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The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.” —Aleistar Crowley

Dan Olson is an Internet vlogger and a former content creator for Channel Awesome (known as The Guy With The Glasses back then) from August 2014 to September 2015. He is the man behind the Folding Ideas video series - an analysis show attempting to establish things from a contextual and cultural viewpoint rather than from a fan-based or artform-based one.

His show was allegedly cancelled in September 2015, when Channel Awesome supposedly ended his trial period, however, Count Jackula, another ex-CA contributor, recently revealed that the reason behind Olson's termination was due to his overly toxic attitude. Dan Olson later on moved to his own YouTube channel "Folding Ideas". He's also a part of BreadTube.

Why He's Rotten

  1. His Folding Ideas series on CA consists of only 6 videos, and all were made during the first three months of his work in Channel Awesome. The main reason behind his severe lack of productivity was due to his involvement in the GamerGate consumer revolt.
    • Also, none of those videos were particularly well received. They received only a few thousand views two years after they were uploaded and the most infamous of them all received only around 14,000 views.
  2. Speaking of GamerGate, Olson chose to oppose the movement (he is said to be on good terms with many other people involved in GG opposition, including Zoë Quinn, Sarah Nyberg and Laurelai Bailey). In his GamerGate related Folding Ideas video, Olson declared that GG is guilty of terrorism.
    • This video was remembered as one of the worst videos on Channel Awesome, got torn apart by Sargon of Akkad and received a 1:15 like to dislike ratio (currently it has both rating and comments disabled). And, of course, Olson blamed GG for his video's failure.
  3. Olson's presence on Channel Awesome was hallmarked by his narrative pushing attempt to site's userbase and content creators against GG. CA contributors will later on recall Olson as the most aggressive and vociferous GG opponent on the channel.
    • When Count Jackula tried to talk to GG in order to hear both side of the story, Dan berated Jackula and stated that there's "no remaining neutral in this" and used the same excuse that daring to question the veracity of claims by the likes of Quinn was tantamount to condoning their harassment.
  4. He's a white knight of Zoë Quinn's, gave her "game" Depression Quest a glowing review, said to have participated in Quinn's sabotage of TFYC and became one of CON's earliest members.
  5. Speaking of Depression Quest, Dan's own game "Resist" isn't any better. All you do is walk left or right to prevent the meter on the top from going down and the game to glitch up.
  6. If you wonder how Dan got his "CP" nickname, well, it originated from his ill-fated Operation Sting. In which he and Laurelai Bailey attempted to get 8chan offline and destabilize and hopefully destroy GG by planting child pornography on the site's new /hebe/ board (started by Laurelai) and framing it for being nothing but pedophiles. Of course, it backfired when Olson was exposed by GamerGate and was forced to lie low to avoid prosecution from the Canadian government. This incident most likely contributed to his termination from Channel Awesome and CON (due to Olson losing his platform).
    • First of all, there's a glaring flaw in Olson's plan, as it involves Laurelai baiting would be pedophiles to upload child porn and jailbait material for Dan Olson to "find". This means that Olson would have to watch and download the CP material himself for his smear article (even if he blurred all of the images in his article, he will have to admit that he'd seen the unburied images in the first place, especially with his highly graphical description of the images). In this way he will be guilty of both possession and distribution of Child Pornography.
      • Ironically, much of the content he did post in his article was not actually classified as Child Porn in the USA, where 8chan is established; but do qualify as CP under Canadian law.
      • Olson later admitted that he was the one behind as DDoS attack directed at 8chan, that alone is another violation of the law in Canada.
    • Another undermining factor is Laurelai's involvement. Those who are familiar with her and the Internet will quickly made her involvement known and reveal the whole thing as a set up. Firstly, the headlining thread on the /hebe/ board featured a link to an IRC channel hosted on starrevolution.org, which shares IP address with Laurelai's personal site and Social Justice Wiki. Secondly, both Olson's Twitter record and the fact that he's a routine editor of SJ Wiki shows his relationship with Laurelai.
  7. He is also said to have covered up sex offenders and pedophiles like Justin "JewWario" Carmichal (R.I.P) and Sarah Nyberg.
  8. He supports the removal of dislikes on YouTube by saying that it isn't just a good thing, but a "great" thing.




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