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Comic Vine is a website where people mainly discuss who will win in a fight between two fictional characters. It also let people make other types of posts such as respect threads. This page will discuss why this site is terrible.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Majority of the users don’t know the meaning of the word “Respect”. They always insult other franchises, characters, authors, users... in many “who will win” type of threads. This can be mostly reflected in:
    • Frequently making “solo” statements (Ex. “Superman solos Marvel”).
    • Addicted in using word “Stomp”, “Curbstomp”, “Godstomp” without providing any evidence.
    • Calling others “Stupid”, “Noob”, “Retard(ed)” when there is just a little disagreement.
  2. The users can be enraged by anything you don’t expect or if you piss them off in the slightest. Once they are triggered, they will begin spamming all kinds of terrible words you won’t even understand how did they come up with.
  3. While there are some good threads out there, many of the respect threads were made in way too less effort. The information of the character is poorly written, the format is lazy. Sometimes even steal from other websites.
  4. Even many non-debate threads are filled with toxic users:
    • An user made a thread to try to tell the communities of Marvel and DC respect each other, but majority of the replies are statements of “But DC > Marvel is still fact”, “We disrespect Marvel/DC fans because Marvel/DC sucks”.
  5. The communities on gaming categories of this website are non better than other bad gaming websites such as Kongregate. The categories are filled with users who can’t stop bashing other games and people who like the games they are bashing while defending their own.
    • There are many toxic Warframe fanboys who keep attacking games like Destiny, Anthem, The Division, even Defiance, Spacelords just like they do on other gaming websites. Even worse, they also attack games those don’t even have anything in common with Warframe at all! One of the cases is they insult DOOM, PAYDAY: The Heist by calling the soundtracks in these games are garbage while blindly praising Warframe's soundtracks to death and glorify Keith Power like he's a god.
  6. Also, just like the users on Kongregate, they think their community is the “master race” among all the others. When something they think doesn’t belong to their website being mentioned, they will inexplicable get enraged and spew all types of abusive language everywhere.
  7. The site is also plagued by the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fanbrats. They can’t stop overrating characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in basically every debate threads.
    • They say Jotaro curbstomps Kenshiro with no evidence or prove, and keep whining about Jotaro losing to Kenshiro in Death Battle.
    • They over exaggerate Funny Valentine’s power calling he is high multi-universal without understanding what his power actually is (travel between universes does not mean he can create or destroy universes).
    • They keep saying Dio stomps Raoh, Alucard, Gilgamesh, even Darkseid with some of the dumbest reasons you can’t even imagine.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It provides decent amount of useful information on comics, mangas, games...
  2. You can make many kinds of posts you want aside from debate threads, you can also reply anything you want. (Sadly the quality of the users ruined everything.)


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