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A screenshot of the Barbara - wir uns kennenlernen accounts that were formerly named Anna - Let's Get Acquainted. (Credit: Deep Humor)

Comment bots are a type of bot that comments on YouTube videos randomly, and rapidly. They are infamous for sending malicious links (usually porn links, and specifically fake dating sites) and malware to hack accounts.

Why They're Rotten

  1. Like mentioned above, they send malicious links, normally porn links, and specifically fake dating links, that grab your IP address, allow keylogging, and even worse, install malware to hack your account.
  2. They are almost everywhere on YouTube.
  3. Their profile pictures are usually photos of half-naked women, close-ups of women's rear ends, etc. One of them (which was either terminated or had their name and/or profile picture changed) even had a profile picture that contained a closeup of a woman licking her lips. We're not making this up.
  4. Their usernames even sound inappropriate, usually along the lines of, "T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me", "Come Fast!! Take Glimpse Of My Body", etc.
  5. They cannot handle criticism, whenever a video is made exposing them, they change their names randomly and make copy accounts with different names, showing that they cannot handle criticism.
  6. There was even a comment bot named "Anna - Let's Get Acquainted" that also sends malicious links like the comment bots with inappropriate names, but luckily that comment bot was banned as of now.
  7. There was even a type of comment bot that gives a random timestamp and a link to a malicious website that leads you to porn, like the comment bots mentioned above.
    • Even in the discussion tabs of these comment bots, they would make over 50 comments, all with random timestamps and links to malicious websites.
  8. There were even bots that were fake clones of popular YouTubers, like MrBeast (not the official MrBeast channel, but the fake one that spams on people's videos), and even comment bots that hack you when subscribed to them, like Calls (comment bot), Tim (comment bot), Logan (comment bot), and Trap Town NCS (comment bot).
  9. Some bots have names like "Dont look at my profile picture" or "Dont go to my about page".
  10. Some of the comment bots' links contradict themselves, as they claim that they are not a dating site, but their tabs' name says that it's "the most popular dating site".
  11. Their videos are nothing but scam videos that have a comment that leads you to a malicious scam website.
  12. They would even steal people's comments to trick people into thinking that they were actually real people.
  13. There's even a type of comment bot that advertise other comment bots, and claim that they have "Live S.E.X Videos", but when you go on the channels that they promote, they obviously don't, which is a sign of clickbait.



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