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A and B matters. Anything under C, however, is poo.
Type of site: Market research
Language: English
Created by: Ed Mintz
Owner: Ed Mintz
Date of launch: 1979
Status: Active

CinemaScore is a site that rates movies on a scale of A+ to F.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It says it ranks movies from A+ to F, but most of the time it is actually A+ to B. Only a total of 20 movies has the F grade.
  2. And speaking of rating movies A+ to B, it pretty much rates every bad movie at least a B.
  3. They treat the C grade (which is usually average) as a bad grade, which might be why movies often don't get this rating.
  4. Every good movie gets more than deserved. Not that's a very bad thing, but it does show more favoritism to them.
  5. It calls itself Hollywood's benchmark, with no proof.
  6. There is no link to reviews, so you can't see what people have said.
  7. On the "About Us" page, it says it gives moviegoers the choice to say their own opinions, without critics, when something that may not be perfect, but is better than this exists, just doesn't do it on a grade scale.
  8. Speaking of that, it also said it is a tool to rate movies like it was the only thing like that when there are better things like this and even more terrible things like this exist too.
  9. All the "Press" is, is a bunch of articles, not revolving around the news.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although rare, it actually gives some movies less than a B.
  2. The style of the site is okay.


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