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Collider website logo.png
Shilling at its highest
Type of site: Film criticism
Language: English
Created by: Steve Weintraub
Owner: Marc Fernandez
Date of launch: July 2005
Status: Active

Collider is an entertainment website and YouTube channel founded by Steve Weintraub in July 2005 and February 2007.

Why They're Rotten

  1. The most notable problem is shilling the reporters can get so mad if Disney does not give them any special treatment like invites to a new star wars event to the point they end up as laughing stocks especially to Red Letter Media or FilmGob.
  2. They worship Star Wars to the point of insanity demanding all of the movies to be hits even the low quality new trilogy.
  3. They rated down scores if it does not fit in their left wing bias such as the review of American Pastoral.
  4. They even compared Gamergate to the graphic content of Westworld.
  5. They can't handle any criticism as they sent copyright strikes to red letter media for mocking them. And when responding to criticism they were very dismissive and passive aggressive.
  6. They also criticized Voltron for being about 4 amicable white guys even though ironically one of the main characters is black.
  7. They praised Wonder Woman movie for being queer but ironically while she is bisexual in the new 52 like Catwoman the woman she was hugging in the movie was her mother.
  8. Clickbait and nonsensical headlines.
  9. They defended cancel culture as "common sense".
  10. The podcasts is very hiveminded where everyone agrees with each other,plays it safe and just out of touch from actual geek culture.
  11. Predictable reviews for just about anything Disney oriented.
  12. Anything red letter media related gets removed from the comments.
  13. Very SJW-related as time went by.




  1. Red Letter Media's Nerd Crew podcast is a satire based off Collider especially the jedi council and their made up sponsors geek crate a parody of loot crate.


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