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YouTube Creator Insider is a channel hosted by YouTube Product Managers Tom Leung and Barbra "EMac" Macdonald that pretends to be about transparency when it's really more about brainwashing viewers into wanting the changes they make that will screw creators overusing a PR trick employed by Vidme in the past, as well as Blizzard Entertainment with Ion and Lore's streams to varying results.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They co-opted this PR trick from Vidme.
  2. They straight up lie. And they're not very good at it.
  3. They ignore criticism and feedback.
  4. While they have listened to feedback, it's never for anything particularly important.
  5. They constantly push the Studio Beta before it was finished in spite of its high memory usage and lack certain features such as the ability to sort by content ID'd and DMCA claimed videos, even though creators keep complaining about it, while doing nothing to properly quell concerns.
  6. They push forced positivity while ignoring negativity.
  7. They have absolutely no sympathy for other creators.
  8. Barbra, as an at least moderately attractive woman, is basically only there for PR reasons. Vidme also used this same trick, though they were far less far successful in maintaining one woman for the job and had to keep replacing theirs.
  9. Most of the people who appear on the channel are terrible actors.
  10. Their comment section has a very neurotic blacklist filter.
  11. In spite of claiming to be about transparency, they have yet to reveal YouTube's profit report, something that's been kept a close secret since YouTube broke even after properly enabling mobile ads in 2015. [1]

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. You do legitimately get advance warning that you're going to get screwed over that you wouldn't otherwise get.
  2. Barbra, in spite of what her job here is, is at least pretty good at it (she's also the only good actor).



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