Corruption in management of staff

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A corruption in management of staff designs a generally bad staff group or a majority of staff members going downhill on a company, site, community, etc. The main cause of staff management corruptions is due to a bad leader, president or CEO, leading to many bad staff members to be hired.

There are many websites today that are heavily affected by staff management corruption.


  • Chinesetankies: People, whether they live in or outside of China, who defend and/or support the Communist Party of China that is infamous for abusing human rights. Notorious Chinesetankies outside of China include Blizzard, New York Times and Pearl Studio.
  • DeviantArt: Little to no quality control over content, allowing any fetish and/or sexualized art to be uploaded with no mature filter. Replaced the old layout with Eclipse that is a rip-off of the current ArtStation theme when nobody even wanted it.
  • ImageShack: Turned into an image hosting service that charges money for account creations in 2014, causing it to be ditched by almost every user for free services like Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive.
  • Miiverse (closed): Infamous for getting some of the worst website updates of all time. Barely enforced their code of conduct which was on par with Roblox, resulting in many trolls infesting the site with no consequences.
  • Roblox: Terrible moderation that is made worse with a broken reporting system and after QuackityHQ's Roblox raid. No quality control over games and accessories like clothings.
  • Scratch: Very censored social website that bans members for little to no reason while letting trolls like the Numberblocks community to thrive here (they however have actually banned some of them).
  • Twitch: Shows favoritism towards streamers who make money with really bad trends like revealing clothing. Removed the PogChamp emote after Ryan Gutierrez/Gootecks (the man behind the emote) expressed his opinion on the 2021 Capitol Storming.
  • Vyond: Notable for its repetitive mean-spirited videos like Grounded videos (mostly depicting Caillou), Punishment Day, Behavior Card Day, "Rants", Salutes, and other types of videos on YouTube. Has an infamous community known for its many underaged users who tend to disrespect opinions and bratty Alvin Hung (founder of Vyond) haters.
  • YouTube: Riddled with unintelligent bots that delete content for no reason and staff members that don't take care of content that break YouTube's guidelines, and shows favoritism towards Social Justice Warriors. This has especially happened ever since Susan Wojcicki became the chairman of the website.




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What the heck happened to most of these websites to get such a bad moderation?

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