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Wikipedia for moral guardians with no knowledge of history or science.
Type of site: Internet encyclopedia project Wiki
Language: English
Created by: Volunteer contributors
Owner: Andrew Schlafly
Date of launch: November 21, 2006
Status: Active

Conservapedia is a wiki written from an American conservative point of view. The website was launched on November 21, 2006 by American homeschool teacher and attorney Andrew Schlafly, son of conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, to counter what he perceived as a "liberal bias present in Wikipedia". It uses editorials and a wiki-based system to generate content.

The site has received negative reactions from the mainstream media and notable political figures. It has been criticized by liberal and conservative critics alike for numerous bias and inaccuracies.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Conservapedia barely counts as a wiki, as it contains numerous far-fetched claims such as the Earth being 6,000 years old. This trait of not qualifying as a wiki is shared with its regressive-left counterparts.
  2. They base their entire worldview on a literal interpretation of the Bible when, as far back as Roman times, the Book of Genesis was taken metaphorically.
    • Not only that, but they have a habit of taking verses from the Bible out of context.
  3. Their articles contain many dubious or outright anti-science claims, besides the aforementioned earth age claim. They also consider E=mc2 to be "liberal claptrap" and claim there's a proven link between abortion and breast cancer.
  4. They have an extreme pro-Christian bias and attempt to base most of their far-fetched claims on fundamentalist dogma.
  5. They are strongly biased against liberals, seen as how they try to define many real-life villains such as Joseph Stalin and even Adolf Hitler as liberals.
    • Schlafly himself seems to believe that all liberals are SJWs, stating that they "reject logical and biblical standards, often for self-centered reasons". This "Liberal" article began with this description, but it has since been removed.
    • They call even the most conservative Democrats liberal, despite some of them supporting Donald Trump.
    • Speaking of which, they are extremely defensive of Donald Trump and deny any of his flaws.
  6. They insist that bigotry and prejudice are inherently liberal ideologies, which is particularly ironic given how much prejudice and bigotry can be found in their own wiki.
  7. Being hardcore fundamentalists means that they are heavily biased against atheists, and they have more articles about atheism than on any other subject, some sections of which have their own pages containing the exact same information. They claim that atheism is a causal factor for issues such as anger, arrogance, narcissism, cowardice, immaturity, depression, suicide, psychological disorders, lack of IQ or EQ, mass murder, slavery, and just about any unpleasant thing one can think of.
    • They are likewise Islamophobic as they call Islam a socio-political system and not a religion.
  8. Like how SJWs constantly bash Trump, Conservapedia members frequently bash Democrats such as Barack Obama (who, according to them, is secretly Muslim) and Hillary Clinton, and literally treats the Democratic Party as simultaneous communists and fascists.
  9. Homophobia. We do not mean it by simply disagreeing with queers; they actually defended Brandon McInerney who fatally shot his gay classmate. [1]
    • They're so homophobic to the point that they even try to slander Gay Republican groups like GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans.[2][3]
    • Ironically not all of their pages portray homosexuality negatively, as seen in this page. It seems like atheism is higher than homosexuality in their hierarchy.
  10. They are also hypocrites: They believe that being a gay conservative is an oxymoron,[4] yet they praise Milo Yiannopoulos like he's the greatest person ever.[5]
  11. They ignore and change their own beliefs when it is convenient to them. For instance, they claim white privilege does not exist,[6] yet elsewhere accuse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez[7] and Joe Biden[8] of having white privilege.
  12. They claim that the theory of evolution is pseudoscientific despite its near-universal acceptance in scientific communities.
  13. They actually support the phenomenon of McCarthyism, in which numerous people lost their jobs due to flimsy accusations of supporting communism.[9]
  14. They absolutely hate video games, which they associate with atheism and major health problems. Not only just that, they highly consider gaming industries to be liberal organizations and cash cows.[10]
    • On top of that, they keep comparing video games to mass shootings nonstop.
    • The only time they approve of a video game is if it's in line with their extreme rightist ideology.
  15. Even movies, video games, and television are not safe from their corruption. They will like a movie, a video game or a TV show if it has conservative elements (having traditional family values, respecting Christianity, pro-military, pro-police, etc.) and hate a movie, a video game or a TV show show if it has liberal elements (feminism, environmentalism, gay rights, nihilism, disrespecting religion, anti-war, anti-cop, teaching the theory of evolution, etc.).
  16. They think Nazism and fascism are left-wing just to claim they are on their enemy's side, when arguing over whether fascism is left wing or right wing is pointless.
    • Speaking of fascism, they claim fascism is left wing because it is "big government", although rightists can be authoritarian too.
    • Speaking of far-rightists, they believe that the right can never be authoritarian and claim that part of the political spectrum is anarcho-capitalism, a free market, anti-state ideology.
    • On the subject of the alt-right, they try to whitewash it as much as possible and even admitted that all the alt-right claims from "left-wing historians" are exaggerating.[11]
  17. They think everyone that criticizes them are arrogant, when yet they themselves are arrogant much to their toxic behavior.
  18. They once had a feud with Kyle Kulinski, an Internet personality who hosts the YouTube channel Secular Talk, claiming that he's an ultra-toxic, illegal immigrant, atheist, extremist, liberal far-leftist, causing flame wars with him and some vandalism on Kulinski's page.[12] Regardless, Conservapedia claimed victory.
  19. If you want to make an account or make an edit, you have to answer a conservative-related question.
  20. Just like SJWiki, many articles are stubs that contains only a couple of sentences. A good example is the Animal Crossing page, which has just some content about the game and an incomplete list of the games published in the series.
    • Some pages are intentionally outdated and the users don't even plan to update it. For example, the article on Chelsea F.C. It says that the club is being managed by Carlo Ancelotti despite the fact that he got sacked by Roman Abramovich in 2011, which means the article is still stuck on the 2010s decade.[13]
  21. They hate celebrities way too much, with exaggerated claims about how they degrade America's moral values.
  22. They somehow believe that gay singer Elton John suffering from illness proves that homosexuality in general causes disease.[14]
  23. They are gender traditionalists to the point that they believe it is inherently morally wrong not to follow traditional gender roles.
  24. The website was made because founder Andrew Schlafly wanted to make a "trustworthy" website and claim that Wikipedia is biased towards the left, yet they fill the pages with right-wing bias.
  25. They praised Butch Hartman for being a Christian writer despite some of his controversies surrounding Oaxis Entertainment.
  26. They can sometimes even be ablest, as they think that atheists have higher chances of having autism than religious people.[15]
    • Even though in their "Vaccines and autism" page, while they did not mention their own beliefs about the link between vaccines and autism, judging by their pages on autism-related organizations (all of them are anti-autistic organizations which are dedicated to find a so-called cure for autism), and their overly-defensive stance on Andrew Wakefield, it is known that they believe vaccines cause autism.
    • This page, enough said.
  27. They are also xenophobic towards communist countries. Just because communism is flawed doesn't mean those countries deserve all that much hate on them.
  28. They think Template:Terrible and Chick-Fil-A are liberals when they're conservatives just because of a VERY biased list made by a far-right user[16], which shows some of their lack of knowledge and possibly some poor research.[17][18]
  29. Similar to Takimag, they bash on Neo-Conservatives nonstop and even believe that it is a part of liberalism.[19]
    • They are also anti-centrists, as they deem it "too Neo-Conservative" for them.
  30. They blindly defend Augusto Pinochet and his authoritarian regime just for being pro-capitalism and bash Salvador Allende nonstop.[20][21] They also falsely accused Nelson Mandela of being a terrorist.[22]
  31. They attacked George H. W. Bush and called him "a supporter of the Homosexual Agenda" just for showing up on the only same-sex marriage he has ever participated during the final days of his life,[23] yet they seem to pardon Donald Trump despite the fact that he participated in more than one same-sex marriage, according to them.[24]
    • They also purposefully ignore that Trump has been spearheading a campaign to decriminalize LGBT activities on a international scale.
  32. They believe in lies about Vietnam War, denying war crimes and trying to justify Agent Orange, even though Vietnam is still recovering from it, where birth defects are happening like a norm.
  33. They are so obsessively-anti communists to the point where they even found the link between soccer and socialism.[25]
    • At least they don't have anti-soccer stances, but mainly because according to them, "soccer is the perfect antidote for video games and watching TV".[26]
  34. They tried to deny the actions of Trump supporters storming the capitol, claiming it was a false flag by ANTIFA and claiming peaceful protestors were forced to use violence. [27] [28]
  35. They defend the notoriously bad Saving Christmas movie in their "Greatest Conservative Movies" article.[29]
  36. Cherry-picking often occurs, as they try to find any information that suits their views. For example, their article on Aleister Crowley. Just like many other Christians, they believe that he was the founder of Satanism, but they also add up that "he was very pro-life, believing abortion to be murder and he also believed that a woman would never really want to end a pregnancy".[30]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It can give insight on how some alt-right Americans think.
  2. It's so biased that it's sometimes laughable. But most of the time, the readers will get angry than laugh, if not taken seriously at least.
  3. They sometimes do make good points, despite them often taking it too far.
  4. On some aspects, they're more rational than other fundamentalists.
    • They do recognize that Pokemon is in no way Satanic at all, and even praise them for supposedly "promoting conservative values and traits" (older seasons only).
    • They also at least do recognize that Adam Weishaupt was the real founder of Illuminati instead of the secret Jews other Christians have been claiming.[31]
    • They acknowledge that the Holocaust happened, and are not Holocaust deniers.
  5. Despite being anti-LGBTQ+, they called out the actions of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. [32] [33]
  6. Just like RationalWiki, they're also against the Flat Earth movement, but in a bad way (they try to projectile it as liberals' attempt to rewrite history to slander Christians".[34]




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20 months ago
Score 3
The main reason why they think Nazism is Left Wing is because most Conservative (That are not Alt-Righters) are Pro-Jewish and they think Nazism is far-left just because the Nazi party full name was National "Socialist" "Workers" Party.


20 months ago
Score 3
They kind of act like right wing SJWs.


20 months ago
Score 3
This must be irrational, insane, extreme Conservatives' resting grounds.


19 months ago
Score 0
That makes more sense.


17 months ago
Score 1
They called Disney and Superman Liberals.


15 months ago
Score 4
Any wiki dedicated to any side of politics are guarantee going to be rotten.

Masson Thief

15 months ago
Score 2
Of course.


13 months ago
Score 4
I wish this site was a joke site.


11 months ago
Score 2

They think that Fox News is left wing when it's right wing.

Also, FUNimation now has a page on Conservapedia and they are criticised for being "left wing SJWs" just like the Walt Disney Company also according to Conservapedia.


10 months ago
Score 0

Just how stupid these alters can be?

Next thing you know, they'll make incredibly stupid claims about the Coronavirus.
Yeah they'll say the coronavirus was a virus only made for liberals to use in tiktok


8 months ago
Score 1
Okay, but what about the religious autistic people?


4 months ago
Score 0

Add this WIR Reason:

They cannot take criticism, as they dismiss any criticism and stating of the bad reception of this website as “liberal bias”.


3 months ago
Score 2

Its soo sad that ALOT of people are putting their heads inside the Conservapedia venom-bucket instead of being moderate conservative (cons without the racism and craziness)

Like the SJW community, these guys fight for social injustice, they are hypocrites, and they're stupid enough to deny that the Karen is a Right wing Snowflake Private Thrust. And not to mention, they deny a lot of stuff ( systemic racism on ppl of color, gerrymandering, and science politics of the polcomp (political spectrum)). Hope they will culturally die off, in exchange for new kinds of idiotic people.


one month ago
Score 1
I'm surprised that they don't trash on Pokemon mainly because I might have thought that they would accuse the series for being "satanic"


20 days ago
Score 0
And what's more surprising is that they praised Pokemon for "promoting conservative traits and values" (older seasons only), which you can see by checking their "Greatest Conservative TV Shows" essay.


25 days ago
Score 0
This looks a lot like Wikipedia.


20 days ago
Score 0
And why exactly?


16 days ago
Score 1
Watch them make a page defending Gina Carano now. I bet you that will happen.

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