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The very grounds you are standing on are cracking.
Type of site: Entertainment
Language: English
Created by: Jack O’Brien
Owner: Literally Media
Date of launch: November 2005
Status: Active is a humor website with over 300 million monthly page views. The site was founded in 2005 by Jack O’Brien and is currently owned by Literally Media (which also owns Cheezburger, Know Your Meme, and Ebaum's World). It is descended from Cracked magazine, which dates back to 1958.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Anti-GamerGate, calling it a harassment campaign tied to white supremacists. They also have anti-gamer thoughts in general, ranging from defending DLCs that force in SJW politics.
  2. Clickbait content typical of modern blog sites aimed at millennials.
  3. Absurd articles, like 5 Shocking Ways People Keep Making Technology Racist.
  4. A part of their downfall was supporting Zoë Quinn, which did not work as well for them as they expected.
  5. Defended the Ghostbusters reboot against critics, labeling them as "sexist".
  6. They defended the original ending of Mass Effect 3 which many gamers considered to be terrible.
  7. They made outlandish claims such as games not being relaxing, ignoring the fact that there are several games such as Flower which are part of the "zen" subgenre of video games made to be relaxing.
  8. Filled with misinformation and factually incorrect articles as well.
  9. Made outlandish demands on what they want for video games.
  10. One journalist working for them, Jeff Rouner, sent images of his daughter to a Sarah Nyberg, a self-confessed pedophile on Twitter.
  11. They wrote an article praising child pornography.
  12. One editor for a time was banned from Reddit due to his behavior.
  13. The people who make the articles have dirty minds. They called the balloon people and the Pincushion Man of the Balloon Land cartoon "c***** people" and the masturbation monster".
  14. They label anybody who criticizes their beliefs as part of the alt-right such as Jordan Peterson.
  15. Even the word homo in Homo sapiens gets censored.
  16. They consider Ready Player One to be a homebase for toxic fandoms.
  17. Even they admit that they churn out clickbait.
  18. They also think various forms of technology make people more racist.
  19. They actually called Bugs Bunny the first transgender character in reference to What's Opera, Doc?
  20. They even consider violent video games to be the cause of real life problems when it's not.
  21. They think that all men have no idea of sexual consent.
  22. Very supportive of safe spaces and hive minded thinking.
  23. They wrote one article claiming that it is unacceptable to identify as an egalitarian because feminism is the only acceptable gender equality movement, which is blatant bias in favour of feminazis.
  24. Even with Disney (and possibly other corporations) forcing in a SJW agenda and politics, they are still labeled as sexist.
  25. Out of a strange twist of irony they implied that poltical correctness is ruining America. And even strange twist is that they even wonder why people being offended is so trendy now, which is exactly what Anti-SJWs say.
  26. Very Nintendo-based fanboyism.
  27. Very anti-nerd culture despite them being a geek oriented site.
  28. They claimed that Trump has risen through power by being predicted through Marvel movies.
  29. They blame trolls for killing the internet yet they are doing so themselves ironically with their SJW agenda.
  30. They are very in denial about the criticism many readers make about them and they are easily defensive.
  31. Everything is political according to them, which is basically what American politics is doing to the entertainment industry.
  32. They also find sexism in just about anything and is against women having breasts in video games.
  33. Extremely pro-censorship and political correctness.
  34. Its editor, Cyriaque Lamar, tries too hard to be funny in his reviews. For example, in his review "4 Ways Archie Comics Have Gone F**king Crazy," it opens with " Unless your best friend is your mom and you want to be an apple when you grow up, you probably don't read the comic book adventures of Archie," which can actually be offensive to the fans of the comics.


  1. Say Goodbye to Cracked: Another Social Justice Website Bites the Dust
  2. Feminist Websites are Losing Traffic and Revenue
  3. Editor temporarily Banned From Reddit
  4. Houston Press Writer Jef Rouner tweets picture of his own daughter to self-confessed pedophile
  5. Left-wing New Media Bubble Bursting; Buzzfeed, Gawker, and Salon in trouble




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