DaddyOFive Controversy

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The DaddyOFive Controversy refers to a controversy where YouTube channel DaddyOFive, run by Mike and Heather Martin, was found to have uploaded videos containing child abuse content, especially with Cody and Emma.

Why It Was Rotten

  1. Mike and Heather played "pranks" on his kids and acted like it was funny when it was actually child abuse.
  2. Cody, the youngest son, was essentially the Butt-Monkey of the channel, with Emma following in a close second. Cody had been beaten, scarred, pushed, screamed at, and even pushed to tears, all of which were played for laughs. He and Emma were even left behind when the rest of the DaddyOFive crew went to Disneyland!
    • To make matters even worse, the rest of the DaddyOFive crew went to KidBehindACamera's house while Cody and Emma were left out!
  3. Despite the awful treatment of Cody and Emma, some people defended Mike and Heather's actions.
  4. When Mike became aware of the criticism he was facing, he called the people attacking him for his actions "haters", showing that he could not take criticism. Later, he issued a public apology.
  5. During the controversy, all videos on DaddyOFive were eventually private, likely in an attempt to hide the evidence. This ended up incurring the Streisand Effect when people began reuploading their private videos.

Redeeming Outcomes

  1. Philip DeFranco brought massive attention to the issue in his online news show, The Philip DeFranco Show, when he included the channel's actions in several of his news stories and called Mike and Heather out on it. It angered Philip especially because he himself was a child abuse victim. Larger news outlets such as The Independent, in turn, covered the controversy, showing the repulsive actions of Mike and Heather further.
  2. Cody and Emma were removed from Mike and Heather's custody and were reunited with their birth mom.


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