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Note: this page is outdated. For an up-to-date version go to Darksydephil's page on the Crappy Games Wiki.

Is it any wonder that this guy has his own page in TV Tropes' "So Bad, It's Horrible" section?

"We can safely say that Phil will never change. It took him years to change from camera to direct capture, he simply does not understand how criticism works, and has paranoia and delusion issues. His channel is a ticking time bomb, it's only a matter of time before it dies. All we can do is wait and see." ---Lolcow Wiki

DarksydePhil (a.k.a DSP, DSPGaming or KOGaming, real name Philip Burnell) is a YouTube Let's Play streamer who's notorious for his massive ego, obnoxious personality, juvenile humor, ridiculously weak gaming skills and inability to handle criticism. He has been making Let's Play videos since 2008.

He is also on the Crappy Games Wiki.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He's extremely greedy. When he first started to gain attention on YouTube, he registered a Google AdSense account to earn fast money via advertisement income. However, he quickly got banned for making several videos telling his subscribers to spam clicks on his ads (which violates AdSense rules, or to be honest, most YouTube sponsorship rules). Of course, he blamed Google for that.
    • He bans anyone on his Twitch channel who uses AdBlock, because he believes that anyone who uses it is actively stealing from him.
    • He constantly demands truckloads of money on Patreon every month for things other YouTubers do FOR FREE, and when he do get the money from his cult of "white knights", he used them to fuel his lavish lifestyle instead of providing more content.
    • His friend John Rambo (not to be conflated with Sylvester Stallone's character) also revealed that Phil never paid his friends back for the work they did on their projects. Phil instead pocketed the money to buy himself a BMW.
    • Worst of all, Phil made a monetized video in response to the death of one of John and Howard's friends. The reason for that is because John and Howard severed ties with him which left Phil in a desperate need for money to pay his bills. The fact that John Rambo and Howard, who were both friends with Phil back in his FGC days, ended up severing ties with him shows just how bad Phil is at being a human being.
  2. Phil, despite running a Let's Play channel, is simply terrible at gaming.
    • He ended up ragequitting at the final boss of Persona 3, even though he was playing on EASY DIFFICULTY. Even Atlus USA made fun of him on their YouTube account. Phil's response is anything but graceful.
    • He is notoriously at paying attention to details within video games. In his Bayonetta playthrough, Phil got stuck for 7 and a half minutes in the beginning of the game where he was supposed to follow an angel that carried off Enzo. Phil ran in the opposite direction, tried shooting everything in sight and repeatedly tried to jump over walls that he could't jump over, while whining non-stop about how the game is "broken", despite the fact that the game made it abundantly clear where the angel flew off to. This isn't the first time where he missed an obvious key detail of a game, as he later got stuck for 8 minutes because he didn't pay attention to the game explaining the wall-running mechanics to him.
    • However, Phil's Bayonetta playthrough was godly compared to his Black Mesa playthrough. Again, he didn't pay attention to the tutorial explaining the crouch jump mechanics to him. So he ended up getting stuck at a platforming section for 25 minutes. Once the viewers explained it to him, Phil actually thought that the crouch jump was a game glitch. What makes Phil look even more moronic is that he claims to have played the original Half-Life, meaning that he should understand the crouch jumping in the first place.
    • He twice attempted to take on an elite sniper with a close-ranged weapon. Once in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater where he tried to take on The End with a shotgun (This would be fine if a player was going through the game non-lethally using silencers and whatnot, but why a shotgun?) and even after he got a sniper rifle, he attempted to snipe the old man without using the scope (who does he think he is? Simo Häyhä?); again in Dead Rising where he tried to beat Carlito WITH A WOODEN PLANK, then a katana, and then a battle axe. When players gave advice to him on how to find a gun, Phil dismissed those tips as "cheating", AND proceeded to beat the remaining bosses by exploiting flaws in the game's programming.
    • Some believe that Phil's horrendous gameplay is just an act because "No one can be THAT stupid!", if that's the case, Phil is horrible even at acting.
  3. His "Never My Fault" attitude. Besides the aforementioned AdSense incident, Phil constantly blames the games he's playing or other players for his own mistakes and incompetence. If he has trouble with a game, he will blame it on non-existent issues delayed controls, lack of guidance, bugs and glitches or that the computer is a cheating bastard. If he's struggling in a online fighting game match, he will call the opponent a "scrub" and accusing him/her of button mashing.
    • He constantly makes jabs and insults at Hideo Kojima when playing games designed by the latter, blaming Kojima for his own incompetent and carelessness. This explains how Phil's hatedom got its names of "Kojima World Order" and "Sons of Kojima".
    • Most ridiculously of all, he said that Grand Theft Auto had "too much driving" and every driver on the street is against him even when he's driving in the opposite lane. (now you know why there's also a "Rockstar World Order").
  4. He is VERY foul mouthed, he doesn't just throw profanities around like a sailor, he even verbally swears at people when they call him out. He also uses racist, homophobic and sexist slurs as well.
  5. Likes to make highly inappropriate jokes that involve racism, sexism etc. In his Let's Play video of Dead Space 2, he made the joke of role-playing as "the last Nazi" who was on a mission to exterminate "the Necromorph Jews". This ended about as well as you'd expect - Phil was permabanned from blip.tv. As expected, he blamed blip.tv for that.
  6. As mentioned in his Bayonetta and Black Mesa playthroughs, Phil doesn't pay attention to certain key details in games and is prone to wasting time wandering around aimlessly, unsure of where he's supposed to go, or what to do, even when the game outright tells him what he is supposed to be doing.
    • The most likely explanation is that Phil suffers from eye issues but he stubbornly refuses to take medication or wear glasses.
  7. He NEVER STOPS TALKING during the cutscenes, not bothering to listen to the situation, claiming nobody cares about the story, only to turn right around and bitch and moan about how he has no idea what's going on.
    • One of the most rage-inducing examples of all-time was during Metal Gear Solid, where Phil made piss jokes as Sniper Wolf was giving her dying speech (this scene is widely considered to be one of the saddest deaths in video game history).
    • He also managed to ruin the death of The Boss by ranting about how the drama is meaningless as she "reappears in MGS4" (most likely because he'd mistaken EVA for The Boss due to his ignorance and poor eyesight) and dropping a lot of F-bombs.
  8. He likes to take out his anger on his controllers and keyboards, which may explain the delayed controls he's always complaining about. One infamous example is during his Let's Play on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, as not only did he broke his controller but he also blamed Sony for it because they put such a "frustrating" game on the PlayStation.
  9. His obnoxious personality in general. Phil was infamous even back in his days in the fighting game community. He's often derided for his bad sportsmanship and being a sore loser who is prone to picking fights, taunting other players and backing out like a wimp when things get serious.
  10. Likes to make sexist jokes every time a female character (even if they're not attractive ones) makes an appearance. For example, in his Resident Evil 2 playthrough, Phil jokes about Ada Wong getting molested by a monster, and comments on Claire's "titties" when he gets to the part where she gives Sherry Birkin her jacket. He sometimes even misses key game details because he's busy making dirty jokes.
  11. Despite his poor gaming skills, Phil is extremely arrogant and narcissistic. He participated in many many fighting game tournaments but never won any of them. When he finally got 4th place in 2005, Phil won't stop bragging about it, even though the main reason is that the tournament used a PlayStation port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo that was so broken it was literally a different game from the arcade port.
    • When other members of the FGC mocked him for his supposedly great achievement, Phil only got even more egoistic and started called himself the "Best American Super Turbo Player" (since the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were all Japanese) and started using the moniker "The King of Hate" because he genuinely believed he was being hated on for no reason (he got that nickname for his extremely childish behavior and foul temper). To this day, Phil keeps remarking about this event in his life, using it as an example that he can be a good player when he wants to, despite the fact that he'd never been once finished in first place.
    • Phil also believed that he invented the Let's Play genre of videos or at least he coined the term (it was actually coined by Slowbeef of the Something Awful forums). This claim is about as far-fetched as Kim Jong-il's claim that he invented the hamburger.
  12. Even at the start of his streaming career, his videos suffered from poor quality due to his extreme laziness. Phil simply pointed a camera at his TV screen and recorded just like that, despite the fact that better options like direct capture or a camcorder exist. James Rolfe used those techniques on his first Bad NES games video and he made it 4 years before Phil started streaming.
  13. Phil is also very hypocritical. To give a few examples:
    • Claimed that receiving tips from the audience counts as cheating. Mind you, he only got through the final missions of GTA III, San Andreas and Liberty City Stories by using cheats.
    • Phil condemned AlphaOmegaSin for name-dropping him on the latter's Street Fighter V rant, yet he has done the same to several other YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Tobuscus and Jacksepticeye.
    • He once claimed that "real" gamers use surround sound speakers instead of headsets, but got a headset not long after.
    • When playing racing games, Phil sometimes chastises other players for crashing into him, even though he has no qualms ramming his opponents.
    • He claims he supports the Anti-GamerGate movement and even did a poorly-made video about it, but in some of his playthroughs, he gets horny at female characters, especially EVA.
  14. Certain members of his limited "fanbase" are just as toxic as Phil himself. Don't bother arguing with them because all you'll receive in return is an endless stream of spammed insults, threats and slander. The most infamous member is probably KGhaleon, DSP's biggest fan and staunchly loyal "white knight", who's particularly known for his doxxing and banning of innocent moderators. He still defends Phil today, despite having been ripped off by the latter several times.
  15. Phil was caught masturbating during one of his streams in 2016. The scene was quickly recorded and made into parody videos and images. At first, Phil attempted to damage control the situation by banning anyone in the chat for bringing it up and claiming that he was simply "scratching his leg". This incident earned him the nickname "DickStrokePhil".
    • However, when the incident caused a surge of views for his channel by DramaAlert users, Phil seemingly embraced what had happened, retweeting some of the images and even making one of them his Twitter banner. This caused some to speculate that Phil masturbated on purposely in a desperate attempt to gain some attention and views for his failing channel.
  16. He's also a con artist. To keep his sinking ship of a channel afloat, Phil planned to get people to pledge to him on Patreon, and decided to trick them by promising a reboot of Project 7, an old vanity web series he had made with his former friends John Rambo and Howard explaining how he lost his non-existent "gaming powers". Phil kept telling his fans he would work on Project 7, only to back down from his obligations every month. After getting his money, he scrapped the Project 7 reboot and pocketed the money for himself.
  17. Remember James Rolfe and the How the Grinch stole Christmas parody he made for Christmas in 2010? Well, in 2013 Phil made a Grinch parody of his own. It was so bad, it made Rolfe look like Stephen Spielberg and even made the Irate Gamer look professional. Worst of all, it's nothing but a giant 9 minute long "FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!" directed at his haters and critics.
  18. Phil can be quite disgusting at times. He constantly snorts, farts and belches into the microphone and makes no attempt to cover them up (either he's too lazy or simply doesn't care).
    • During his Forza Horizon 3 playthrough, when he picked the name "TwinkleToes", Phil actually stuck his foot in front of the camera to wiggle his toes.
  19. Phil's laughter is also rather annoying, often compared to a dying seal or a hyena, and giving off a sense of passive-aggressiveness.
  20. He also treats his audience like garbage, banning them for the pettiest of reasons, blaming them for poor viewership, siding with his ex-girlfriend PandaLee instead of them (despite the fact that she's trolling them), and even manipulating them into giving him more money to pay his bills.
  21. Speaking of Phil's girlfriend PandaLee, is just as lazy and obnoxious as he is, not wanting to do anything besides shutting herself in her room and play The Sims all day long. She's literally allergic to concepts like "college", "work" and "responsibility". Many consider her a gold digger who only dated Phil to improve her own gaming channel's reputation.
    • Phil on the other hand, constantly bashed his fans for criticizing her despite that firstly, Phil treated her like crap and made her into his housemaid; secondly, all she ever does is act like an annoying brat, trolling Phil's fans and alienating the very people that PAY THEIR MORTGAGE.
  22. He even insults voice actors as well, especially Troy Baker, and he often mocks Troy Baker for wearing a scarf indoors, even though it is a common practice for voice actors to do that in order to protect their vocal chords.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His poor gaming skills can be unintentionally hilarious at times.
  2. When he's genuinely angry, he can be extremely comical.
  3. He somehow managed to beat Cuphead without ragequitting.
  4. Harmless to sober people and doesn't serve as anything other than a butt-monkey to laugh at.


  • Besides This Is How You Don't Play series, Phil has also several other genre of YouTube videos centered around him:
    • Let's Endure: created by the "Sons of Kojima" group, they mainly show the reaction of TIHYDP audiences to Phil's antics.
    • DSP Tries It: named after Phil's very own food VLOGs, these videos highlights Phil's hypocrisy and constant self-contradictions as he struggles to damage control his various mistakes.
    • Bugged Game Mechanics: These use clips from the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments from Animaniacs, the video shows a player doing a certain game sequence or event quickly and correctly (Good Idea), then it shows Phil failing at that same sequence and/or taking far more time than the player in the first part of the video (Bad Idea).
    • Down The Rabbit Hole: created by YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen where he discusses Phil's various antics.

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