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Most of the time, when a site goes bad, it's usually due to their terrible staff, ranging from staff that don't care about their platform, etc. These can also include unprofessional factors such as using lies to tell nonsense, treating each other poorly, or finding ways to screw over their userbases.


  1. YouTube (post-2013)'s staff is filled with Social Justice Warriors, especially their CEO, Susan Wojcicki.
  2. GoAnimate/Vyond is filled with Grounded Videos, Dead Meat Videos, Punishment Day Videos, Held Back Videos, Barney Errors, Generic Rants and Salutes, Baby Show Character OS Videos, some even make hate videos out of Alvin Hung.
  3. DeviantArt has tons of toxic users. they will make hate art out of anything they hate.
  4. ZippCast.
  5. The Baidu Homework Helper Scandal. (see page)
  6. Tumblr is filled with SJWs, toxic users, and flame wars are very common.
  7. Many gaming news became Anti-GamerGate.
  8. iFunny is filled to the brim with meme lords, in fact, there is sometimes child porn, however, while child porn gets deleted, It is also easy for small users to get banned due to false flagging.
  9. FANDOM staffs became more pro-Political Correctness and censorship than ever that they once censored the word, "SJW" and even closed down wikis (such as Crappy Games Wiki) for either being negative or too pro-GamerGate propaganda. They'll even go far as blocking users for saying that term for violating their Term of Uses despite the fact it says nothing about the word "SJW".
  10. Roblox has a reporting system that barely works due to the amounts of reports flooding their report inbox. Mostly troll reports. Their moderation is not top-notch either, but it’s way better than YouTube's. At least they are not SJWs.
  11. Many news article sites are biased in reporting news.
  12. Lots of fake news sites made in the Philippines.
  13. Scratch's staff can be manipulated (Life_Tutor), and they can't manage the remix system, bad users often get away with bad things like RacerIIIFury, and many false alerts.



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