institution (the University of Southern California), physics, mathematics, and programming, are drama-free.
  2. He did have a point about the divisive and obnoxious behavior of Trump supporters and how they cause a lot of unnecessary Internet drama.


  1. He has a bachelor's degree in electrical & computer engineering from the University of Southern California and a master's degree in applied physics from Yale University, and previously worked at Microsoft and IBM before pursuing his graduate studies at Yale.
    • While at USC, he was the vice president of the school's Young Democrats club.
  2. He constantly promises to run for Congress in the future, when he's "old enough."
  3. He admitted to liking recent seasons of Saturday Night Live because of the way they portrayed Trump and Biden as "useless clowns," stating that it's incredibly realistic.




one month ago
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"Joe Biden is a “racist rapist.”" -David Silverstone

Prick. And from a guy who WORKED at Microsoft and IBM? I can't expect this!


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And that delegate who made his Twitter account was from my country, too!


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He's one of those guys that's über-smart but that comes with the lack of any social skills.

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