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Comic book pros want a truce? I hope all of you that trash fans enjoy the streets. I'll spit in your change jars. Go fuck yourselves.-Yellowflash
#ChangeTheCover, one of the major events in the ComicsGate controversy.

"Whether a product of laziness or a lack of real commitment to the cause, an SJW seeks divisive domination as their only path of persuasion and influence. The comic book industry is, by far, one of the best examples of this riotous and recklessly inefficient ideology put into play. Over the past few years these types, largely comprised of faux feminists, have taken a proverbial crowbar to the fan base and have relentlessly beaten readers with the most cringe ridden cacophony of crowing complaints and canon cracking cast cutting."--Encyclopedia Dramatica on ComicsGate

ComicsGate (sometimes just ComicGate) is an event similar to GamerGate, where comic book companies such as Marvel, are being boycotted for progressive bias and forced poltics within comic books. And just like the anti-progressive GamerGate, ComicsGate has been labeled as "sexist" by the opposing SJWs and media.

As a result of forced in politics within comic books. Especially within Marvel, sales were reduced and many of marvel's comics had to be cancelled. And focus on the more established characters. And some of the employees as well have left the company due to the boycott. Even Marvel admitted to one of the major causes is that "Nobody wanted to see diverse heroes anymore". Which is far from the truth.

Ask Me About Something We Don't Care

It all started back in October 2016, when Marvel Comics decided to cancel the Mockingbird series, For the final issue's cover, it featured the main character wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda" (see gallery below).

"Mockingbird is canceled. But we need to make sure @Marvel makes room for more titles by women about kicking ass." ---Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain on Twitter (this tweet is currently deleted)

Needless to say, fans didn't take that very kindly, after all, giving the current circumstances, feminism is widely despised throughout the nerd culture spectrum where heroines are far from rare. Some responded by mocking the cancellation of the book and criticizing her promotion of feminism.

Unable to take in all the criticism and trolling, Chelsea wisely played the victim card.

And on the same day where Chelsea resorted to e-begging and claiming that she will leave Twitter (October 25th, 2016), Buzzfeed published an article about the controversy titled "This Woman Writer Was Trolled So Badly, She Left Twitter."

Following the backlash towards the Mockingbird cover and the feminist promotion of Cain, some members of the comics industry began tweeting support of the writer. On October 26th, then-Marvel comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso tweeted, "I stand w/ Chelsea Cain, condemn online harassment, and think the MU, and the industry, benefits & grows from diverse creators & characters."

The Milkshake Wars

On July 28th, 2017, Marvel Comics Heather Antos tweeted a selfie of her and her fellow Marvel co-workers getting milkshakes. Antos captioned the tweet, "It's the Marvel milkshake crew! #FabulousFlo." While most responded to this tweet with positivity, some instead choose to use this as an opportunity to vent out the frustration that has been building up over the months.

"Can we just get off of feminism and social justice and actually print stories. God DC looks better and better"

"Gee, I can't imagine why Marvel's sales are in the toilet."

‏While many will agree that sending someone criticism and insults at any given chance is rather distasteful. Heather Antos still found the need to play the gender card to earn herself some more high ground.

"Woke up today to a slew of more garbage tweets and DMs. For being a woman. In comics. Who posted a selfie of her friends getting milkshakes."

Following Antos' post, various people began tweeting support towards her with the hashtag "#MakeMineMilkshake". Some even devolved into blaming GamerGate and cries of harassment against women in comics. Gators, in return, scoffed and accused Antos of attention whoring. DC and Archie comics as well came to her support.

She recently has left Marvel and is working a E-sports betting website.

"You can't call anything harrassment unless it's a continuous attack from the same person. Harrassment is the continous attack of a person over a period of time. A guy who just met you writing an insult is just that, an insult."---Kukuruyo

Fall of the Industry

As time passes, the comics industry began to orchestrate its own downfall, using similar tactics employed by game journalists: attacking its own fanbase, labeling critics as trolls or harassers while pandering and publishing works to a particular loud but very minor demographic that simply doesn't buy their products while using questionable publications like The Mary Sue to promote their works.

The results were predictable: comic fans are getting more and more sick of the constant SJW indoctrination and began to create boycott lists while flocking under their new champion: Richard C. Meyer, who owns the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics, which is much hated by SJWs.

Soon, the power of the free market began to show: publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post dropped their graphic novel best seller list. This eventually accumulated to a revenue drop of 91% percent in 2017.

Cancellation of Jawbreakers

On May 11th, 2018, Antarctic Press announced that they would be publishing Jawbreakers--Lost Souls -- the comic of Richard "Zack" Meyer, a.k.a Diversity & Comics, often considered a champion of the ComicsGate movement and therefore a subject of controversy, described by some as "the man who makes Marvel tremble from the front seat of his car".

Following the announcement of the book, several people within the industry allegedly contacted the publisher and urged them to cancel the book. That day, comic book writer Mark Waid posted on Facebook:

"I have a call in to Antarctic Press. Until I hear back, I'm (hesitantly) willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they don't really understand who or what they're getting to business with, which--though it would seem a stretch--is a possibility. If I do hear back, I'll report in. Curious as to how they feel about publishing creators whose marketing strategy is to allegedly (*koff*) encourages their fans to threaten employees and one-star-review-bomb stores, that don't order their product."

Additionally, various comic retailers announced that they would not be carrying Jawbreakers. The Twitter account for Variant Edition tweeted that they would not be carrying the book, with the flimsy excuse being: "It does not appeal to our demographic, and we will not actively support creators who have promoted harm to friends, collegues and strangers." Later that day, Antarctic Press posted that they would not be publishing Jawbreakers. The post (shown below, right) received more than 400 reactions, 350 comments and 60 shares. They wrote:

"After careful consideration, it is the decision of Antarctic Press to not release the comic series Jawbreakers. Antarctic Press is a staunch believer in Creator’s Rights and giving creators a chance to showcase their creation and allowing that creation to be judged on its merits. Many forces, many of them should be viewed with great trepidation about how our society acts, have led us to this decision. We do not take this decision lightly as we do believe that there should be separation between “ART” and the “ARTIST” and that separation has been blurred in our decision. We appreciate all our supporters and detractors in this process. Thank you for taking the time to read our statement. This statement will be removed in 7 days."

Following the cancelation, Meyer posted on Twitter that they would still be fulfilling the orders of the Indiegogo, which at that point had raised more than $200,000. That day, Meyer tweeted:

"JAWBREAKERS- LOST SOULS will NOT be released by Antarctic Press We'll just fulfill the Indiegogo backers and then move on from the comics industry. Isn't that right, @JonMalin and @BrettRSmith76 ? We're done. Just going to take the L and move on with life… It's OVER. ;)"

Of course, Richard Meyer is far from done and is currently filing a lawsuit directed at Mark Said, suing him for tortious interference. As Mark Waid's actions basically cut off any source of publishing Richard Meyer can get, be it mainstream or indie. And since independently published comics have a very hard time making their way to stores, it'll be financially be very difficult for Meyer to release physical copies to the public.

Jawbreakers was however physically released after Richard Meyer and his friends formed their very own publishing company. A sequel, JAWBREAKERS: GØD-K1NG has also been released.

List of Actions of SJWs Attacking Comic Books

  1. Forcing DC to change the cover of the Joker holding Batgirl hostage.
    • This infuriated many artists who created even more offensive versions of the cover in retaliation. GamerGate also created a parody which is on display at KotakuInAction.
  2. Being a highly unpleasable audience. To the point where they will continuously nitpick anything going on in the comics, and demand for more identity politics pushing. Such as Black Panther having a lack of any LGBT scenes due to it not being important part of the film. Which is why it was deleted.
  3. Another act is transforming established characters in total disregard of continuity, such as making Iceman gay, and forcing characters to be in interracial relationships.
  4. Indirectly destroying the business of many comic book shops and caused many series to be killed off, due to them flooding the market with subpar comics nobody is willing to read.
  5. Very politically divisive storylines. Even though the idea of geek culture is to bring everyone regardless of who they are together.
  6. Attacking others for not agreeing with them.
  7. Adding diversity quotas in their comics or movie adaptations.
  8. Ironically, they hire writers who have bigoted personalities. And they subtly put this in their writings.
  9. And another ironic thing is one DC Comics writer was fired for sexual misconduct. And a show runner for Arrow was fired for sexual harassment.
  10. As an excuse for adding SJW politics, they claim that "All comics are political". And made a ridiculous claim that Superman was a immigrant even though he was a refuge taken in by the Kent Family.
  11. Refusal to accept responsibility of failure, blaming it on lackluster sales, and on Caucasians.
  12. Toning down violent comic book characters like The Punisher and adding necessary political themes to it.
  13. They go above and beyond with their virtue signalling. One instance was when one woman refused to see Black Panther because she was white and she didn't want to suck the black joy out of the film theater.
  14. They complained about how Harley Quinn was depicted in DCAU movie Batman and Harley Quinn. Even though she is supposed to be a villain.
  15. CBR censors any discussion of ComicsGate and Jawbreakers on their forums. And the DC and Marvel subreddits also ban any and all forms of discussion on ComicsGate.
  16. Marvel writers would even insult the fans in the comics due to the falling sales.
  17. Blaming comic fans for being right wingers and part of radical groups such as the alt right.
  18. Allowing Zoe Quinn to publish her comic book Goddess Mode on the new DC Black imprint and later allowing her to work on the comic book Deathbringer which is after her making baseless accusations on Alec Holowka, leading to him commiting suicide.
  19. They forced Fox to take down a billboard where Apocalypse was choking Mystique.
  20. Because of these disastrous actions, #movetheneedle was created for encouragement of buying comics you really like, instead of following the crowd.
  21. The Jim Jeffries Show bashed comic book fans and the nerd fandom. Theyn have gone as far as on purposely make multiple edits to the interview they've made with Richard C. Meyer in order to vilify him and continue spread the narrative that he's racist.

How to identify SJW comics

  • Contains many highly unoriginal character designs, namely race-swapped or gender-swapped versions of existing characters. Such as Spiderman being Miles Morales. And Gwen Stacey being Deadpool.
  • Contains left-wing politics. In a way that is pretentious.
  • Contains an unrealistically high amount of queer or trans characters. (Not that there is a problem with LGBT characters keep in mind. Its mainly because of how forced it is.)
  • Contains hints of fat acceptance or similar, such as obese G.I Joes (since when fat people are accepted as soldiers in the US military?).
  • Features a Mary Sue/Marty Stu main character (most likely female, minority or self-inserted).
  • Contains a large amount of superficial, generic, token minority characters. Even the main characters can be like this at times.
  • Poor visual quality, reminiscent of 3rd rate Tumblr/DeviantArt works.
  • Lack of knowledge to the comic's topic or source material, for example, Riri Williams is stated to have received Tony Stark's lab from his parents even though they're supposed to be long dead.
  • Constant emotional validation, even when failing. Because we how know how emotionally frail SJWs are.
  • Lack of action or conflict, even if they are present, they are usually silly, simplistic and resolved at the drop of a hat.
  • Contains characters that are on purposely designed to be visually unattractive.
  • Hates the reader: constantly lectures, preaches or talks down him/her.
  • Unfunny, or outright cringeworthy dialogue designed to "empower" rather than intrigue.
  • Characters are often shocked and amazed whenever another character "comes out" as if it's still 1985.

ComicsGate Boycott List (WARNING: Do NOT go and attack any of these people who are on the list!)

ComicsGate Blacklist.jpeg





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